That shitty old lower back pain is back again and not letting you work? 

We all have that cringe feeling when the tingling sensation in our spinal cords doesn’t let us work. This is called the lower back pain. And, for some it is a chronic pain that simply doesn’t go away. A few years ago I was also having this chronic back pain. It went away after years *Thank God*.

Lower back pain is a huge problem and it can happen to anyone at any age. Sadly, there is not much you can do about it. It is just like your old car that works but is too noisy. You can’t do anything about it except driving it.

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So, what causes lower back pain? Why it simply doesn’t go away and how our posture becomes a problem in increasing back pain in office?

What You Will Learn:

  • Why lower back pain is chronic?
  • How the chronic pain keeps irritating you in office
  • Office chair exercises to reduce lower back pain 
  • How to tighten lower back muscles with office chair exercise 
  • Workout plan for making back muscles strong

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Best Office Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain

You need to do these exercises on a regular basis to improve your core and spinal-cord muscles. Exercise is one of the best workouts for office workers who want to improve their health and fitness. It also strengthens muscles while decreasing back muscles.

Lower back Pain Exercise: Walking

Walking may seem so simple and effortless but getting one’s lazy self out of the chair and wandering around the blocks of office during work hours takes it out of you. If you want to stay active and healthy while working and want to lessen the lower back pain issues, try taking at least one hour from your schedule and stroll around your office building, to the bathroom or the nearby park.

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Lower back Pain Exercise: Body weight squats

One of the best office chair exercises for lower back pain is squatting. Squatting is like a complete package that targets your glute muscles, quads, hamstrings and reduces pressure from your lower back muscles. It doesn’t necessarily require a gym setting and lots of weights and other equipment to get your squat done. In fact you can do squats from your office chair easily. Just keep your feet shoulder-width apart, knees behind the toes, stand straight and try sitting down on your office chair in a squatting position. Incorporate squats in your normal office routine like, pick your stuff from the floor by squatting or reach your food in the bottom of your fridge by squatting. Hence, you can do squat anytime you want in your office and combat that lower back pain in no time.

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Lower back Pain Exercise: Pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts are super easy as you can even do them while sitting in your office chair. You simply have to tilt your pelvis backwards and forwards. Pelvic tilts make your back stretch and help in vanishing the lower back pain. As you tilt forward, your back is arched and the belly is stretched out. And as you tilt backwards your abdominal muscles are stretched and your abs are crunched in. So it is an amazing office chair exercise for abs too. If you want to take your pelvic tilts to an advanced level, try doing them while sitting on a swiss ball. Swiss ball will allow more stretching and strengthening. Do as many pelvic tilts as you can to avoid back issues.


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Lower back Pain Exercise: Hip extensions

Hip extensions are a great way to align your pelvis and bolster your hip flexor muscles. Extending your hips while doing a hip extension tightens the muscles opposite to the flexors and strengthen the pelvis. Stand straight behind your chair or in front of the wall and keep all your weight on one foot. Now start dragging up your opposite leg in a backward direction while squeezing the glute muscles of the hips. Keep your lower back straight and your pelvis tilted backward in the whole exercise. Repeat as many times as you can on both sides.

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Lower back Pain Exercise: Hip flexor stretch

Hip flexors are stretching exercises. When you work several hours sitting on a chair without moving your body. The hip flexors tend to become tight and stiff, and your pelvis is pulled forward, causing the lower back to ache. Hip flexor stretches are great to combat this problem. Just get on the knees keeping one knee on the floor and the other foot flat on the floor. Move your body downwards just like you make the lunges and make sure to keep your hip muscles tight. Hold the position for about 30-60 seconds for each leg.

Lower back Pain Exercise: Lower back stretch

Stretching your lower back muscles is essential when you are suffering from back pain because the tension on these muscles causes stiffness which intern causes back pain. The lower back stretch is beyond imagination easy and can be done while sitting on the office chair or while standing or walking around. Bend your body forward and try touching the ground while keeping your knees straight as close to the body. Try to hold your head between the knees (if possible), otherwise as close to the knees as you can. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds. This and the above mentioned exercises are some of the most amazing office chair exercises for back pain and help you maintain your body posture while you’re busy at your work desk in your office.

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