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Best Adjustable Speed Punching Bag Platforms For Home Gym

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In this article, we will get to know what are adjustable speed bag platforms, why they are necessary, and how you can use them in your home gym or apartment for practicing with speeds bags.

First of all, a speed bag platform is something on which other things can stand. It is used to hang speed punching bags on specially designed platform. Though speed bags can also be hanged using a simple hanger and wire/rope, but the turbulence is much more. These hanging punching bag platforms keep them stable, and more nearer to the base of the platform.

These best Speed punching bag platforms have multiple benefits and that’s why most people prefer to use them instead of regular hanging punching bags.

Benefits of Speed Punching Bag Platforms

  • Boxers started using speed punching bags because a hanging punching bag doesn’t allow users to practice precision and accuracy.
  • With the speed punching bags they don’t have to focus on strength. Instead, the speed bags allow them to increase the pace of their boxing.
  • Speed bags are great for relieving stress. Most people have these bags in their homes and offices. The best place to hang a speed boxing bag is either in the garage or at a corner in the living room. These two rooms are spacious and the speed boxing bags will not come in anyone’s way.
  • Speed punching bags can also build confidence in people. Most people buy speed punching bags just to increase their confidence because any exercise can lead to improve in confidence and posture.

There are multiple speed bags platforms available but we are going to use ‘hanging’ adjustable speed punching bags because of their lower prices and better quality.

Check out some of the best speed punching bags you can buy today below.

XMark XM Adjustable Speed Punching Bag Platform

XMark is a great speed punching bag platform that was specifically made for places where a regular punching bag platform won’t be suitable. These include small apartments, garages, small rooms, storerooms, or top floor.

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  • The high-quality steel enables it to minimize the vibration and offers a better experience for your training.
  • Professional speed bag platform offers dimensions of 15-inch height adjustment for quality training session for all athletes.
  • This solid wood speed bag platform contains 24-inch wooden drum which is constructed of 1 ½ inch hardwood with a furnished finishing.
  • The package doesn’t include speed bag.
  • The best and professional grade ball bearing swivel is included.

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Punching Bag Platform

Everlast is always out performing the peers with great punching bags. This is one adjustable speed bag platform by it. It is 24 inches, adjustable, wall fitted platform that has received numerous positive reviews. The bag is great for regular speed punching workouts and undoubtedly one of the best adjustable speed bag platform for home gyms.

  • The best and affordable speed bag platform which is so much good for home use because of its amazing adjustments.
  • It contains a 24-inch diameter. board which holds up the speed bag amazingly.
  • The Everlast Elite adjustable speed bag platform contains or includes swivel, hardware for its assembly, full end padding and two brace boards as well.
  • The wall mounting hardware is not included in the package.

Balazs i-Box Speed Boxing Bag Platform 

Balazs i Box speed platforms are simple, strong looking speed bag platforms. They look great and can be mounted either on the wall or on the roof. They are available in three colors and can easily handle a speed bag of your choice. The only problem is that they are too costly in comparison with others and not really budget friendly.

  • The set contains all the necessary items and accessories which are required for professional speed bag training.
  • If you have established a home gym setup then this speedbag platform is so good for you.
  • It is made of USA and one of the best thing is that it offers choices of 3 different colors for the selector.
  • This speed bag platform dimensions include more than 12” of adjustability.

Valor Fitness CA-2 Speed Boxing Bag Platform

Speed punching bags are great for anyone who wants to practice at home. The speed bags can’t be used without punching bags and if you calculate the cost it is around $200 for the speed punching bag platform and $30 to $40 for the speed punching bags.

  • Such adjustable speedbag platform contains a high-quality steel frame.
  • This solid wood speed bag platform has 1-inch high density wooden platform which holds the speed bag.
  • The protective ring guard is enabled around the sides of platform for safety purpose. This feature differentiates this speedbag platform from other platforms.
  • The package includes all the necessary tools and hardware which are required for its assembly.
  • Whether you want to mount it on cement wall or wooden material, for both cases mounting bolts are included in the package.

Ringside Speed Boxing Bag Platform

Ringside heavy duty punching bag is a perfect speed bag platform that maximizes the stability and provides a rigid platform for boxers. It is a great platform for beginners and professionals alike. The bag has garnered positive reviews and is one of the most demanded one in the market.

  • The perfect speedbag platform which offers maximum stability because of its 2” melanin board.
  • It’s a nice quality speed bag platform dimensions and wood stud walls require 1/4” x 3 “lag screws for its mounting to get better experience.
  • Same size but concrete anchors are required for the concrete wall mounting.
  • Its amazing solid structure offers high-quality experience for the professionals and beginners as well.

These are some great adjustable speed punching bag platforms that provide sturdy workout to anyone who is seeking to reduce stress, get control, improve precision, and more.

Which speed punching bag do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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