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Five Simple Stair Climbing Exercises You Can Do At Home

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One of the best ways to lose weight without any equipment is by  climbing stairs.

Stairs aren’t even considered a workout equipment but they are highly effective for building leg muscles. In fact, most doctors have recommended aged women to climb stairs for improving strength in their legs.

Here are a few benefits of climbing stairs each day.

Benefits of Climbing Stairs for Exercise:

One fitness website Step Jockey has provided a list of benefits for climbing stairs faster. Here is a concise version.

  • Climbing just eight stair steps each day lowers early risk of diseases by 33%
  • Climbing stairs for seven minutes daily can decrease heart attack risk by half
  • Just two minutes of stair climbing daily can decrease middle age weight gain
  • Stair climbing can tighten your buns and make you look strong and nimble
  • Climbing stair exercises can increase muscle tone and shape your thighs
  • 5 minutes of stair climbing exercises each day can improve sleep and decrease cholesterol level
  • Climbing stairs 2 times [up and down] in a five storey building can decrease BMI by one digit in a month
  • It also burns calories and decrease weight by 2Kgs.

Problem: I don’t have stairs in my home

Many women face this problem. We now live in small houses and not everyone has a staircase in their house. That’s why it is better to buy a portable stair climber exercise equipment.

These are low cost and provide a lot of value for anyone enthusiastic enough to lose weight.

The average price of a stair stepper exercise equipment is between $30 and $60. They can be bought either from a regular home gym equipment shop in your area or through Amazon.

Buy Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment

Best Portable stair climber exercise equipment

Stair steppers are comparatively easier to maintain and use for workout instead of using real stairs. You can easily place it in your home and it will still work. The stair steppers don’t usually require maintenance. Just clean and oil them on a regular basis and they are good to go.

So, for those who might be interested in getting portable stair climbers for their houses, here is a list of the best ones.

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Why have I chosen these stair steppers for home gym?

These portable stair stepper exercise equipment are some of the best ones on Amazon. But I have listed them only after reading their reviews and then searching Google trends and webmasters to find out which keywords are people using to find these portable stair steppers.

List of Stair Climbing Exercises to do at home

Most people don’t know what types of exercises they should do on stairs. They only know climbing up and down. But there are many more effective exercises available that improve the metabolism, decrease weight, and build muscle mass faster. We have decided to make a list of all these exercises so that you can easily do them at your home or office.

Fortunately, these exercises can also be down by using stair stepper exercise equipment. So, do them in whatever way suits you.  

  1. The Stair Run

The simplest and most effective workout/exercise to do at home is the stair run – running up the stairs. In this workout, you just have to stand in front of bottom of stairs. Start running upward. Be careful so that your feet don’t slip. Then, come downwards and repeat it again. You can do this exercise for approximate one minute. If you want it for longer duration, then it depends on you.


Do the stair run three times. Or, climb at least 50 stairs up and down. You can break the exercise into sets. Each set consisting of 20 stair climbs.

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  1. Walking Lunge

Stand on the bottom of the staircase. Then, step your right foot on one of the stairs and bend into a lunge position. You will have to bend your knees to complete the repetition. Use your arms to balance. Then, do it for the other leg. Keep doing this by pushing your legs until you reach to the top of stairs.

Image result for lunge

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Please be careful while doing this exercise. If you think you are not capable enough to reach the top, then simply do it on the first three stairs, starting from the ground up.


Repeat this process 10 times. Do three sets of each.

  1. Sideways Stair Run

Start from the bottom of the stairs. Keep the right side of your body close to the stairs in a sideways position. Now start running to the top of the stairs.

Right foot will move first and have a step on stair and when left one gets its near, the right one should rose up for another step. Repeat it until you reach on the top.

PS: This is a exercise carefully, as you can fell down if it is not done carefully.

Video Tutorial of Sideways Stair Run


Do three sets of sideways stair runs. Climb at least 10 stairs in each set.

  1. Squat Jumps

Have a start from the bottom of the stairs. Stand in a position that your legs are opened hip width wise and your arms should be next to sides. Get in squat position and then jump on the stairs upwards. Reach to the top, come to the bottom and repeat the same process.

Image result for squat jumps

Credits: Workoutlabs


Do three sets of squat jumps. Climb at least 10 stairs in each set.

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  1. Mountain climber

A very interesting workout by using stairs. In this workout, you will have to face the stairs by putting hand on the second step pressed on it. Legs should be in extended position, like you are in push up position. Then bring your left knee closer to your left shoulder and then get in initial position. Then do the same for right knee as well. Repeat.


Do 10 reps and 3 sets of each.

Image result for mountain climber

Credit: Women’s Health mag

We hope that these exercises will be easily done by most people and one of these stair stepper will also work best for you.

Let me know what more I can add to the Stair Stepper exercises.

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