Parkour Gear

Parkour Gear

Parkour is a rigorous sports that includes running from point a to point b by using any means. Find out the right equipment to have while doing Parkour such as gloves, pants and shoes.



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Common Parkour Injuries to Avoid for Traceurs and Free Runners

Some say Parkour is a training for the development of military groups but that's not true. In fact, parkour is a escape technique. Introduced...

Best Free Running Books for Beginners To Train Better

Last time we talked about top-rated books that every traceur should read. This time we are back with the best running books. Parkour and freerunning...

Parkour Training: Top 5 Parkour Weightlifting Exercises 

Athletes who have perfected basic bodyweight exercises including pushups and pullups and squats can make the progress to adding on weights to their workout...
parkour tutorials, parkour gear, parkour fitness training

Parkour Tutorial: How to Roll to Break Your Fall

In Parkour there is an 'art of falling' if someone learns that then they will always land on their feet. Let's learn more about...

Parkour Strength Training 101: Get Started With Parkour

This is our new series on Parkour fitness training. Since most people are unaware of what Parkour is, we decided to bring you this...