Best Backyard Parkour Equipment for Home Gyms

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Parkour is a challenging sport that provides a good workout to your body and mind. It is perfect for those who want to stay on the edge of thrills and at the same time want to stay fit. There was a reason Parkour was used as a escape technique during the world wars. But now it has become a perfect sports, especially for those who want to experience the thrills and are adventurous.

We have decided to help you create your own parkour fitness gym in home. So if you are trying to build your own parkour gym equipment, this is your chance to do it right.

Things to do for Setting up Backyard Parkour Equipment

In order to set up backyard parkour equipment for home gym, one should make sure that the structure is strong and robust enough so that it may bear the amount of stress you may put while practicing on it.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the structure is safe enough whether you are building it for your kid’s area or your backyard.
  • The equipment that is not safe may cause any serious injury. Another consideration is the size or diameter of pipe you should use while constructing the parkour gym equipment.
  • The structure will prove to be sturdy and durable if it is built of a pipe having a large diameter, however, it will be difficult for you to move and grip comfortably, therefore, a structure of the varying pipe sizes is a more considerable option.
  • The whole structure will include various components including Vault Boxes, Dumbbells, Plyometric Boxes, Pull Up bars, and Practice Railings.

Here is a list of Backyard parkour equipment for home gym that you can set up easily in your garden.

Plyometric Boxes

Plyometric boxes are an important part of the structure which improves your jumping and ultimately the core strength. They are usually available as box sets and mostly stackable on each other. They are available in various sizes and material like steel, wood or foam.

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Pull-up bars

Pull-up bars are available with various options ranging from the comfortable and the padded ones to the most sturdy with the adjustable length. They are available with various options having padded and comfortable grip helping you to perform push-ups. They are dedicated for chin-ups, pull-ups and leg lifts providing you a powerful workout. You can place them in your parkour gym equipment adding a fully controlled workout.

Best Doorway Pullup Bars - Parkour Gain Weight - Muscle Up - Pull up for Parkour and Body building


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When you are done with basic bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats etc. it’s the time to move on to the next level, that is weight lifting. Therefore dumbbells are essential to your parkour gym equipment. Parkour strength training involves dumbbells that help to perform press, deadlift, weighted pull-ups and so on.

Best adjustable dumbbell sets for home gym training

Practice Railings

Practice railings are important when you want to perform various exercises like railing push-up and railing reverse row etc. Make sure you use the railings which are strong enough to bear you weight and your workout intensity. These parallel bars will add a healthy exercise equipment in your parkour system.

Fitness Ropes

Ropes are another way to create obstacle for yourself while working out in your garden. If you have seen the ladder workout routines, you will know in how many ways you can use ropes to build yourself obstacles. Ropes also are cheap so you can easily get them from anywhere. They can help you improve your intensity, stamina, endurance, and strength – all at the same time.

Best Rope Skipping Workout Training for Fitness and Cardio and Reviews

Obstacle Walls

Plyometric Boxes are great for working out your legs. Pull up bars are great for upper body fitness. But how can you improve your wall runs? By getting an obstacle wall.

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In the garden, it isn’t difficult to create an obstacle wall. What you need to do is to get a few wooden boards and stick them to one wall of your house. This way you can use those wooden boards as a makeshift obstacle wall for wall running exercises.

Should You Do Parkour? Health Benefits Of Parkour

Parkour equipment provides a very healthy and full body workout.

  • It increases cardiovascular endurance and strengthens the bones.
  • It utilizes obstacle courses and the physical exercises like jumping, walking, climbing and rolling etc. which not only provides healthy physical workout but also increases your IQ level.
  • The hurdles require focus and willingness to do and thus promote quick thinking. It provokes creativity and lifts confidence.
  • It improves balance, strength, coordination, and speed. Research and study reveal that the parkour equipment reduces anti-social behavior.
  • It improves confidence and endurance and help you taking on the challenges of life.

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