Can You Do Boxing With Glasses?

can you do boxing in glasses
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There are those who don’t have 20/20 vision but nonetheless have every right to enjoy boxing. However, there are rules forbidding wearing eyewear when boxing due to safety concerns. Your face will take a blow, and you already know what that can do to your glasses if you wear them.

I suppose you wear glasses; is it possible to box them with them on? In a word, yes. You may ask around at your gym, with your coach, etc., to see whether sports glasses with helmets are appropriate if you are only training. Even in amateur boxing, you can’t wear glasses if you want to compete with any kind of professionalism.

So that you can get in the game and have fun despite your visual impairment, we’ve compiled this helpful guide to explain in further detail everything you need to know about doing boxing while wearing glasses.

Yes, you can do boxing without glasses… but

  • You need to be really careful that a boxing punch doesn’t land on the glasses. If the glasses get damaged during a boxing sessions, they can also injure the player. Small pieces of glass can enter the skin or even the eyes. Moreover, even if the player is wearing a protective cage over the glasses, there is no guarantee that the glasses will survive the punches.
  • Glasses can obstruct vision and can be broken easily. In addition, glasses can fog up or get wet, which can also impair vision.

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6 Tips for Doing Boxing with Glasses

We know you need to wear glasses for your boxing matches. That’s why we have gathered tips from top players around the world to help you wear your glasses safely during a boxing match.

Recognize Your Vision

Knowing your eye health inside and out is necessary prior to even discussing the topic of eyewear and boxing. How good or poor is your eyesight, exactly? You should find a method to box unless you are legally blind. Sure, you may try your hand at other forms of martial arts if you’re visually impaired, but because boxing is predicated on anticipating your opponent’s movements, it’ll be easier if you can see at least a few feet ahead of you.

Whether you’re thinking about getting into boxing, it’s a good idea to have a checkup to see if you need your glasses or not.

Consider Your Options for Boxing Matches

If you wear glasses and want to box, there are a couple of ways to do it safely and effectively:

  • Eyewear for Athletic Purposes
  • Contacts
  • Repairing Operation
  • Here we have a fourth potential outcome.. (training your eyesight)

Use Glasses Specially Made for Sports

Now, previously we discussed the need for proper eyewear while participating in sports. These are sturdier than conventional glasses and might be a suitable choice for training if they are authorized. However, we also noted that there are times when this isn’t permitted. Sports glasses are an example of an item that should be avoided at all costs during competitions.

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Eyeglasses are an option if you really need your glasses and can’t imagine going through training without them.

Don’t Use Contact Lenses Ever

The contact lens option is taken up by a sizable population. Wearing contacts while boxing has pros and cons.

In the first place, the obvious advantage is that you can now see. There is no obstruction to your line of sight. You’re just as capable of seeing as your opponent, who can have flawless eyesight. You can enjoy the sport much more thoroughly without having to squint or strain. If you’re really immersed in the battle, you won’t be worrying about whether or not you’ll block that incoming blow.

Now, losing them and being injured are two main negatives of using contacts while boxing.

As was previously said, you may expect to take a blow to the face. Because of its potential to totally incapacitate an opponent, the face is a frequent target in boxing. Your opponent won’t give a hoot about your contact lenses; they’ll go for your eyes if they can.

There’s a good chance you may lose eye contact if you are smacked in the eye. In the heat of battle, losing one or both of your contacts might put you off your game. You’ll likely lose the battle if you’re not accustomed to battling in low light.

When it comes to eye injuries, being punched in the eye might cause your contact lens to become even more firmly anchored in your eye. Furthermore, even if your contact stays there, your eye might enlarge, rendering removal difficult until the swelling subsides.

Many people are unwilling to take such chances, but if you use soft contact lenses, you may be able to stay in the battle without losing or having them displaced.

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Use Surgical Correction to Enhance Your Vision

Many experts choose to do this as an alternative. It’s possible to enhance your vision to the point where you won’t need glasses or contacts by having corrective surgery.

To correct vision problems, Lasik surgery is often used. Although it has a net favorable effect on 96% of those who use it, it does have some negative side effects, including blurry vision. Whether you don’t want to box with fuzzy vision or with contacts, you’ll have to consider if this is the best course of action to pursue.

Ready to Enter the Boxing Cage?

We have listed numerous ways that you can use to wear glasses during a boxing match. Now it is up to you to choose which one of these tips will work best for you. In the end, you always have the option to go for surgical vision enhancement.

Good luck!

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