How to Use the Everlast Cardio Punching Bag? 

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The mighty punching bag by Everlast is all you need at the end of a long day, to channel all your energy, or get into shape for a fight in the rink. Boxing remains to be one of the best exercises to keep your body in shape, while allowing you to rid yourself of accumulated stress. A good punching bag workout helps improve strength, cardiovascular health and fitness, as well as coordination. 

Everlast maintains the position of one of the leading brands for martial arts training gear, and is known to make sturdy punching bags for both levels; beginners and professionals. The Everlast punching bag is light, flexible, with excellent spring back quality that can take in repeated punches. Due to its quality and strong material, the Everlast punching bag is built to last for years to come, and can take in your punches every day. 

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Punching Bag Equipment

Standing at 64 inches tall, the Everlast cardio punching bag is a freestanding bag with a hollow plastic base that is to be filled with water. The bag is attached to the base with the help of a large spring allowing the bag to rebound and move after each strike made at it. The punching bag is sturdy, and is made of a tough foam construction wrapped with durable polyester. 

Getting Ready for Punching

To get started, the base of the punching bag needs to be filled with water. The weight of the base after filling up is approximately 32 pounds. Now, you need to position the unit in an area that has several feet of space around the base. This is required as one should have the space to move around the bag comfortably, while also making sure the bag is not going to hit anything as it rebounds after punches. In order to protect your hands, the right gear for your hands is either boxing gloves or wraps. 

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Basic Boxing Tips

  1. To get a good start to boxing if you are new, you should try and learn the basic boxing stance and punches.
  2. Hold a split stance; one foot ahead of the other, center your bodyweight over the padded portion of your feet (balls of your feet) and make sure it is not on your heels.
  3. Now start by practicing light jabbing at the bag. The trick here is to fight with your left hand if your left foot is forward, or with your right hand if your right foot is forward. 
  4. It is rommended to always keep a slight bend in your elbows, and ensure that they are not completely straightened at all as you go on punching the bag.
  5. Once you get the hang of jabbing the bag, it’s time to get started on some footwork, and now you can start by making your way around the bag, as you continue to jab at it. 

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Everlast Punching Bag Workout Routine

Moving forward, you can work on advancing your moves on the punching bag.

  • Two-punch, three-punch and four-punch combinations and kicks added to your workout regime will help with a full-body workout. 
  • Further along, repetitions of left and right jab cross, hook and weave, as well as adding roundhouse kicks with the back leg.
  • Each move is to be done for 20 seconds, with an interval 10 second rest, with eight repetitions in total.
  • To get some cardio in, and your heart rate up, work in sets of high knees and jumping rope. 

It is highly recommended to always warm up with some light footwork or simple cardio form before starting off the Everlast punching bag routine. To stimulate the typical round length of a boxing match, you can train on the bag in two or three minute rounds. 

How to use Everlast Punching Bag for Cardio?

Here is a complete video about how you can use the Everlast punching bag for constant jagging and hooks. Punching bags are a great way to exercise.

Thomas Brennan on says on Quora that you should punch the bag for 30 seconds without stopping. When you are done, you will realize that you have worked out many muscles of your body. Now repeat the same pattern again.

You can do this exercise in a 30-10-30 routine. Do three sets of each.

Here 30 seconds of constant punching the bag, then 10 seconds break, then again 30 seconds of constant punching the bag. Now break and repeat again!

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This will improve your muscle reflexes and will make you confident in your day to day activities. It will also make you a more calm person because you will know how and when to react to life threatening conditions.


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