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Best Doorway Punching Bag Hooks for Home Gym Workouts

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Here is a list of the best door frame punching bag hooks for home gyms. Whether you are a newbie or a boxing enthusiast, if you want to hang your punching bag in your home but can’t find any place, then these punching bag brackets will be of great help.

The Best Way to Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat.List of Best Doorway Punching Bag Hooks

Without further discussion, let’s get to the point.

Quiet Punch Bag

First in our list is the quiet punch punching bag. The bag can be placed/hooked to any wall of your choice. You don’t need a wall or a door for this punching bag, simply hang it and start punching.

It is great for releasing stress and improving the strength in your hands. The quiet punching bag also improves knuckles and makes you better at boxing. It is perfect for all ages and usually available in 36 inches square shape.

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Iron Jack Canvas Punching Bag Frame

One of the best punching bag frames available online, it can easily be screwed over the door frame to provide a great MMA, boxing and kickboxing workout. The frame offers total hanging space of about 51 inches and supports a bag with a circumference of 38 inches and height of about 36 inches. This door frame punching bag hook comes with a bag, hanging chains and MMA gloves at an amazingly affordable price.

FirstLaw Fitness Shock Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Completely made in the United States, the shock mount by Firstlaw Fitness can easily be installed on an open door frame with 16 inch spacing. The special gas shock technology of the mount helps in reducing the vibration and noise produced during workout sessions. The powder coated finish of the mount ensures a long lasting quality of its hardware. It comes with all the necessary screws included as well as preset weight settings to lift 70 lbs heavy punching bag.

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Boxing Target Punching Bag Bracket Hooks

A standard punching bag hook, it comes with a high quality 4 strand chain made out of carbon steel that has specially been shaped for punching bags. It can ideally be fixed into a door frame or wooden beams and can hold up to 100 kgs. The hook and chains are galvanized that make them weatherproof for all seasons and adds years to the hooks life as well.

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R.A.M Salable RDX Punch Bag Hooks With Swivel

This is probably the simplest of door frame punching bag brackets. It comes with a swivel hook made out of 18 gauge steel treated with anti-rust red oxide formulation and high quality powder coating. The hook easily supports up to 100 kgs of weight. It can be bolted on a door frame to provide easy movement of the bag during workouts and comes with all the necessary fittings needed.

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Firstlaw Fitness Joist Mount

The best option for those looking for an economical punching bag bracket. The First law designed L shaped bracket can be placed on the side joist of any door frame. Once properly secured, it can capably hold up to 120 lbs of weight. The bracket has a compression system built into it to reduce vibration and noise produced during the workout. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is exclusively made in the US.

The Silencer – Heavy Punching Bag Hanger

The last entrant on our list of the best door frame punching bag brackets is the Silencer. A simple yet elegantly designed hook can transform any room in the house into a gym. The amazing German engineering of the Silencer allows it the free flowing movement in all directions with noise reduction up to 58%. It can be affixed on wall beams, door frames or drywall ceilings. It can handle punching bags weighing up to 300 lbs and works better with heavier bags. It has strong industrial build quality and ships with all the required mounting hardware.

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FAQs for Best Doorway Punching Bag Hooks:

  1. Should I use door frame brackets or ceiling brackets?

You should go for either ceiling brackets or wall brackets because they can lift heavy weights. But door frame brackets are sensitive and can’t lift more than 40 pounds. They also affect the borderline of doors.

  1. Should I buy punching bag first or punching bag bracket?

You need to assess that yourself. In most cases, you will be buying the punching bag and brackets together because punching bags simply won’t work without the brackets. Once you have a sizeable punching bag available, go for buying the punching bag bracket. You can also order it online.

  1. How much weight can punching bag brackets lift?

Door frame punching bag brackets can lift as much as 80 pounds at max. But if you get ceiling punching bag brackets, then they can easily lift 200 pounds of weight. It all depends on what are your requirements and training level.

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