Best Dumbbells Alternatives for Workout in Home Gyms

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How comfortable are you with using dumbbells? Several people ask about dumbbells when they start their workout. Those who sign up for a gym can use dumbbells, but what about those who don’t? If you can’t purchase a set of dumbbells to accomplish your workout, thankfully, there are other options. You can use the goods you already have at your home.

But before we get to them, ask yourself, do you need dumbbell alternatives?

There are many ways to workout. Many people don’t even need boxing equipment and are fine with workout on their own. In fact, some people are so engrossed in calisthenics that they prefer it all the way. The only reason you will be looking for dumbbell alternatives is:

  • If you don’t want to train with dumbbells
  • Dumbbells are costly and you don’t want to buy them for your home
  • You are allergic to dumbbell weights or iron for that purpose
  • You can’t lift heavy weights and dumbbells are too heavy for you
  • You are looking for dumbbell alternatives that will help you improve your fitness

If you are having any of the above problems, and would like to use the best alternatives to dumbbells, then here they are:

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  1. Canned Goods with weights

Probably the best alternative to dumbbells can be the canned goods. Canned merchandise can fit into your hands perfectly. However, try to find the one that does fit in your hands well. As a beginner, you just want to fabricate your muscles. For this purpose, canned goods would function admirably just like the straightforward hand weights. You will have numerous canned goods at home. It is useful to use some heavier canned products. Or, you can also use medicine balls.

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  1. Heavy Plastic Water Bottles

Because you have a low budget, you can’t afford expensive dumbbells. So, the best alternative can be anything that is placed at your home. Get some plastic bottles filled with water. This won’t require any spending. Instead of wasting or throwing your pop jugs and plastic bottles, refill them with water. If not water, you can use sand or stones. The purpose is to produce a reasonable weight. While filling the plastic bottles, make sure to measure the weights of both the bottles, so that both of your hands lift a similar weight. So, now you have the heavy container, lift them like you would lift the dumbbells.

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  1. Packets of Rice/Flour/Cement

We are not talking about that great, heavy packets of 50kgs. Get some small, low weight packets of rice that are easy to lift as an alternative to dumbbells. If you are an amateur, this is the best alternative to dumbbells for you. Make equal bundles having a normal size. Now, you can try weight-lifting moves and bicep curls with these rice packets.

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  1. Books Bundles

Now this will take some creativity. Book bundles are by far the most appropriate dumbbell alternatives, specifically when working out at home. Find some rough books that are not in use. If you want to train both of your arms at the similar time, get the books of even weight. Try using some expansive books such as unedited lexicon. It would serve as a substantial and solitary weight.

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  1. Paint Cans

Grasp the cans containing paint by their handles. Most of the paint cans are pretty heavier compared to jars of sustenance and plastic containers. Hence, they are useful as you assemble muscle. The handles would assist you in using the jars exactly like the dumbbells. So, this is an ideal alternative to the dumbbells.

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  1. Stretch Springs/Chest Expanders

If you are not sure that any of the above equipment will suffice it, then get stretch springs for working out. You can easily get stretch springs from any shop in your area. They are a great alternative to using dumbbells and provide a full body workout.

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  1. Resistance bands

Next we have resistance bands. Resistance bands are perfect for those who won’t want to use stretch springs or cans for working out. Resistance bands are small, low cost, but effective way to exercise especially if you want dumbbell alternatives. You can even use them anywhere you want. The resistance bands are made of elastic material and come in varying ranges. You need to buy those that offer you quality toughness.

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  1. Kettle bells

You can also get kettle bells if you are looking for something heavy and similar in properties to a dumbbell. The kettle bells are perfect way to improve your fitness because they are heavy and almost the same size and weight as that of a dumbbell.

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  1. Your own body-weight

Finally, nothing is better than your own body weight. If you can lift yourself, you can lift weights that are similar to your weight and that’s fine. In fact, navy seals hardly do weight training except when they are lifting weapons, lumber, rafts, and their own backpacks that weight around 25 kgs.

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They are the best examples of toughness and physical fitness. You can do the same with your own body weight.

So, tell us which dumbbell alternative are you going to use for your physical fitness?


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