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We charge $100 for posting on this website if you want 2 dofollow links within the article.

If you don’t want to mention your brand in anyway and just want to contribute as a writer, then you can post for FREE 

Type of Health & Fitness Write for Us Blog

  1. We offer free write for us opportunity to all our users. If you opt for the free write for us opportunity, please contact us.
  2. We also offer sponsored posts for website owners that want to promote their websites or blogs through our fitness write for us blogging platform. There are charges starting from $100 for a single sponsored post on our website. Please use the email address available below to contact us directly for further queries.

Health & Fitness Niche Blog – Write for Us is accepting contributions from webmaster and bloggers that have something insightful to share with our audience. We are slowly becoming an influencing source in the fitness and home gym fitness industry. If you have a blog, story, news or information to share with our readers, feel free to send on our email address:

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If you would like to read some of our popular and informative fitness articles.

Here is a list of categories for you. We accept write for us posts on these fitness categories.

  1. Home Gym Fitness
  2. Parkour Workouts & Tutorials
  3. Home Gym Clothing

Sample blogs you can search on our website include:

Makeshift Punching Bags – How to Create One At Home?

Best Budget Treadmills Under $300 for Home Gyms

Best Workout Bench Alternatives You Can Find at Home

For Health & Fitness Bloggers: 

You can search the following keywords for ‘Write for Us’ or Guest posting on our health and fitness blog.

  • Fitness + “write for us”
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  • Health & Fitness “write for us”
  • write for us free for fitness blog

We Don’t Accept Guest Posts If:

  • You are sending a health and fitness ‘write for us’ blogpost just to build links
  • Your post is run of the mill – content that is already published everywhere
  • You are a content marketing agency working for their clients
  • Your content has too many grammatical errors
  • Your content topics don’t fit the categories we mentioned above
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Contact Us to Write for Our Health & Fitness Blog

You can contact us to send your blog posting pitches through our contact page


FAQs About Health & Fitness Blog ‘Write for Us’

  1. Do We Offer Free Write for Us on Health & Fitness Blog?

No. We have paid write for us opportunities for health & fitness blog. Our prices can range from $100 to $200 depending on the type of content/link insertion you want.

2. What is our payment method for wrtie for us blog?

Please contact us at the following email address: [email protected] for guest posting and write for us queries on fitness blog.

3. Who can write for our fitness blog?

All fitness enthusiasts are welcome to write for our fitness blog. Whether you have something to share about your fitness journey, or you want to promote a product or service, our health and fitness blog is a great place to do that.

4. Do We Accept Health & Fitness Press Releases?

We usually don’t accept health and fitness press releases unless they are exclusively written for our website. If these press releases are promotional, we charge for that as well. Please contact us to know more about our health and fitness guest posting rates.