How Big a Punching Bag Should I Get for Boxing?

How Big of a Punching bag Should I Get
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Learn everything you need to know about ‘How Big a Punching Bag Should I Get?’. The article focuses on punching bag weight capacity, style, material used, and much more. 

You want to get a punching bag for your athletic activities but lack knowledge about the weight or the size of an ideal punching bag? 

When you visit a sports section in a supermarket, you see many punching bags; some are tall or others are heavier than your weight. Some are as light as filled with air inside.

If it all happens with you too then my friend you are not alone because this question occupies the minds of many people in the first hand.

Picking the right kind of punching bag is not a random selection because your sports activities depend on it.

Let us jump to some prerequisite knowledge about punching bags so next time when you visit the sports section, you do not get confused when a salesman stares at you what exactly on earth you are looking for.

Ideal Boxing Bag Weight is Essential

Normally what people do is they prefer to choose the brand and the equipment material first instead of other necessary checklists. 

Lets we do not indulge in the kind of brands you should opt, you better know the brand you want we leave it to you.

When you are selecting a punching bag for yourself the first and the foremost thing you should be looking for is the weight.

Buy the Right Punching Bag Size

Yes, weight matters the most.

Black punching bag - How Big of a Punching bag Should I Get

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Light Weight Punching Bags

However, there are lightweight punching bags also available in the market that weight 30 to 40 pounds. These bags are ideal for improving your boxing speed and precision. If you are a beginner in boxing then going for lightweight is important for you.

Heavyweight punching Bags

If you are at an intermediate level of your boxing career or want in-depth resistance training then opting for a heavyweight punching bag is a perfect choice because it will also improve your stamina and also prepare you for a speedy workout.

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But the question is how do you scale a heavy punching bag?

Which Punching Bag is Right For Me?

If you select a punching that weights the same as you or even heavier then you can damage your muscles in the long run because when you hit a bag that weights as a rock then you can imagine what will be your reaction right after hitting, LOL!

Therefore, to avoid any kind of physical Injury experts say a heavyweight punching bag should be half your weight.

Yes, half of your weight.

For instance, if your weight is 180 pounds then the ideal weight for your punching bag should be 90 pounds approximately.

When you are involved in excess training and willing to improve your muscle strength and endurance at the same time then you should go for a heavy punching bag scaling half of your weight.

Importance of Punching Bag Height

How to choose the right size in punch bag?


Punching bags come as short as 3 feet long and as long as 6.5 feet. But what length suits you the most depends on your type of training.

If you are a beginner and your focus area is only your wrist training then going for short length would be an ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are a potential athlete and wish for the training of your full body muscles then you should opt for a punching bag that is equally sized as yours. It will prepare you to fight against an opponent as well.

Buying Punching Bag for Children

Do not burden up your mind because for kids the same rules apply as for adults. For selecting a proper weight, half of your child’s weight, and for the length, the starting length of 2.5ft should be a perfect choice.

However, if you are looking for something that’s suitable for both kids and teens, then a free standing punching bag would be a great way to start.

Buy the Right Punching Bag Size

Everlast offers free standing punching bags of around 4ft that are ideal for children above the age of 8. The best part is that these standing bags can be used by both kids and teens.

We hope that you are now clear about How Big a Punching Bag Should you get to start your boxing routine at home.


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