Century Punching Bag vs Everlast Heavy Bag: Which one to buy?

Century Standing Boxing Bag and Everflex Punching Bag for Beginners
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While searching for a good heavy punching bag to buy, users often get confused between the two top selling bags including Century and Everlast. In this article, we will discuss which of the two is better for your home gym. And, how you can buy the best punching bag by observing the material used, the price of the bag, and its quality.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss which one is better, century heavy punching bag or everlast heavy punching bag for kickboxing.

Types of Punching Bags

Before, we discuss both the bags in detail let’s just see the difference between different types of punching bags. This is just  a review post of some of the best heavy punching bags that you can buy after looking at two competitors and the best punching bag manufacturers i.e. century and everlast.

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Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging punching bag is self-explanatory. The term implies a punching bag that is hanged to either the ceiling or the wall. A hanging punching bag usually ranges from 4 feet to 8 feet. These bags are made either for boxing, or kick boxing, and kicking. You can use these hanging punching bags in gymnasiums, or home gyms that are set in proper houses, not apartments. These are a bad choice for apartments because most people have stated that a heavy hanging punching bag can even ruin the shape of your apartment’s ceiling.

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>>> Best Hanging Punching Bags for Fighters


Free Standing Punching Bag

Second type is of free standing punching bags. These punching bags are made for kick boxing. There one type is of dummy punching bags. The dummy punching bags have a human torso, and they are made of rigid plastic material. When a user strikes these free standing punching bags they depict the same hardness that is felt when one hits a real human being.

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  • Kick and box
  • Spacious and strong base
  • Complete package for Boxing practice

Free standing punching bags are rarely used in home gyms but now most people have started to buy them for their garage gyms.

You can find a great selection of free standing punching bags on Amazon. We have also written extensively on these free standing punching bags.

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Wall Mounted Punching Bag

Third type of the punching bags is of wall-mounted punching bags. These are mounted on the wall. These punching bags are further divided into two types including wall-mounted fixed punching bags that are smaller in shape and mostly made for martial artists. One example of such bags is the martial arts sand bags that are fixed to the wall.


  • Take small space
  • Kick and box
  • Great for beginners
  • Low cost

Second type of wall-mounted punching bags are fixed through brackets. These are hanging punching bags hooked to the wall through a strong bracket.

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Human-Torso Shaped Punching Bags

These bags are as the title says, in the shape of a human’s torso. The purpose they are made this way is because most boxers want to hit human torso while training this improve their:

  • Accuracy
  • Strengh
  • Speed
  • Nimbleness

That’s why human-torso shaped punching bag would be a great addition to your collection if you want to buy it.

Just to add here, human-torso punching bags aren’t actually essential for training at home gyms. A normal bag such as a hanging punching bag would be enough to get you started with the routine. If you still want them, Amazon has a pretty good collection here.

Check out top selling Human-Torso Shaped Punching bags 

Speed Punching Bags

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Speed punching bags are for speed and accuracy in comparison with heavy punching bags that are made to improve human strength. These bags are made of soft bladder that is filled with air or raisins. Most speed bags are around one feet tall and 10 inches wide. They are on top of a stand.

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Everlast vs Century Speed Bags:

Everlast has some of the finest speed punching and Double-end speed bags. This is because it is in the market for long-term and making speed bags as well. The bags are mostly simple and they wear out with time. The bladder of these bags is available as a separate replacement. You can find more about it in our punching bag replacement parts list.

Century Punching Bag vs Everlast Punching

Century is comparatively newer in comparison with the Everlast brand. Everlast is selling many sports equipments including sports apparel, sports and exercise machines and even heavy bag. The Century sports company is a rival of Everlast and offers almost the same products that everlast sells. But, is there a difference in products of both these? We try to find out.

Benefits of Century Punching Bags:

  • Old in the market
  • Reliable bags with great reviews
  • Lower in cost than everlast
  • Only market through Amazon, so more is at stake here
  • Provide all types of martial arts and boxing equipments

Benefits of Everlast Punching Bags

  • Great for home gyms
  • A bigger brand name than century punching bags
  • More people use it, so more reviews
  • Provide more value
  • Sell Gloves and Punching bags

What are Century and Everlast Bags Made Of?

Material Used

The century punching bags are made of synthetic fiber and leather fabric, which covers the outer layer of the bag. These are strong, sturdy, and we haven’t heard anyone saying that century bags were ripped when they punching or kicked them too hard.

On the other hand, we have everlast punching bags. These are made of synthetic leather with a mix of polythene fabric. These bags are also great for boxing and kick boxing. The good thing about everlast bags is that polythene fabric doesn’t scratch the hands. It is slippery so while punching the bag even without gloves, you can still punching it perfectly.

Punching bags are Made of:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Parachute
  • Polythene fabric

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In comparison with Century bags, the everlast punching bags are slightly lower in cost. This is not a fact for all punching bags on offer, but only a few of these are. For example, everlast free standing punching bags are around $110. But the same free standing punching bag by Century is around $130. So that is a difference of around $20. It is nothing comparing the quality both the bags follow but still it is price. And price matters!

Century Punching Bags:

Average price is $120+

Everlast Punching Bags:

Average price is $100+

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Both the bags are optimum in quality. But considering that we have to compare century and everlast, the century bags have better reviews. Everlast bags are great for fighting, but they are a little less reliable of the two.

A poll was also done based on the best brands to buy for punching bags a few years ago. According to the poll, 76 percent people were in favor of Everlast punching bags while only 23 percent people favored century heavy bags. Total voters were around 30 people.

Poll Results:

Century Punching Bags:

Favor: 23%

Everlast Punching Bags:

Favor: 76%

Which is better?

This just shows that the credibility of Everlast punching bags is higher, whether they are dummy punching bags, standing punching bags, reflex bags or speed ball bags.

Both are great!

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Final Word:

As per our review, century heavy punching bags are costly but reliable, everlast punching bags are lower in cost but have some reliability issue in terms of quality. In the end, it really depends which of the two you want to buy for your home, apartment, and garage gyms.

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