Best Times to Buy Fitness Exercise Equipment Explained

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Information available in this article is based on statistics provided by various news and fitness websites. It is a compilation and therefore the author should not be held accountable if some information is found to be inaccurate. Our purpose has always been to help fitness enthusiasts find the best workouts, and the best fitness equipment that can help them stay fit, sharp, and healthy.

Exercise is a necessity. Fitness equipment is crucial for better workouts. Therefore, investment in exercise equipment is important for improved health.

However, when it comes to buying fitness exercise equipment, many consider it as a commodity rather than an investment. The reason is simple: Most exercise equipment cost a hand and a leg. When you’re considering buying a treadmill, elliptical, indoor bike or other piece of equipment, you want to be sure you’re getting the best price for the piece of equipment you need.

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But finding the best fitness exercise equipment for your needs is just like finding a needle in a haystack. You may not always get the best discounts, nor will the quality be what you perceived of it. So, make sure you keep all these factors in mind while ordering a fitness machine, so to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Best Times to Buy Fitness Equipment

January: Best discounts

Reason: Demand is higher. More people buying because of resolution

Since January is start of the New Year, most people have made a resolution to stay fit and healthy. This is the time for them to start exercising and change the way they had been working the previous year. That is why it is always a good idea to get fitness equipment in bulk during the month.

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At the same time, you should note that fitness equipment sellers throw huge discounts to sell their product. The more they sell, the more they will be able to get rid of their store’s inventory faster.

Start of Summer Season (April or June):

Reason: Hot weatherexercising outdoors is difficult

People are buying equipment because summer season means they can easily lose weight. One more reason people buy fitness equipment during summer season is because they can’t run outdoors. The sun comes up early in the morning and it becomes too hot to go out and jog. That’s why treadmills sales are sky-high during the summer season.

Fitness exercise equipment sellers, especially the treadmill sellers, know about this. They offer tons of discounts and a lot of variety for the summer season.

November: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Reason: Black Friday deals lead to more sales

If you have missed other two months, then November is the month to buy the fitness equipment you need. The reason is simple. It is black Friday!

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This means more sales and more people will be flocking to the stores to buy products of their needs. Cyber Monday is another great day to buy fitness equipment online. All stores, including Walmart, Amazon, and others are selling fitness equipment at throwaway prices. You simply have to order the product and pay the discounted price and the product will be delivered to your house in no time.

Most fitness enthusiasts prefer to buy fitness equipment during Black Friday and Cyber Monday because of the huge discounts available on this day.

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December: Christmas Discounts

Reason: Gifts & presents

Last but not the least, most people prefer to purchase fitness exercise equipment during Christmas season. Again, this is because it is the start of the New Year and people are making resolutions for the next year. Also, sometimes people get exercise machines as a gift for their friends and family members.

When Iron/Metal Prices Drop:

Usually, every year the prices of metal and iron pieces drop. That is the right time to purchase fitness equipment. If you watch the iron ore prices of past five years, you will observe that the prices of iron ore usually drop in February each year.

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When to Buy In Bulk

It depends if you need to buy exercise machines in bulk or if you only need a small piece of equipment. However, it is always recommended to buy bigger piece of fitness equipment from reliable stores that offer complete product packaging and warranty.

Find Knowledgeable Staff

Most people prefer to buy exercise machines direct from store instead of buying it online. This is because they don’t trust the online stores. On the other hand, in a brick and mortar store, they can directly interact with other customers, and even the staff to find more information about a certain product. Obviously, this type of liberty won’t be available to them on an online store – unless livechat option is available.

The staff of the store can help you learn how to use certain fitness equipment properly. They can also inform about extended warranties and where to find a local service provider who can fix the equipment if it needed repairs done.

Testing & Trial: Fitness Equipment

Experts suggest to try the fitness equipment before buying it for your home gym. There can be many issues that you may not have noticed in the fitness equipment. But when you try it they will start to reveal themselves. Not only will it save you from stress but it will also help you avoid unnecessary revisits to the fitness machine store. Moreover, by trying different pieces of fitness exercise machines, you get to know which one will best serve you in the long-run.

Note that this is one liberty you won’t be getting when you buy the same piece of fitness exercise machines online.

Bottom-line: No matter what time of the year you buy, only purchase after you’ve had the chance to test the equipment for yourself.

Finally: When You Should Buy Immediately

PS: I am not in favor of buying anything blindly or on-spot. I prefer to take my time in learning the pros and cons of the product so to make a better decision. Of course, all decisions can be wrong but at least we can reduce the buyer’s remorse by not acting blindly.

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Coming back to the topic: When you shouldn’t wait for discounts:

  • If you want to start improving your fitness today, then you shouldn’t be waiting for the deals to arrive. Simply get started with a power tower of full-gym fitness machine. These will be around $400-$500 at max. You may not get the discount, but they will still come up as a better investment in near future.
  • When you are already paying for gym membership fees, you shouldn’t wait for the discounts. Because let’s say you are paying $100 gym membership fees per month and the machine costs $500. Even if you buy it now, you will still be saving more than you are  spending at the gym. Think about it.
  • If budget is an issue, you can always search for used fitness equipment machines for your home gym. Just make sure to test them first so to find out if they need any repairs. Most used fitness gym equipment is available for almost half the price. So, that is another way to save more while buying fitness gear.

Space Planning for Gym

Finally, before buying any type of exercise equipment, you will be paying extra attention to the space available in your house since exercise equipment can take up a significant amount of space.

Choose Your Goals for Workout

What type of equipment you buy depends on the type of exercises you want to do. For example, if you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then buying a treadmill, elliptical machine, and even a fitness bicycle will be a good idea. However, if you want to increase your muscle strength, then cables, dumbbells, kettlebells, and pulley machines will be a good idea.

Most people buy a mix of both i.e. dumbbells, pulley machines, punching bags, and treadmill machines for a complete body workout. And, for them, we have the ‘best time to buy fitness gym equipment’ table available.


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