Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss at Home

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You must be reading this blog because you want to lose weight. The benefit of a cardio machine is that it helps you easily lose weight while staying at home. Whether you are busy, an introvert, moody, or just don’t feel like going to the gym, you can easily get a cardio weight machine to lose weight fast.

List of Home Gym Equipment for Tummy Fat

Below is a list of the best exercise equipment for weight loss at home.


A popular weight losing machine to lose weight at home, treadmill lets you easily lose weight. Think about it. You don’t have to get out of your comfort zone. You can easily get on the treadmill and start running. The treadmill is a popular workout sports and lets you easily get in your workout routine. The best thing? It is one of the best home gym equipment for weight loss.

best treadmill reviews and workouts for home gyms

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But the big question is: Is treadmill effective?

Yes. It is an efficient machine to lose weight at home for anyone who would like to do natural activities with more effort. Consider this: You walk all the time. But is walking best of the activities? No. You can’t lose weight while walking. You have to run. Run hard! That’s where treadmill exercise machines come to help. They are made for fast body fitness.

The treadmills also help improve posture when you run. The body will start to develop cardio fitness that you can use to build a healthy body and keep yourself fit.

Treadmills are also part of the HIIT program. You can see more about the HIIT training workouts on a treadmill in this infographic image.

Stationary Bikes

If treadmill is not your piece of cake then you can go for exercise bikes. The exercise bikes are another fun-filled, adrenaline-pushing way to keep you in great health. And, if you are looking for some of the best home gym equipment for weight loss, then exercise bikes can be your first choice.

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The modern home exercise bikes are perfect for anyone looking for comfort and fitness. These machines come with adjustable front and back positioning, for example, the height of the seat or the handle bar, etc. You can set the exercise bike for comfort and pedal it as per your will. The longer you cycle the exercise machine the better you will be able to lose weight faster.

These indoor exercising bikes are designed to last longer than real bikes. This means they offer better quality of support and retain your stamina for long workouts.

These exercise bikes are now available with multiple HIIT workouts you can choose for fitness.

Some of the top exercise machines for weight loss can be seen here.

Rowing Machines

Next in our list is the rowing machine to lose weight at home. It is my personal favorite because it allows you to do cardio and lose weight both at the same time. It is part of the HIIT workout routine and works best for those who can’t do running or cycling due to time or movement restrictions.

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The rowing machine is my personal favorite. It is one of those weight loss machines that shake you, and I think it is the best home cardio machine.  It helps develop thighs, wings, and shoulders. The rowing machine works out the whole body especially the upper body and thighs. It is highly efficient for anyone looking for a quick workout. The fitness machine works out from top to the bottom and develops the cardiovascular system. Rowing is a compound exercise. It helps burn a lot of calories through working out the full body in short sprints and intervals.

The rowing machine can be adjusted to the height of the user. It offers multiple levels of resistance that the users can adjust themselves to get the most benefit of the machine.

Rowing machine also offers multiple programs for lifting weights and helping a user become more powerful, lean, and agile.

Stair Climbers (Step Mill)

Finally there is the stair climber exercise machine to build cardio and fitness and to lose weight at home. Stairs are one way to increase leg strength, build lower body muscles, and increase stamina. With stair climber exercise machine, the users can easily build leg fitness and strength.

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On a stair climbing machine, you are fighting the gravity by lifting your legs up against it. Your muscles are built by exertion

The elliptical is one of the few exercise machines that works your entire body (arms, legs, and core) with little impact on your joints. Try changing this up with this elliptical workout plan that's actually fun! |


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Before there were any exercise machines available, stair climbers remained a top for a long time is a tough cardio exercise for sure. You have to lift your body weight and fight against the gravity. The stair machine mimics this move making it one of the hardest machines to use in gym or at home. But if you are considering to install it at home, then you will need to have enough space to keep the machine properly. Because it also requires at least 10 feet of space so the person can easily climb the stairs.

There are several other pieces of cardio equipment out there, such as the elliptical trainer, but it is easy to cheat on it, so I did not mention on this list.

Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight at Home

So, you have been wanting to lose that extra fat around your gut but have only been able to lose the weight in your wallet by buying some expensive gym membership which you do not even use. Gyms are for only the most dedicated people which many of us aren’t. Besides a hectic daily routine and the daily commute distance, to and from work tires out even the most active ones among us.

The best solution for such a dilemma is to get yourself some home gym equipment and do a cardio workout. Why cardio? Because it burns fat fast. Speaking of burning fat, the best way to go about it is to get an indoor cycling machine. Now arises the question finding the right fit. To make your job a bit easier, we have compiled a list of four best cycling machines considering the factors like price, quality, and features.

Bladez Fitness Echelon GS

Priced in around $300s – $400s Bladez Echelon Cardio Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss is a stunning piece of engineering. It has a very consistent rotation combined with a sensitive knob resistance system. Atop the handlebar, there is a straightforward display that looks kind of like a stopwatch. The built quality of this thing is marvelous. And despite being very sturdily built, that bike is really lightweight and completely silent when in use. This great quality, compact and streamlined bike delivers on every aspect.

Weight Loss Equipment Slimming MachinesCheck Out Bladez Fitness Workout Machine Review

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic

Next is the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle. It is one of the best exercise machine to lose weight at home. The 510Ic comes equipped with a sophisticated console that offers full-service programming and resistance adjustments on a higher quality screen. This heavily built indoor cycle offers a smooth, steady and luxurious ride, easily withstanding higher intensity workouts without losing its balance. Another feature that we found quite useful on this bike is the numbered and lettered resistance adjustment levels. It does, however lack in the adjustability department when compared to Echelon. The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic only allows for seat height adjustment. Something that only the taller people might find useful. When compared against the price, it is also more expensive than the Blaze Echelon, costing within the range of $700 – $800 including shipping price.Weight Loss Equipment Slimming Machines

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The Nautilus R616

Number three on our list is the clean-cut Nautilus 616 Cardio Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss. It has a standard console with an old-school blue LCD display and just enough programs to fulfill the most common fitness goals. The displayed performance stats are nothing extraordinary but what we did like is the placement of the heart rate sensors. Placed right under the side handles of the seat, they are easy and comfortable to reach in any position. It sports a substantial resistance system from heavy flywheel that provides a smooth and easy ride experience. The only problem we found with the R616 is that its adjustments are very tricky and takes a few tries before a person can get the seating just right. This recumbent bike comes with a five-year parts warranty and carries a hefty price tag of around a thousand dollars.

Weight Loss Equipment Slimming Machines

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The ProForm 740 ES Weight Loss Machine

Weight Loss Equipment Slimming Machines



The ProForm 740 ES cardio fitness recumbent bike for weight loss easily surpasses all of our expectations with its features and sleek design. It is one of the most comfortable bikes we have used with the pedal rotation that is completely effortless. It houses a classic iFit console that sports a 7-inch touchscreen. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. On the negative side, it is one of the heaviest recumbent bikes we have used. It isn’t easy moving this behemoth around and we’d recommend anyone thinking of getting it to first decide a permanent spot for it. It is priced at ~$900 something. See the full price below.

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FAQs – Machines to Lose Weight at Home

What is the best exercise machine to lose weight at home?

The fitness equipment varies for everyone for home exercises. First you need to decide what type of home equipment you want. If you are looking for leg exercises then stair climber, rowing, treadmill will be a great fit. If you are looking for upper body exercises then curl bar machine, butterfly machine, and rowing will be a good start.

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If you don’t want any machines, then you can choose simple dumbbells to start exercising.

Do You Really Need These Home Gym Exercise Machines?

All the machines that we have mentioned here cost in thousands of dollars. So, do you really need them?

Our recommendation is that you should only buy home gym equipment for tummy fat, if you are really serious about getting rid of it.

Most people buy home gym equipment only to waste it. This is because they don’t have motivation to exercise consistently. They only get inspired by watching others. WE DON’T WANT YOU TO BE LIKE THAT!

That’s why ask yourself first: Should I buy these home gym equipment for tummy fat?! And then sleep on it. You will finally come to a better solution.

And, if you do start thinking about an alternative solution for home gym machines, then let us know what type of exercises you are considering now.

Home Gym Equipment Alternatives for Tummy Fat


You have the list of the best cardio machines that help you lose weight fast while staying at home.

Start with one machine and see if that helps you lose weight and then proceed from their onwards.

You can try to combine the mentioned machines to see if they enhance your fitness. Also, don’t forget to use the machines to mix cardio workout plans. You can also change the speed the resistance level and add high intensity interval training to boost heart rate and efficiency.


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