Difference between Gym mat and Yoga Mat

In short: Difference Between Floor Yoga Mats and Floor Gym Mats

Yoga mats are different from gym mats because they help you hold a pose even if the surface has become damp and moist because of sweat.

They provide cushioning and a strong foundation for floor poses and headstands.

While choosing the best floor gym mat make sure it has the following qualities. Because choosing a good quality gym mat for floor can make all the difference in your fitness regime.

Gym Mats vs. Yoga Mats [Explained]

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Floor Gym Mats:

Gym mats are available in all types of shapes and sizes. They are designed to cushion falls and stay soft during exercising.

Commonly, most floor mats for gym in most fitness centers are thicker. This is because they have to absorb the user’s weight. They are shorter than a yoga mat and usually multiple floor gym mat pieces are placed in a single gym. Sometimes they are foldable gym mats but now interlocking gym mats are becoming a lot famous. These interlocking gym mats can be connected together to form an even bigger mat. The best part is that they stay connected under stress. Most of these rubber floor mats for gym are made of Styrofoam or tire rubber or vinyl plastic.

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I have personally trained on these interlocked floor gym mats and they are quite soft to practice on.

However, it is possible that most fitness gyms now use the yoga mats. This is because yoga instructors also provide training in the same gym and as gym mats are thick and not so soft, training on them for yoga pupils will be harder.

How thick should an exercise mat be

Just remember that a common gym mat is quite thick and doesn’t offer a lot of grip by design. They are used to protect the floor from breakage due to weight falling. In gyms, while training with weights the weight lifters throw weights a lot harshly. The gym mats are there to protect the floor from the falling weights.

What are average exercise mat dimensions?

Floor exercise mats for yoga and fitness are usually eight feet long and three feet wide. They need to be at least one inch thick as well. They should be made of non-slip material so users can easily do stretch exercises on them.

What is the average cost of home gym mats?

Cost: $15 to $50

Using a home gym mat is pretty gross. To think, that someone was just lying on that mat with sweat while working out grosses one even more.

Thankfully they do not cost a lot. One can easily find a lot of home gym mats online. On Amazon the price of a regular gym mat is between $15 and $50. Some gym mats are priced more because they include different features such as anti-tear, non-slip, Velcro, inter-locking tiles and many more.

While starting a workout one doesn’t have to think about all these features though. Getting a simple gym mat and starting workout is the best way to go about.

Secondly, these home gym mats can also be cleaned pretty easily. So without any second thoughts buy your gym mat and start your fitness training.

How to clean a floor gym mat:

  • Get a water bottle and 1 cup vinegar
  • Mix both in a bowl
  • Pour the mixture on the mat and clean it with a brush
  • Scrub it so that all the residues leave the mat
  • Now wash the mat with warm water
  • Put the gym floor mat under open sun to dry
  • Now spray the mat with anti-bug spray to clean all germs

Your floor mat for gym is perfectly clean now. Start your workout again.

Rubber Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats on the other hand are uniform in length (about 8 inch) and width (about 3 inch) and are designed to keep the user from slipping. They also soften the ground for smooth movement of joints. They are soft and thin and allow easy movement.

They are not supposed to be thick because by being too squishy when you stand will overly affect the balance of the body and will become a hindrance while performing yoga poses.

During yoga practice, the user’s feet, legs, and other things placed on the mat should feel stable and grounded to the floor.

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Ideally, the yoga mats should be about 2m long. That way, when the users practice long forms such as a plank, their feet are firmly on the mat.

Another name for a yoga mat is ‘sticky mat’ because they offer finer grip than gym mats.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mats:

Gaiam print yoga mats have multiple patterns printed on them. These are textured mats with non-slip surface. The floor yoga mats are lightweight and durable and include a free yoga workout download. The price of Gaiam yoga mats is from $19 to $120, you get to choose your yoga professional mat from multiple patterns.

Indian Wool Blanket Yoga Mats

In India, a wool blanket is used as a gym mat. There are many practitioners of Yoga in India and a bright colored yoga mat isn’t available for them to practice. That’s why most of them practice using only the wool blanket available to them.

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Meditation in India is a part of the religious rituals. Most yogis train throughout their lives on simple floors. They do not use hi-tech material such as yoga mats. But here in west this practice is done usually with care.

What is the average cost of Rubber Yoga mats?

Cost: $10 to $20

Unlike Gym mats, Yoga mats are cheaper because they do not need a lot of features like the former one. Another thing to note is that many yoga practitioners carry their own professional yoga mats. This means they are not used by a lot of people and therefore are more hygienic.

These affordable yoga mats are available for a price of $10 to $20 on Amazon because thinner and simple.

Some of the affordable yoga mats that are priced around $10 are simple comfort foam yoga mats. However, those that are priced higher are either using high density material with anti-tear technology or extra thick padding to avoid sore knees. Both mats are used by the yoga practitioners and buying a mat depends on a person’s choice.

For me, I will be fine with a foldable rubber yoga mat because I am not too bulky. But I think bulky users will prefer anti-tear extra-thick foldable rubber yoga mats with thick padding because it will be much softer for them.

How to clean a rubber yoga mat?

As most yoga mats are made of the same material as those of gym mats, hence they can be cleaned in the same way.

  • Get a water bottle and 1 cup vinegar
  • Mix both in a bowl
  • Pour the mixture on the yoga mat and clean it with a brush
  • Scrub it so that all the residues leave the mat
  • Now wash the rubber yoga mat with warm water
  • Put the rubber yoga mat under open sun to dry
  • Now spray the mat with anti-bug spray to clean all germs before starting yoga on it

Your floor mat for yoga is perfectly clean now. Start your workout again.

We hope now you know the difference between a Gym mat and a Yoga mat. And feel that you will be able to make a decent choice while buying either of the two for yourself.

If you still find it difficult to get a foldable yoga mat or floor gym mat you can always comment below and we will provide you help buy one online.

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