Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment for Apartments

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One of the main reasons people prefer home gym equipment is because it is convenient for them to exercise at home instead of going to a gym.

But since small homes have small space it isn’t always viable for people to buy expensive and heavy home gym equipment. That’s where best apartment sized home gym equipment comes in.

Here we have added a list of the best home gym fitness equipment that you can use to improve your physical body and build muscle fast. All that without breaking your bank.

Benefits of apartment sized Home Gym Equipment 

With limited space and large size of the machine, what is the best way to cope with it? Compact home gym equipment that is viable and can easily fit in small spaces. Here are 4 benefits of compact folding treadmill machines for home gyms.


Compact apartment sized home gym equipment offer great convenience especially if you live in a house that has limited extra space like small apartments or homes. These types exercise machines are great space savers and can be placed in the smallest of rooms in the apartment.

Compact Size

The secret behind the convenience of most compact exercise machines is that they are small in size. They come in variable sizes, i.e. foldable and mostly come with wheels so they can be easily put away after use in places like a closet or even under the bed. This makes the folding machines more attractive and easy to place anywhere at home.

Build Quality

Because they are made to provide the convenience of storage and usability in small spaces, they have a stronger and more durable frame. This is to ensure that unfolding the home gym exercise equipment regularly does not cause any damage to the machine itself.

Cost Saving

Normally, an exercise machine would cost around a thousand dollars or so and would be a behemoth of a machine to be placed inside of a home. But a foldable exercise machine is great as it provides all the features of a regular one and then some can be bought for just a couple of hundred dollars.


Apart from these benefits of compact folding exercise machines for home gyms, they also offer many other benefits as well. Since they can be folded and moved around, they weigh lighter, require low maintenance and allow ease of cleaning under them. And for people wanting to live a healthy and active lifestyle under the constraints of small space, these treadmills are a saving grace.

Best Apartment Sized Cycling Machines For Home Gym

We have something special for those who want to lose extra fat around gut but have only been able to lose money in their wallet by buying some expensive gym membership.

Gyms are for most dedicated people. But not everyone has enough time to go to a gym. In fact, most people simply can’t go to a gym because the routine is too hectic and it takes a long time to simply commute to a gym and back.

The best solution?

For such situation, the best solution to counter the dilemma is to get yourself home gym equipment that is great for cardio workout.

Why cardio? Because it burns fat fast. Speaking of burning fat, the best way to go about it is to get an indoor cycling machine.

Now that we have already discussed that, we can answer the question of finding the right fit.

To make your job a bit easier, we have compiled a list of four best cycling machines for home gyms that can easily fit in small spaces considering the factors like price, quality, and features.

Bladez Fitness Echelon GS

Bladez Echelon is a stunning piece of engineering. It has a very consistent rotation combined with a sensitive knob resistance system. Atop the handlebar, there is a straightforward display that looks kind of like a stopwatch. The built quality of this thing is marvelous. And despite being very sturdily built, that bike is really lightweight and completely silent when in use. This great quality, compact and streamlined bike delivers on every aspect.

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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic

Next is the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle. The 510Ic comes equipped with a sophisticated console that offers full-service programming and resistance adjustments on a higher quality screen. This heavily built indoor cycle offers a smooth, steady and luxurious ride, easily withstanding higher intensity workouts without losing its balance. Another feature that we found quite useful on this bike is the numbered and lettered resistance adjustment levels. It does, however lack in the adjustability department when compared to Echelon. The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic only allows for seat height adjustment. Something that only the taller people might find useful. When compared against the price, it is also more expensive than the Blaze Echelon, but worth the purchase and long lasting.

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The Nautilus R616

Number three on our list is the clean-cut Nautilus 616 recumbent bike. It has a standard console with an old-school blue LCD display and just enough programs to fulfill the most common fitness goals. The displayed performance stats are nothing extraordinary but what we did like is the placement of the heart rate sensors. Placed right under the side handles of the seat, they are easy and comfortable to reach in any position. It sports a substantial resistance system from heavy flywheel that provides a smooth and easy ride experience. The only problem we found with the R616 is that its adjustments are very tricky and takes a few tries before a person can get the seating just right. This recumbent bike comes with a five-year parts warranty and offers extreme quality for the users.

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The ProForm 740 ES

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The ProForm 740 ES easily surpasses all of our expectations with its features and sleek design. It is one of the most comfortable bikes we have used with the pedal rotation that is completely effortless. It houses a classic iFit console that sports a 7-inch touchscreen. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. On the negative side, it is one of the heaviest recumbent bikes we have used. It isn’t easy moving this behemoth around and we’d recommend anyone thinking of getting it to first decide a permanent spot for it.

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These four indoor cycles are our best picks for people looking to meet their fitness goals while staying comfortably inside their homes. No matter if you are short on budget or space or can easily manage to expense on both, you will definitely find something in our list to take you one step closer to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Treadmill Machines For Small Footprint

After comparing the features, prices, and sizes of multiple compact treadmills, we have created a list of the best ones that would meet the needs of most people. So, without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

IPO Slim Smart Walk Treadmill

Available only in gray color, this treadmill is a feast for your eyes. But being visually pleasing isn’t its only forte. This minimally designed slim treadmill offers some great features like ‘Intelligent Speed Control’, double speed mode and a shock absorbing running belt. This slim treadmill is a steal for the price.

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Gymax Cardio Folding Exercise Treadmill

This treadmill comes with a built-in app that acts as a personal trainer and helps you reach your fitness goals. As the name suggests, it’s foldable which allows for easy storage and has a sturdy built quality that provides greater endurance. The multi-function console houses a big LCD that displays speed, time, distance, heart rate etc. The platform has a unique shock absorption system and this compact folding treadmill machine for home gym is priced at just $600.

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Serene Life Smart digital Folding Treadmill

Specially designed for compact spaces, the treadmill provides portability and easy storage. It is powered by a 1.5 HP motor. The built-in grip sensors offer pulse monitoring. It comes with 16 preset workout modes and adjustable speed settings. The built quality isn’t anything extraordinary but it packs great features for the retail tag of a couple hundreds

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ANCHEER Folding Treadmill

The one downside to this treadmill is that it does not support incline positioning. Other than that it has great spring supported shock absorption built into its running board and has a silent drive system that keeps the friction noise down. The control panel has a friendly user interface and the overall design of the treadmill is compact and space saving. It is available for just $580.

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Home Gym Bodyweight Equipment

Most people don’t want to exercise with exercise machines. They want equipment that allows them to use their own bodyweight. These type of exercise equipment is also great for home gyms and apartments that have small space. So, we decided to add them to our list as well.

Here are a few bodyweight accessories that you can use in your home.

Jump Rope

Rope skipping is a great cardio workout. It helps users easily exercise with at home, improve their cardiovascular muscles, and increase blood flow. The jump ropes are a lot cheaper than other exercise accessories so they are perfect way to lose weight and improve cardio.


Next we have Dumbbells available in the market. Dumbbells are perfect way to build muscles, make yourself lean, or simply boost cardio endurance and stamina. The dumbbells are a great way to exercise all group of body muscles. But you need to choose appropriate weights to avoid injury.

Ab Roller Machine

Ab rollers are great for those who want to build stomach muscles and abs. Ab rollers can be used in a variety of ways and the ab roller machines are great way to build ab muscles faster. Ab rollers are available between $20 and $100. But rest assured because $20 ab rollers will perfectly build ab muscles easily.

Exercise Gym Ball

Exercise gym balls are also a great way to improve fitness while working out at home. The exercise balls don’t take much space and can be put anywhere. They are available between $10 and $30. Exercise gym balls target abdomen, stomach, upper and lower body muscles.

Which Apartment Gym Equipment To Buy?

It really depends on your preferences. A cycling exercise machine is great for those who want to cycle and build their lower bodies. However, treadmills allow users to do sprints at home. Both are great for cardio and physical fitness.

  • Both help you lose weight
  • Both tone the muscle
  • Treadmills are high impact. They put more weight on muscle and joints. This may not be suitable for old people but it is great for those who want to make their legs strong.

That’s all for the best Apartment Sized exercise equipment for home. Let us know what you think about these in the comments below.


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