Best Parkour Pants: Guide for Free Running Clothing

Best Parkour pants for Beginners | Work out pants for free running, yoga and calisthenics
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When it comes to training, do sports pants matter? I guess yes.

Parkour is one sports where you have to wear loose clothes for training. Otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself. Jeans, dress pants and luxury clothes are not some apparel you would want to wear while jumping from floor to floor or running on all four while doing kong vaults. Just getting entangled on a brick, a loose nail and you are surely going to fall.

That is why sports Parkour pants are loose, flexible, stretchy and resilient. The material they use is mostly cotton, spandex that is stretchable and long lasting. These parkour trousers do not ruin easily and can even withstand pointy thorns, bushes and scratches made while landing.

These parkour pants are good for all those traceurs who are just starting to learn parkour and free running. In fact, seasoned parkour practitioners can also wear the sports pants for parkour because they are much better at stretching and do not restrict you from trying new things.

Let’s cut the chase…

What you will learn in this article:

What to look for in Parkour pants?

What exactly makes a pant worthy of doing parkour? There are many factors involved. Such as the type of clothing used. Is it relaxed, is it comfortable? Will a person get rashes in it?

The first indicator is comfort. The parkour trousers you want to buy should be comfortable. The pants should be sweat resistant.They should have elastic material so that when you wear them, they don’t get ruined or injured your legs.

Cotton pants absorb sweat and help it evaporate quickly. Also, they are breathable therefore they keep the body temperature normal.

Parkour Pants for Beginners’ Training:

This chart tells you about the best pants for Parkour you should buy. We have taken different parameters for the review. As the pants need to be stretchy, comfortable and of hard material, all these things are provided in the chart below.

Check out the best pants for free running and parkour comparison for buying the one that will best suit you.

Parkour Pants Stretchable Casual Water Repellent Price
Take Flight parkour pants

Yes Yes No Check Price
4ucycling Windproof Athletic Parkour Pants

Yes Yes Yes Check Price
Authentic Brazilian Capoeira and Parkour Pants 

Yes No No Check Price
Zipravs BJJ Compression Pants 

Yes No Yes Check Price
Parkour Pants Krap 2.0B

Yes Yes Yes Check Price
HEMOON Men’s Parkour Jogger Pants

Yes Yes No Check Price
Men’s Boho Hippie Harem Parkour Pants 

Yes Yes No Check Price
UNTAMED Men’s Best Parkour Pants

Yes Yes Yes Check Price

You might not know but harem means ‘zanana’ in muslims. During the Middle Ages and before that harem was used for wives of the kings. They used to wear loose clothes and the parkour harem pants are similar to those. These loose clothes gave the idea to bohemian fashion designers to make harem trousers.

Now these parkour harem pants are used by fashion stars, sports personalities, athletes and even joggers and runners.

[amazon_link asins=’B00JJ677KM,B00QN8M5MY,B00GLJ9ZLY,B01IDCMRUW,B00HXGDKFG,B00RLDVBGQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bf81d9cb-02be-11e8-955a-a57172cb8f4c’]

There are other pants for free running available as well such as the compression pants. These are body tight unisex pants that are made of polyster and spandex material. They are skin-fit and therefore allow easy movement. However, these sports pants are get heated and the person wearing them will feel sweaty much sooner.

Then we have solid cotton martial arts trousers that are worn by many runners because of their heavy material. These trousers allow air to pass through the body of the pants for parkour so they are breathable and provide extra leg for movement. But they have open space at the leg and can become a hurdle while moving through thick bushes, apart from that these are fine to wear.

>> Best Parkour Shoes to Wear Free Running

Best Types of Parkour Pants to Choose in 2019

Want to know what types of pants are best suited parkour? These few types can more than suffice your parkour trousers need easily.

Harem Parkour Pants

You may remember harem pants from the 90’s hit single ‘Can’t Touch This.’ Well, these pants have regained their popularity but not in the hip hop circle that made it famous before. Instead, they are now one of the favorite types of bottoms to be worn by Freerunners and parkour practitioners. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, you are sure to find something that reflects your style perfectly. Loose and tight in all the right places, they give you the right kind of carelessness to perform your feats.

[amazon_link asins=’B074CGKP34,B076Q68LT6,B019OAAOKW’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7125b0bc-ec34-11e8-ac61-2f66ce94ec91′]

Made out of a light and breezy fabric, harem pants aren’t all that durable. If you are planning to buy a pair for yourself, I would suggest that you get a couple extra as they rip easy.

Thai Fisherman Pants

Another favorite of many of the Free runners are the Thai fisherman pants. Originally designed for yogis, their bagginess and comfort soon transformed them into parkour pants. Their loose fitting allows for easy movement in every position supporting full motion stretch. They are usually made out of 100% cotton fabric and can be worn casually.

[amazon_textlink asin=’B07KF6PL8M’ text=’Thai Fisherman Pants ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a473b187-ec34-11e8-bce1-91864e6ff3ac’]

Styled to be worn by male and females alike, these pants have an easy to tie waist band that can be fitted according to varying needs.


There isn’t much to explain about joggers. They are perhaps the number one choice of Free runners and parkour practitioners since the advent of this sport. They are well tailored, affordable, look good and are perfect for all seasons. Their closed hem allows for a worry free run and they even have regular sized pockets to carry your belongings when you are wearing them casually. To sum the joggers up, its really hard to find any fault in them and they are perhaps the best type of parkour pants you can get yourselves.

[amazon_link asins=’B00ZBH3MC0,B07K14JVMT,B071219PF7′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8d250c9e-ec34-11e8-a31e-650dc1b64ad5′]

Read the review of these Best baggy parkour pants reviews and their types below.

Many times, traceurs (parkour practitioners) get into serious accidents that is why it is better to do proper kitting. Harem pants are some of the best sweatpants for practicing parkour because they are unique in their designs. The pants have a low opening at the bottom that makes them easy to handle while running and jumping over obstacles. As most parkour moves are related to jumping, climbing, and moving faster over ledges, other clothes that do not have enough space on knee areas either bruise the skin or become a hindrance. Whereas, parkour harem pants are made in a way that they provide adequate space to knees so they can move restriction-less during the moves.

Expert Question: What Parkour Pant Do You Wear?

Here is a video by Tap Brothers in which they tell about the type of Parkour and free running pants they wear. Parkour sports is going extreme and more and more people are becoming fans of this sports.

So, here is what Tap brother have said about the type parkour pants people should wear while exercising.

  • Get any parkour baggy pants from JC penny, or your local clothing store, or even Amazon
  • The parkour baggy pants should have elastic at the lower end so they don’t get in the way while performing exercises
  • Get sweatpants if you don’t like baggy pants as they are used for the same purpose.

Video of Tap Brothers on Best pants for parkour:

Parkour Harem Pants vs Compression Shorts vs Baggy Trousers

Here is a comparison of harem, compression and parkour baggy pants.

Parkour Harem Pants

Ever saw Middle Eastern girls and what they wear? Those are parkour clothing harem pants. These pants are mostly worn by dancers in Arabian countries. The pants are tight at the bottom and have a loose upper end. This gives the wearer more room to move. The harem pants have become really popular these days because of the flexibility they provide. In fact, the harem pants first became famous in Paris but now they are worn all over the Western countries by traceurs. Harem pants are one of the most elastic parkour pants you can get.

Compression pants

Compression pants are worn by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and regular users. These are made pf spandex-like material and help prevent muscle fatigue, stiffness, and pain. In fact, some doctors have also recommended compression pants to fat women who often have pain in their legs. Compression pants are not actually worn by parkour practitioners because they are tight and not the ‘usual’ material for parkour fitness. However, many traceurs still wear them.

Baggy Trousers

The all-favourite parkour pants for traceurs. These baggy trousers are worn by not only parkour practitioners but also B-boys, break dancers, gymnasts and even martial artists. The baggy trousers are also called as parkour baggy pants. They became main stream when break dancers started wearing them in late 1990s. They are now a popular workout pants for unorthodox sports like parkour, free running, capoeira, and other martial arts.

[amazon_link asins=’B01DLS9K3K,B074Z32347,B072VLPF2B’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’53debabb-8a07-11e8-8507-69085f78f47b’]

You must have seen that ninja, martial artists and gymnastics all have these type of super cozy and fitted pants that can stretch with your body and do not shrink on washing them.

These free running trousers are for all irrespective of gender. Men and women involved in parkour can wear these harem parkour clothing pants for jogging because they easy fit all body types.Moreover, users of these sports trousers can wear them even when they are not doing sports activities.

The free running pants are also good for dancing and other leisure activities because they make you feel relax.The pants are available in many places but on amazon their prices are some of the lowest.

Best Parkour Pants (Reviewed):

I have added the list of baggy parkour pants  and sweat pants and their types chronologically. Sorry for the beefed up information. It may be too much for starters.

1.     Regular Parkour Trousers

Take Flight Parkour Pants for Beginners 

Editor Ratings: Best

The ratings above are out of ten for each except editor rating which is a sum of all other factors.

Key Points:

  • These takeflight Russian parkour pants are comfortable and durable.
  • Can be worn as training wear or regular wear
  • Stay firm even in most intensive parkour climbs and jumps

These parkour trousers are made by take flight. The company manufactures parkour apparel that is best for traceurs. The best thing about it is that the company knows what traceurs actually want. These pants are not for gym, nor for yoga but for parkour, where a person has to do obstacle training and jump as high as he can.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - 3RUN Take Flight Trousers



Other pants might get stuck on the knees or on the waist line, but these pants are made in a way that they keep the person comfortable in all situations.

The only problem with these pants is that they are a little costlier than other parkour pants in the market. This is because they are more stretchable, branded and especially because these were made with parkour in mind.

What Buyers Say about Take flight baggy parkour pants?

Perfect for climbing:

The pants are perfect in all aspects related with parkour training. They allow you to run without restriction, make high jumps without having pants sticking on knees and letting you keep them on, because off the elastic available with the pants.

A little Expensive:

In comparison with other parkour trousers that I have listed, these take flight parkour pants are a little expensive. But because these pants are of higher quality and do not tear-up so easily they can last longer than others. So the features cover that price range.


  • Allow restriction-free movement while running through obstacles
  • Perfect for climbing walls, trees and jumping
  • Provide protection against bruises, blisters penetrating through skin because of better material quality.


  • A little costly than other pants
  • Not breathable. The person may sweat more after wearing these

2.     Athletic Pants for Parkour

4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports

Editor Ratings: Good

Key Points:

  • Comfortable pants that you can wear while doing parkour, cycling or any other sports activity.
  • Order a few sizes more if you are from USA because they are Chinese built and carry Chinese sizes
  • Breathable pants that have extra cushion and space for putting material like smartphones and wallet

These 4ucycling pants are for all kinds of sports activities including hiking, parkour, running, martial arts and even weight lifting. The parkour shorts are made in china so you may want to order a little bigger size. According to most reviewers these pants are stretchable and breathable. They are sturdily built with more cushioning on the back, knee pads, so these can take a rough landing easily.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - 4ucycling trousers


While doing jumps, these harem pants remain stable and provide extra comfort level. Further, these are not too clingy neither too tight allowing more mobility to the wearer.

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The company makes professional gear for athletes so the pants are well-built and durable. These can also be worn as comfortable luxury pants while staying inside the house.

What Buyers Say about 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants?

Water proof:

The pants are made of narrow polymer material that keep the water out of the material. This allows the wearer to wear these in wet conditions or in low temperatures.

Length May be Small:

Just like said earlier, these pants might not be exact fit. As these are made in China, you might need to order a bigger size or two so that you can get a size that fits you properly. The size can be seen on the official website or here.

Cannot be used effectively with gloves:

If you are glove user, these pants might not work perfectly. The reason is that the zippers of the pant are hard to reach. While wearing gloves, you will have difficulty reaching the pockets or the zip lines.


  • Best for running and hiking
  • The youth parkour pants can be worn indoors and outdoors alike.
  • Made of narrow polymer material that disallows water seeping in through the threads


  • Order a size bigger for proper fit
  • May be difficult to handle while wearing gloves

  1. Martial Art pants for Parkour

Authentic Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts Pants (Unisex) – Best Pajamas for Parkour

Editor Ratings: Good

Key Points:

  • Comfortable martial art pants that you can wear while practicing or at home
  • The capoeira and martial arts pants are best for practicing drills and exercises
  • These have more space at the bottom so air can move around body easily

These Capoeira free running pants are for all types of sports activities such as martial arts, playing football or cricket or even parkour and free running. While they are not the best when it comes to do parkour but they are decent at parkour exercises.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - Capoeira and martial arts


Most reviewers have said the capoeira martial arts pants for parkour are stretchable and easy to wear.

As they are made of synthetic fabric, you stay cool while performing movements. The parkour pajamas are suitable for wearing indoor and outdoor. These are a preferred choice for jogging, pilates, kick boxing, aerobics and more.

What Buyers Say about Authentic Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts Pants?

Casual Wear:

The short free running pants for parkour can also be worn as casual wear because of their shape and material. They are easy to wear and the wearer remains comfortable while wearing them. These are official capoeira trousers and have a flag pasted on the bottom right side beneath the zipper pocket.

Stay Cool:

Made of synthetic polymer material allows air to cross through the material. Thus, they keep the person cool while he is performing tricks and he doesn’t get tried soon. They are kind of an energy booster you can say.


  • Preferred for martial arts, parkour, gymnasts
  • Can be worn as a casual wear due to the material used


  • Match the size before ordering online, as size can become a problem while shipping

  1. Compression pants for Parkour

Zipravs BJJ Compression Tight Pants Workout Running Baselayer For Men – Best Baggy Parkour Pants for Seasoned professionals

Editor Ratings: Good

Key Points:

  • Zipravs skin tight pants are durable and made with anti-odor technology
  • They are made of smooth fabric that provides extra comfort
  • Useful in all four seasons due to air circulation around the clothing

The zipravs BJJ compression sweat pants for parkour increase oxygenation in the muscles thus decreasing soreness.

These trousers are multi-functional and made of high-tech fiber that keep the temperature cool in summer and warm in winter around the thighs.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - Zipravs workout pants


As the clothing is made of spandex, polyester and fabric, it prevents sunburn and absorbs sweat and water, keeping the skin dry and fresh at all times.

These zipravs BJJ compression parkour pants can be worn by both men and women.

And the skin-tight pants have perfect ergonomic design that sits on your body lightly and doesn’t irritate the skin. Moreover, the fabric is stretchable and you can try out all moves in the compression pants.

What Buyers Say about Zipravs BJJ Compression Tight Pants?

These pants have been bought numerous times and have a high rating on amazon. The users of the compression pants have said the following:

Perfect for Aerobics:

The pants can be worn not just for parkour but aerobics, martial arts, cycling and all other sports dealing with rigorous training regime. Now, in these sports, having a perfect air flow around the body is of utmost importance and that’s where these zipravs compression pants come in handy.

Keeps the body dry:

The body fit parkour pajamas are made of open air spandex material that keeps your body dry with consistent air flow. The sweat is absorbed by the body of the zipravs pants and as it is washable it can easily be cleaned.


  • Washable work out pants that don’t smell and absorb sweat
  • Comfortable for working indoors and outdoors
  • Keep the body temperature cool in summer and warm in winter with high tech fiber


  • May be tight to wear. So order a size larger. See the chart on site for more info.

Parkour Pants Krap 2.0B – Best Parkour Pants for All Seasons

Editor Ratings: Best

Key Points:

  • These baggy parkour pants remain comfortable in all seasons
  • They have smaller back pockets that do not become a problem when you roll
  • Their smooth fabric allows continuous air-flow to the body

Last but not the least, the baggy Parkour pants Krap 2.0B are a hit with enthusiasts. Why?

These pants have a couple of features including a secret pocket for your documents, two regular pockets for carrying other things, draw cords in the center and a key holder beneath the right pocket.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - KRAP pants


Their design resemble the design of assassin creed’s warriors. So, if you are in love with that game you may want to have them.

Further, the pants are light, soft and baggy – perfect for all conditions.

What Buyers Say about Parkour Pants KRAP 2.0B?

Most buyers have loves these Parkour pants, many have said the designs are literally comfortable and they wear them all day long.

Highly comfortable:

The trousers are made from cotton and polyester fabric that allows them both to be comfortable and baggy, but they also have decent oxygenation.

A little pricier

Though the trousers are great but in comparison with all others I have posted here, these ones are a little pricier.

Apart from the price factor, these are my final choice for a beginner parkour enthusiast who is looking for best sweatpants for parkour to start his training.


  • Can be worn at home
  • Have a key holder at the bottom
  • Have a secret pocket for keeping essential items


  • A little too pricier in comparison with other top parkour pants for training listed here

Other Parkour Pants you can buy:

I have already listed the top 5 parkour pants to buy. But if you are looking for alternatives here are a few more training trousers to get your hands on.

  1. HEMOON Men’s Parkour Harem Pants 

These harem pants look casual but they are actually pretty flexible sports pants to wear while training. They are no-sweat, odour repellent workout trousers that increase your physic and style, both at the same time.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training

Buy Here

  1. Men’s Boho Hippie Baggy Parkour Harem Pants

These Boho Hippie baggy parkour pants are right out from the Prince of Persia movie, if you remember people wearing these in them. Today, modern afghani’s wear something similar.

These parkour baggy pants are not my preferred training workout pants, but you surely can try if you don’t want to let the style go out of hand.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training

Buy Here

  1. UNTAMED® Men’s Parkour Flow Pants

These look pretty much similar to your regular trousers, but they have secret pockets, water repellent fabric and sweat relief features. Do your regular trousers have those?

If not, you can buy these untamed parkour pants today.

Best Parkour Pants for Workout & Training - Untamed Workout trousers

Buy here

Best Parkour Pants for Free Runners: Winner

Take Flight parkour pants – Best Parkour Pants for Beginners

Editor Ratings: Best

Price: $$

Best Parkour Pants to Wear By 3Run and TakeFlight. Visit Now to find even more

These pants are especially made for parkour. These are durable, high quality and have efficient air-flow. You can wear them as casual attire, indoors and outdoors, whenever you desire.

Parkour Zebra Pants aka Parkour Pajamas

This is a stretchable Samurai baggy parkour pant is great for parkour, yoga, and gym exercises. It isn’t actually a pant but a pajama in the shape of a pant. it is elastic, and comes in Zebra design. The pant is available from 22 inches to 44 inches. So, anyone with small height to anyone six feet tall, all can wear it easily.

Parkour Pajama is a new kind of training pants that are loved by user.

Regular Russian Parkour Pajamas

Then we have regular pajama pants for yoga or any other exercise that you want. It is 50 percent made of polyester and 50% of cotton. Because of it being lightweight, the training pants can easily be washed. These are great for training because of higher stretch-ability.


Can’t read the whole article? This video of choosing the finest Russian parkour pajamas for your drills will help you get decided on one.

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