What are the best gloves for parkour and should you wear them?

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Parkour is a kind of sports in which you have to run from place A to place B within the shortest time and by covering the shortest distance. This is why most people jump over obstacles in order to cover the distance.

Best parkour free running gloves

It was invented by George Hebert, but it wasn’t named Parkour at that time, that name was coined by David Belle.

Now, Parkour has turned into a sports that is played by users across the world and dominantly in USA and Russia. It is further divided into pure parkour and free running. People indulge in flips, action-tricks, cart wheels and double flips in free running. The initial concept of both, parkour and free running is still same i.e. to run from one place to another in the shortest time possible.

Why we needed Parkour?

The sports wasn’t invented just to show off your moves. It was a part of the military training of France. It was practiced to escape from enemies who were trying to overpower your troops. It was also practiced by fire fighters to save as many lives in a fire from building as possible.

The reasons are still valid as wars are still fought and people still lose their lives in fires. The purpose of the sports were to make people fit so they can save their loved ones and families as David Belle said it himself in one of his interviews.

Do you need precision gloves for Parkour?

Yes and No. Parkour’s initial purpose wasn’t to have gloves to practice. It was to be practiced with naked hands, so to copy the real-life situations. In real-life, you won’t have enough time to wear gloves while you are escaping from someone or while you are trying to save someone from fire.

But as most young adults who are practicing parkour for the first time cannot keep their hands safe, they need gloves for that purpose. Similarly, they wear lose pants for parkour to increase air-flow and comfort while training.

What to check in precision parkour gloves?

Parkour gloves should be soft. They shouldn’t have as much padding as is available in other gloves because that would destroy the purpose of grips. Remember that in parkour you are doing multiple actions such as climbing walls, jumping vaults, leaping from walls and running over them. You need strong hands and feet and a fearless mind to do all that. The gloves will only aid you by keeping your hands safe while you do these actions.

While buying parkour gloves make sure they have:

  • Low padding, so you can feel the walls while climbing them
  • Smooth and strong grip, so that your hands don’t slip while you grip
  • It depends on you whether your gloves should cover the whole hand or not.
  • They shouldn’t interfere with your workout
  • They should absorb sweat. Because you sweat a lot when you do parkour training

Best Gloves for Parkour

No gloves are perfect just like humans. But here is still a list of best training gloves for parkour from people who have already used them. The list is combined from multiple places by reading the user reviews.

Nordic Lifting™ Parkour Gloves – Best Gloves for Beginners

Half-finger gloves by Nordic are not exclusively made for Parkour. They were made for weight lifting but due to their strong grip, moderate padding and decent Velcro grip, they match the ideal gloves required for parkour training.

People have rated them above average on amazon and said they can be used for multiple things such as parkour training, weight lifting and even doing other type of hard labor.

They will help the parkour beginners the most because of their sturdy shape and better grip. Both women and men can wear these gloves.

The plus point of these gloves is that they will protect your skin from blisters and calluses. They can also be worn by kids interested in doing parkour. You won’t have to buy separate parkour gloves for kids

Buy Nordic Lifting Parkour Gloves

Bionic Men’s Natural Fit Full-Finger Gloves – Best Parkour Gloves for

Second in our list is the Bionic Men’s full finger gloves. These gloves are exclusively made for military professionals and their fingers can move independently. Their grip is strongest in all other gloves we have added in the list. But some users have said they get ripped easily. That however shouldn’t be a problem when they are available for such a low price. If you are a new comer to parkour but would want to try full finger gloves then going with Bionic Men’s full finger gloves would be a good idea.

They will be helpful while you climb ledges and walls due to their extra solid gripping technology. The gloves are made with strong moldable plastic on the finger tips.

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Buy Bionic Men’s Gloves for Parkour

Premium Quality Parkour Gloves For Blister Protection

These are your regular weight lifting gloves. They are decent and make exercise and fitness training for parkour a charm. They are reasonable and low priced in comparison with others. Of course, they have their own drawbacks and may not protect from bruises because they are half-finger gloves.

But they are available in multiple colors and for medium-level parkour trainers, using these gloves for training would be a good idea.  They have low padding and made of genuine leather.

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Seibertron Men’s Tactical Fingerless Half Finger Parkour Gloves

What if I tell you seals team wear these kind of gloves what will be your expressions?

The Seibertron tactical gloves are made of military-grade leather and the finest gloves for any type of sports. They are usually used by military officers, soldiers and enthusiasts for rifle training. They have paddings only on the necessary areas such as knuckle bones and palms. Made of soft leather and high-quality fabric, they are best if you are new to parkour and want to start with gloves. Seibertron tactical gloves will protect your skin from blisters and will provide the grip necessary for doing parkour moves.

Buy Seibertron Tactical Parkour Gloves

Parkour Gloves by Tiger Fitness

The tiger fitness gloves may not protect you from blisters but they do help you gain style. These gloves have a padding over the palm area that protects it from bruises. Other parts are open and the glove is covered by a Velcro that keeps it from falling off. It is similar to the mortal combat gloves worn by the yellow warrior.

If you are into karate or amused by the martial arts moves, then get these gloves for parkour training.

Buy Parkour Gloves by Tiger Fitness


If you a beginner then you should buy gloves. But still, take them off after your hands become a little strong. A better way to transition is to first buy full finger gloves and then move to half-finger gloves when you get better at working out. That way you won’t feel much difference while training.

Do you use parkour gloves for training? Which ones do you use? Tell us in the comments below.

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