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What Parkour Experts Say About Diet & Workout

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While doing Parkour, you will want to have optimum weight so you can do the exercises and drill properly. Many new traceurs struggle with lifting their own weight when they are starting parkour because they don’t have the energy in their hands. This happens with those whose bodies are ectomorph because the bodies are lean and long.

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What Parkour Experts Say About Diet & Workout

  1. WillWayland of Worldwidejam

Photo of Sam Parham from Parkour crew, Team 101

Some of the most important supplements are:

It improves repetitive, short-term performance. Research has indicated that creatine supplementation may produce a slight muscle-building effect, or – more specifically – an expansion in the size of type II (‘fast twitch’) muscle fibres.

Fish Oils:

Possibly the most important supplement you could ever take.

Most foods contain at least some protein. Good sources of protein include nuts and seeds, pulses, lean beef, chicken/turkey, oily fish, free-range eggs and some dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt).
You need 1.4-2.0g per kg of Bodyweight daily to help build muscle!

HABIT 1 Eat every 2-3 hours
HABIT 2 Eat complete, lean protein with each feeding opportunity
HABIT 3 Eat vegetables with each feeding opportunity
HABIT 4 Eat veggies/fruits with any meal. Eat “other carbs” only after exercise
HABIT 5 Eat healthy fats daily
HABIT 6 Don’t drink beverages (soda, beer, etc.) with more than 0 calories
HABIT 7 Eat whole foods whenever possible


  1. Dan Edwardes from Parkour Generations says:

Obviously there are hundreds of ways to get the right amounts of the right stuff into the body, and only time and taste will tell you what works for you. However, as an example that may help you get started, a daily diet might look like this:

Breakfast: One glass of water, porridge with a handful (each) of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, apricots and peanut butter (a spoon, not a handful…), and fruit juice. Or a protein heavy breakfast if you want to build muscle and lose fat, for example bacon, eggs and avocado.

Mid-morning snack: Unsalted nuts (for protein), fresh or dried fruit.

Lunch: Chicken/Turkey/Fish/Beef salad (not all together) with, say, lettuce, tomatoes, olives (you can get jars of these for the fridge, and they are filling) onion, beetroot and whatever else you like – all of these are easily obtainable, and very, very quick to throw together. Water.

Mid-afternoon snack: Again fruit and nuts are fine, but perhaps a little more protein if you are planning on training in the evening at all – another bit of chicken perhaps or something with rice (this meal can often be switched with lunch). Water.

Dinner: After a day of hard exercise it is important to replace your glycogen with some carbohydrates, and get some protein for your body to do the repairs overnight. So maybe a tuna jacket potato, some tuna pasta, or curry and rice etc. Oh, and water! But this shouldn’t be too late in the day as you want to avoid high-glycemic index carbs as you move towards sleep as it will typically be stored as fat overnight. General rule, avoid that stuff after 8pm.

  1. Chris from The Best Parkour Gear says about Parkour Diet:

  • Gulp some glasses of water to recover the fluid. It is even better if you can intake some fresh fruit juices.
  • Rebuild the muscles with power shakes. The body absorbs nutrients quickly if they are in liquid form. So, inhaling a glass of fruit shake containing proteins and carbs can renew the muscle strength and help them grow. Power shake is not a supplement or gross processed powder but is a blending of different fruits. You can take a few and mix them up. For example strawberries, bananas, flax seeds, apples, coconut water, kale, spinach, oranges, etc. You can also pour a cup of milk in it.
  • Recover glycogen by consuming some foods rich in carbs. That will speed up the glycogen recovery rate. It takes up to 12 hours to get the depleted glycogen back
  1. NY Parkour Team says about Parkour Diet:


For Proteins: Lean beef, chicken, turkey, and oily fish. Eggs and some dairy products like, milk, cheese and yogurt are a good source of protein too. Sunnyside up with some wheat toast for me please.

For Carbs: You can get your carbs from grains/oats/cereal, potatoes/yams, fresh veggies and fruit.

For Fats: Fats have a lot of energy and you can get them: fish oil capsules, oily fish such as kippers, sardines, and mackerel etc. You can also from nuts and some dairy produce

Our Recommendations: Best Parkour Diet for Workouts

But if they want to build muscle fast, then here are a few tips that will help them.

  1. Drink plenty of milk

Drink at least three glasses of milk every day while working out. Most parkour trainers say that you have to follow a straight parkour diet routine to build muscle, I personally am against that. Think of your body like that of a solider. Do soldiers keep a diet routine? Some do, and some don’t. Because they do enough exercise that equals the high calorie foods they eat.

Drink milk and protein based diets more often

  • Drink milk three times
  • Try to make milkshake with different fruits and drink that
  • You can also mix raw egg with milkshake to drink – it gives a boost of energy
  1. Eat potatoes and bananas

Potatoes and bananas are two foods that are filled with carbohydrates and fats. By eating these every day and chunks you improve your body fat. They are a great way to build muscle faster if you are exercising daily and still witnessing no growth in your body.

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– Boil potatoes and then fry them before eating

– Eat 3-4 bananas each day after workout

– You can replace eating banana with banana shake if that works for you while following the parkour diet.

  1. Eat more fruits

Fruits give you vitamins, nutrition, proteins, and carbohydrates. Eat as many fruits as you can. They won’t get you more fat, but they will help build the muscle.

Fruits are great way to gain and lose muscle. When you want to lose muscle you shift your whole diet to fruits only. This helps the body lose more fat quickly because of the intense workout routines. Similarly, when you want to gain weight you add fruits and bread to your diet.

  • Oranges, Bananas, Melon, apricot are foods that help you gain weight
  1. Calculate calories

While you will be involved in tough workout routines while doing parkour, but it is still necessary to calculate the overall calories. There are many charts available to help you calculate calories. Here is a good one.

An athlete should eat at least 3000 calories a day. If you are not working out this much then go for 2500 calories. The days when you don’t workout even a little, you can go for 2000 calories only.

  1. Run More Often

A parkour practitioner should run more if he wants to become nimble and swift. There are many parkour routines that you can follow. Tapp brothers’ parkour routines are great for practicing and improving your physical fitness.

Run more, traceur, free running, parkour

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Personally, I do a 1 mile run every next day to maintain my stamina and keep myself fit.

You can follow this routine as well. Or, you can make your own because that would be even better and compatible for you.

  1. Lift more weight

By eating more, you will start to gain fat. This fat needs to go into places where they help you become stronger. That’s why lift more weight. The more weight you lift the more powerful you become.

Lift more weight for parkour

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But I can’t lift…

Some people have this problem, they think they can’t lift more weight but that’s just what you think. When you start to eat more, you will feel more energy. This energy can be translated to lifting weight. And that’s when you start to lift more weight easily.

7. Create a Routine and Stick with it

Last but not the least, you need to stick to a plan. There are many exercises available. You can start with either plyometrics and free running or go for cardio and endurance training. But whatever you choose, stick with it until you have become a master.

Best Parkour Gear You Can Buy:

If you are going to a gym that is great, but if you are working out at home then you will need to prep yourself up by getting some home gym equipment that can help you get muscle fast.

Here is a list of the best parkour and body building equipment:

Best Parkour Gear for Home Impact Area Prices
Dumb bells Biceps Triceps Check Prices
Kettle Bells Biceps Triceps Check Prices
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Should Traceurs gain weight?

A question that most traceurs will ask themselves when they read this post is whether they should gain weight? The answer is simple. If you are ectomorph and you are below the normal BMI then you need to eat more and gain weight.

It is simple as that and there is no science behind it.

You need to have normal BMI. Go to a BMI website and check your weight if you are underweight then it is better to get fit. Hope fully, our tips will help parkour and free running practitioners build muscle and gain weight faster.

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Learn about the essential ingredients every traceur will need in the parkour diet.

Do you think traceurs should gain weight? Let us know through the comments.

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