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How Much Do MMA Lessons Cost?

How much time and money you spend at an MMA gym will be determined by factors such as its location, the number of training sessions per week, and the trainers' expertise there. Prices at...

Here are Best DHEA Supplements for Bodybuilding

Looking for some of the best DHEA supplements that you can use during your rigorous workout routine? Look no further. This article offers some of the best DHEA supplements that you can find on...
best boxing and punching bag reviews and buyers guide

Do Boxing Gloves Hurt More Than Fists. Find Out!

We discuss the answer of the most asked question: Boxing Gloves Hurt More or bare-knuckles? A short answer to the question: Do Boxing Gloves Hurt More Than Fists? Yes. The increased surface area of a boxing...
can you do boxing in glasses

Can You Do Boxing With Glasses?

There are those who don't have 20/20 vision but nonetheless have every right to enjoy boxing. However, there are rules forbidding wearing eyewear when boxing due to safety concerns. Your face will take a...
push punch vs snapping punch

How Many Punches Are Landed in a Boxing Match

Short answer: 6000 punches. Boxers battle it out in the ring, landing punches on their opponent until one of them is knocked out or submits. How many punches are actually landed in a boxing match, though? Academic...
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Why Do Fighters Take Ice Baths?

The therapeutic benefits of cold therapy date back hundreds of years. Relaxing muscles, decreasing inflammation, enhancing respiration, and elevating mood are just some of the benefits of an ice bath. It's no secret that...
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Do Athletes Masturbate? You Wanted to Know!

Yes! Duh! Everyone masturbates. Masturbation is natural. Athletes are also just like us and they also have fantasies and they have sexual needs. So, they do masturbate. But the way they masturbate and the frequency...
push punch vs snapping punch

Push Punch vs Snapping Punch: What’s the Difference

Snapping your punches creates additional force and helps you maintain a firm defensive stance. People who carry large objects must push with their fists in order to produce strength, which is known as "pushing...

Learn All About MMA Breathing Techniques in Detail

Do you feel fatigued for no reason? In a fight, do you find that you need to take breaks to catch your breath? Or do you hunker down until the bell sounds, stressed out...
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What is a Feint in Boxing? Feint Technique Explained

How can you force your rival to reveal himself? How do you box an opponent who is quicker or more skillful than you? How can you ensure that your opponent is always concerned about...

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