Best Parkour Tanks and Shirts for Traceurs [Reviewed]

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This is a list of tank tops and shirts that a traceur should wear while performing urban acrobats. We have listed these shirts based on their elasticity, sweat absorption, and air resistance. 

Are you doing parkour? If you are, you must have known how hard it is to get relevant parkour clothes.

Parkour is one sports where you cannot just wear anything. The sports requires complete agility in movement. Therefore, you wear comfortable and stretchy dresses like loose shirts and pajamas, hoodies, and gloves for protection against blisters.

In this guide we provide a list of top free running tanks that you can buy from Amazon for $50 or less.

Here is a summary of the best Parkour shirts to wear while practicing:

We selected this list of the top parkour shirts after analyzing the ratings, reviews, and prices of various shirts available online. We know that people love quality and we love it too. A shirt that’s not of quality is of no use to an athlete especially a traceur. That’s why we came up with this list of high quality and fashionable parkour tank tops.

  1. Teeburon Parkour Tank
  2. Parkour Silhouette Tank Top
  3. Men’s Graphic Parkour Urban Vault Tank Top
  4. BohoHill Parkour Graffiti Tank Top and Shirts
  5. Teeburon Peace, Love and Parkour Tank Top
  6. Teeburon Triple Parkour Shirts

What types of Shirts are best for Parkour?

Parkour requires that you have loose clothes so that you can exercise in a stress-free atmosphere. Just like any other gym activity, free running clothes should be loose so you can do all those flips, stunts, jumps, without getting stuck anywhere or trapping yourself and fall.

The tanks are great whether you are just wearing these alone, or wearing them over something. They keep the body comfortable and the dresses don’t get too fluffy.

What to Wear while Practicing Parkour?

Well, to be honest, you don’t actually have to buy a ‘specific’ free running tank or shirt, Any good t-shirt can do the job as well. The only thing you might need a tank is if you are a true free running fan and only wear branded clothes. The list of best parkour shirts and tanks in our list are from best parkour clothing companies. So, these may suit you. But then again, the answer to the question ‘should you use parkour tanks’ is that it totally depends on your choice.

Benefits of Parkour Shirts

You can wear a t-shirt, or a regular vest for practicing traceur and parkour activities. But traceur tanks help in making things better. They will boost your energy and provide better way of thinking because you will be performing the tricks and we are 100 percent sure that you will see a drastic change in your body fitness after you start using the tanks.

Parkour Clothing and Tank Tops: What to wear?

As said above, free running requires flexible clothing. Any gym clothing will work, but most traceur trainers and prefer to wear loose baggy clothes. For upper body, they prefer either to wear a simple shirt, a tank top, or a hoodie.

In summer, most traceurs prefer wearing half-sleeve T-shirts also known as tanks. These are easy to wear, light-weight, and don’t become an obstruction while performing tricks and moving over dangerous places.

This post is about best parkour tanks available on Amazon. Learn which urban jumpers tanks and shirts are a best fit for you.

  1. Teeburon Parkour Tank Tops (Editor’s Pick)

First in our list is the Teeburon tank. It is a black shirt for performing urban jumps or any other sports that you prefer. The parkour T-Shirt can easily be washed and has a digital print of parkour logo ASKING ‘GOT PARKOUR’ on the top.

  • The quality speaks its own words clearly. This tank top is made of 100 percent cotton as you will this thing when you will give it a try.
  • High-quality digital printing technology is used to print on this top so that you can have a better result than the previous items.
  • Most of the people have issued for machine washing of their tank tops but you don’t have to take any tension about this top. Feel free to wash it as it is made of highest quality cotton which will not become guff.

Buy Teeburon Parkour Tank at Amazon

  1. Parkour Silhouette Tank Tops – (Lowest Price)

The silhouette tank tops are great for people who live in moderate temperatures. You can either wear it inside your hoodie or just a tank if you are going solo. These tanks can be worn by anyone and are not specifically made for parkour tricks. Even if you are a bodybuilder, a martial artist, or a weightlifter and are looking for decent training tanks for under $50 then these are an ideal choice for you.

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  • If looking for the greatest quality tank top, then here it is.
  • This amazing tank top goes through a lot of standard procedures before it gets to you.
  • Remember two things that, wash it cold and dry it low.

Buy Parkour Silhouette Tank Top for Lowest price at Amazon

  1. Men’s Graphic Parkour Urban Vault Tank Tops

Need a tank top with traceur graffiti on it? Then this sleeveless unban vaulting free running shirt is for you. It is a regular tank for gym and fitness training, but is branded as a urban jumps tank with the printing of a parkour sticker.

  • Planning to spend some great holidays then this tank top is great for you.
  • This amazing parkour tank top is available in 10 amazing colours of summer.
  • Everyone wants to have high-quality clothes to wear, so this is the best gift to yourself for summer. Grab it now.

Buy Men’s Graphic Parkour Urban Vault Tank Top at Amazon

  1. BohoHill Parkour Graffiti Tank Top Black

The bohohill parkour graffiti tank top is just like the previous one. These are sturdy, robust and have epic wearing quality. You can grease the website that is trying to replicate your performance.

  • Looking for a soft crinkle cotton of great quality, then here it is.
  • This crinkle cotton tank top is washable in cold or lukewarm water.
  • You don’t have to iron it ever.
  • It is available in different sizes as per your choice.
  • It is stitched of stretchy cotton so it provides maximum comfort as well.

Best Parkour Shirts for Girls

Buy BohoHill Parkour Graffiti Tank Top at Amazon

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  1. Teeburon Parkour Tank Tops with Quotes

If you like quotes written on your Parkour shirt or tank then this one is for you. Most people like to have various quotes written on their shirts. Here is one shirt with quote ‘Peace, love and parkour.’

You can get the tank tops of your choice here as well.

  • People likes to wear those tops which have different types of quotes written on front.
  • This is a new kind of tank top on which “Peace, Love and parkour” is written on front.

Buy Teeburon Peace, Love and Parkour Shirt at Amazon

  1. Teeburon Triple Parkour Tank Tops

These cotton tank tops are great for your everyday parkour and free running workouts. They are durable and can be easily washed off dirt. You get printed tank tops of cotton for great value.

  • 100cent cotton tank top of great quality.
  • No tension of machine washing.
  • If you want its longer durability, then wash it inside out.
  • High-quality print is enabled on its front.

Buy Teeburon Triple Parkour Shirt Top at Amazon

Final Word:

These are some of the best traceur tank tops to wear in summer. Let us know about our selection. And, if you have a suggestion about the tank top to select then let us know.

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