Learn how to create your own Outdoor Parkour Gym or obstacle course for daily practice and physical fitness.

In this article, I am going to discuss how you can easily create a small outdoor parkour gym for your practice. I will be discussing, what things you require, their prices, and how to assemble them to get the most benefit.

Parkour, as you all know, is an escape art or technique that many people try to practice at home, but without adequate equipment, they are not always able to practice properly. That’s where this parkour outdoor gym or obstacle course article is going to help them.

1. Vault bar

I don’t know what you would call it but for vaulting I would like to call it as the ‘vault bar.’ In most parks, you will find vault bars where people can practice vaulting, dash, and Kong vaults. And, if they are in your own house then what can be better than that?

You can’t get vault bars, you have to create them by yourself. The vault bars are perfect way to learn various vaults and leap techniques. Just make sure they are strong and sturdy.

Parkour indoor gym. Source: pinterest

2. Monkey bar or Jungle Gym

You will be using the monkey bars a lot to practice your upper body grappling techniques. There are an unlimited number of monkey bar exercises that you can do at home. So, how do you get monkey bars for home? You ca either get a simple pullup bar machine, or create monkey bars outside your home with pipes – just as many parks do.

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The cost will be mostly of the pipes you get. Get at least 2 inch long steel pipes so that they are strong and fixed to the ground. You will also need a welder to join all of these together. But the cost will be less than a hundred dollars.

3. Walls

Take any outside wall where you can easily practice leap, wall run, tic tac, palm spin and other parkour techniques. Of course, walls need to be strong and cemented. You may need to wear gloves while practicing on the walls because the cement from the walls can seriously injure your fingers.

Walls or railings are two things that are available in abundance in parks, gardens, and even your own home. You will not even need to build a wall in your parkour outdoor gym.

4. Plyometric boxes

Next, you can use the plyometric boxes to practice jumps, depth jumps, and box jumps. They help you become more agile and flexible and enhance your fitness level. There are many plyometric boxes available on Amazon but you can create your own using crates or tires. They are also a great way to increase your fitness level even if you are not into parkour. Plyometric workouts are a discipline in itself and you can learn more about it on Google.

But you can use these plyometric boxes to create your own parkour gym in your backyard easily. They don’t cost a lot and many used plyometric boxes are available on Amazon.

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5. Mat or Trampoline

Another thing that you will need to improve your overall parkour workout in the outdoor parkour gym is a mat or trampoline. Trampoline or mats will be of great help if you are practicing flips. These include back flips, front flips, side flips, and even parkour rolls. You can use trampoline for parkour flips and mat for free-running roll practice in your outdoor parkour gym.

6. Tractor tire

Tractor tire can be used to improve your strength. You can use it for bodybuilding, upper body conditioning and tire push, tire box jumps, and tire flips. Tractor tires aren’t necessary but they will help increase your stamina and overall workout.

Most martial art clubs have tractor tires in gym because of two reasons. 1. They are great for heavy weight workouts. They are heavy and it is not easy to lift them. But when you can lift them, they offer a perfect workout. 2. They are great for conditioning your body. Whether you want to improve your fitness or make yourself as solid as iron, tractor tires are a great way to get started.

But the best part is that you can use the tractor tires in your outdoor parkour gym easily.

7. Rope climbing tree

Ropes help improve grip. The rope climbing exercises are a perfect way to increase your hand grip and upper body lifting capabilities. Rope climbing is an essential body building workout. You ca use rope climbing to increase your body weight training. Just make sure to use gloves when climbing ropes and they can peal the skin off of your hands.

Parkour outdoor gyms are a great way to improve fitness workout. You can easily use a rope workout in your home or outside your home if it has a garden area. They don’t require much space. Just make sure they are strong and can hold your weight easily.

Here are a few examples of how others have created outdoor parkour gyms for themselves.

This one is a detailed video about creating a small parkour outdoor gym in the wild. But for this one, you will need custom-built plyometric boxes since the obstacle courses can’t be bought online.


That’s it. These are some of the best ways to create your own Outdoor Parkour Gym at home without spending a lot of money. The parkour gym is perfect for all those who would like to practice parkour at home but don’t have the time to go to a park and practice. Another problem is that not all parks have obstacle courses. With this post you can easily create your own small parkour gym obstacle course.

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