Punching Bag Replacement Parts: Beginners Complete List

Best heavy Punching bags and GLoves Reviews and buyers guide
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This is a list of the best punching bag replacements parts and accessories that you can buy online easily. You don’t have to go anywhere else as all the accessories are available here.

Do you punch?

If you do, then this list of boxing bag gloves is for you. While punching, things get ruined. And, they get ruined fast. Wrestling bags are not always durable as is advertised by the manufacturers. And, even if they are durable and long-lasting, you will still need punching bag replacement parts that can help keep the bag sturdy and durable. To help you do that, we have made a complete list of  Bag for kick boxing replacement Parts and Accessories that will help you keep your boxing bags in epic shape. So that when you start boxing, you don’t have to worry about where to find the right accessories for your punching bags. Because, all these replacement kits will be available to you in this blog.

Summary: List of Punching Bag Replacement Parts

Below list of boxing bag accessories will help you fix your ruined kick boxing bags faster. We have provided all the ones that you need at a single place. So no worries and start shopping for your favourite items.

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You might not know the complete list of boxing bag replacements. Even we didn’t know that there were so many variations. We just thought a punching bag required only a wall mount, a hook or swivel and a reliable punching bag with sand in it. But, this list of accessories provides a completely different perspective.

List of Punching Bag Replacement Parts Explained

So, without further ado, let’s focus on the top list for punching bag replacements and accessories.

Punching Bag Hangers

Punching bag hangers are used to – you guessed it right – hang the boxing bags from the wall or an iron beam in the house. These martial arts bag hangers are not your regular clothing hangers. They come with one iron hanger with holes so screws can be fixed to either the ceiling or iron beam. The hangers are pretty solid objects and they keep the bag fixed to the ceiling. These are better than having hooks, which are less reliable.

Some of the best punching bag hangers are ringside wood beam hangers, first law fitness hangers, everlast punching bag hangers.

These also come with a boxing bag spring for shock absorption or solo, depending on your wallet and choice.

Buy Punching Bag Hangers Online

Boxing Bag Stands

Next in our list are the wrestling bag stands. These are powerfully built, boxing bag stands that keep the bag hanging so you can take your anger out on them, or practice for steel punches. While buying the punching bag stands, the first thing to note about them is there quality, height, sand bags for support, and in the end the brand name. The brand name doesn’t really matter while buying a standing bag that is of quality and fills the purpose, but then again many go for those.

Some of the best punching bag stands are century training wrestling bag, titan dual station punching bag, festnight two-way hand combat bag stands and more.

Buy Punching Bag Stands Online

Speed Punching Bag Platforms

These platforms are especially made for speed punching bags because they are lightweight, and can don’t need a lot of room. The platforms are round disk plates with a hook in the middle. You will have to mount them to the wall with a drill machine. As they come with adequate mounting space, therefore these are great for holding speed bags in air while you punch them for endurance, focus, concentration, and improving punching accuracy.

The best speed punching bag platforms you can buy online include ringside speed bag platform, valor fitness speed bag platform, everlast speed bag platform, and title punching bag platform.

Buy Speed Punching Bag Platforms Online

Floor Anchors for Hanging Punch Bags

Floor anchors are used to stabilize the punching bags and keep them in a vertical shape while you kick or punch them. They are usually connected from the lower end of the boxing bag and keep it still. The punching bag floor anchors are not an essential item and you won’t find them in many gymnasiums. In fact, many people prefer to keep a stone at the bottom of the wrestling bag instead of a floor anchor. But those who can afford, and won’t premium class home gym can buy a boxing bag floor anchor. You will also find them in some of the best gyms in USA.

Here are the bestselling hand drills bag floors online: Outslayer double end floor anchors, RDX punching bag floor anchors, Title liquid-shock fight training bag floor anchors, and more.

Buy Punching Bag Floor Anchors Online

Punching Bag Chains

Next in our list are the punching bag chains. These are used to hang the hand combat training bag to the hangers through hooks. The chains are strong and usually half inch wide. There are multiple chains available with a normal wrestling bag, some come with three chains, and some come with four chains. The muai thai bag chains are great to hang the bag because of their sturdy built.

You can buy the chains at Amazon for low prices. These chains are available for $10 to $20 and all of these are Chinese built. So, you won’t find any difference in the quality. While buying them, just don’t forget to read their reviews.

Some good punching bag chains to buy from punching bag accessories section at Amazon are Yes4all boxing chain and swivel, ringside boxing bag hanger with chain and swivel, and comingfit chain and swivel.

Buy Punching Bag Chains Online

Punching Bag Swivels

Punching bag swivels are usually used to hang the bag to the ceiling or to an angled wall. These come with a ball bearing design so the hook can move freely while punching the bag. The product is great for improving your punching and doesn’t restrict the punching bag in anyway. You can get it separately as a boxing bag accessory or you can order it with the kickboxing bag as well.

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These come with screws so to screw them to the ceiling using drill machine.

The fighting bag swivels can be used for both speed punching bags and hanging hand combat bags for boxing. Make sure to get durable punching bag swivels for best price. You can get the best swivels from everlast, coming fit and yes4all. They offer some of the best punching bag accessories for all types of workouts.

Buy Punching Bag Swivels Online

Sand and Brick Anchors for Standing Punching Bags

A good punching bag will always require some sort of anchor at the bottom-end so to remain stable. It is also considered a good practice otherwise the hanging punching bag will be moving across the room in circular movement because of all the hits.

The best way to stabilize it is by adding a kickboxing bag anchor. You can make the anchor yourself by adding bricks at the bottom and tieing a rope from the bricks to the end of the karate bag. But that might be dangerous and it can hurt your feet. So, a better way is to buy punching bag anchors from Amazon. There are dozens of them available from RDX, Everlast, Outslayer to name a few. You can use these for hanging punching bags and double-end punching bags.

Buy Punching Bag Anchors Online

Wall Mount Replacement Parts

Can’t hang your bag from the ceiling? Or is the ceiling too low? Then the best way is to use the wall mount for punching bag. The best karate bag wall mounts are by Everlast, Outslayer, RDX, Soozier, and TKO.

The wall mounts are rust protected and include D-shackles for hanging purposes. They can hold at least 60kgs of weight at least. The wall mounts are perfect for those who want a punching bag on the wall just for regular punching only. Using a hand combat training bag for kicking won’t be possible with the wall mount bags. But still they are the best type of punching bag accessories you will need.

Buy Punching Bag Wall mounts Online

Punching Bag Replacement Gloves

Next in our list are the punching bag gloves. These aren’t actually a part of the kick and box bag accessories but they are essential for body building. Some of the top punching gloves include Venom 3.0, Assolar, RDX, and Everlast gloves.

Punching Bag Replacement Covers

Punching bag replacement covers are made for those who have accidentally ripped the actual covers of the bags. The covers are available for a small price of around $10. The price can be more depending on their quality. These are great for those who want to replace the covers or the bladder bags instead of going for a new punching bag.
Most of these wrestling bag replacement covers are available at Amazon.

Buy Punching Bag Replacement Covers at Amazon

Punching bag Repair Tape

If your punching bag is ripped or scratched due to some reason, it can still be used by repairing it through a tape. As the bag’s cover is made of fabric, adhesives for fabric joining will work wonderfully to join the both surfaces.
Most of these fabric-joining tapes, also known as ‘sports strapping finger tapes’ are available at Amazon for a small price of around $5.
These are ideal for gymnasts, rock climbers, and boxers who are looking for replacement punching bag accessories. And, the good thing is that apart from fixing the punching bag’s cover these finger tapes can also be used on hands to avoid injury.

Buy Punching bag Repair Tape

Punching Bag Filling Replacement

Most people who have bought a knuckle training bag that isn’t pre-filled find it hard to fill the bag by themselves. There are many types of fillings available including beans, fibers, sand, wood-dust and many more.
But don’t worry, you can buy the sand, or beans for filling the jab and hook training bag through Amazon as well. The sand is available in plastic packets and these can easily be delivered to your house at a single call.
Most sand bags for punching bags are available for $10 or around the same price. It is better to take a look and decide if sand bags or wood-dust will be suitable for the punching bags.

Buy Punching Bag Filling Replacement

Reflex Bag Replacement Parts

Reflex bag does what it name suggests ‘improve reflexes.’ The bag is used at homes and in offices to drain out stress or to improve concentration. It has been a love of businessmen for years. But as everything is prone to degradation a reflex bag also get punctured very easily. Just a wrong punch and it will detach.

These boxing bags are made of a ball and a cord that is attached to the ball. In case the ball, just add a new ball of any kind to the bag. That’s all. If you need to replace the cord you will have to buy more punching bag accessories .

Buy Elastic Cord for Reflex Bag

If it is made of Bladder, you can buy these separately as a replacement for reflex bags. The repair process is simple and anyone can do it easily.

Bladder for Reflex Punching Bags

Better to not go for the cord at all and instead get a new reflex bag that can help you in the long term.

I hope that now you know where to get the reflex bags and their replacement parts for easy repairing at home.

Bladder for Reflex Punching Bags

Punching Bag Mouth Guards

A mouthguard is a protective device for the mouth that protects the teeth and gums to avoid and minimize harm to the teeth, arches, lips, and gums. This may be done by covering the teeth and gums with the mouthguard. A good mouthguard acts as a protective helmet for the teeth and jaws in the event of a collision.

Buy Mouth Guards Online

Punching Bag Groin Guards

In combat sports such as boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, and others like these, a groin protector or guard is something that is worn by fighters to protect the area around their groin.

Buy Groin Guard Online


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