Five Best Kids Fitness Equipment To Keep At Home

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Kids like to mimic their parents. I know because my small sister mimics me whenever I exercise. I have been bodybuilding for last 10 years and my sister who was just a toddler at that time used to watch me while exercising. At that time I kept her away because you know how exercise equipment is. It isn’t safe for kids. They can’t use it safely as it is heavy and can injure them. So, what is the work around to such a problem?

Usually small children aren’t around to lift weights. In fact, specialists recommend that children should not engage in competitive weight lifting activities. They should only focus on light resistance. For example, lifting free weights or weight resistant machines are great Kids Fitness Equipment.

Here is an excerpt from Mayo Clinic explaining this in more detail:

“During childhood, kids improve their body awareness, control and balance through active play. As early as age 7 or 8, however, strength training can become a valuable part of an overall fitness plan — as long as the child is mature enough to follow directions and practice proper technique and form.

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If your child expresses an interest in strength training, remind him or her that strength training is meant to increase muscle strength and endurance. Bulking up is something else entirely — and most safely done after adolescence, when your child has reached physical and skeletal maturity.”

With that in mind and after doing some more research on how to buy kid-safe weights that my smaller sister can easily lift, I came across rubber weights. These are heavy but they aren’t sharp and rugged like steel weights that most body builders use. They can easily be used by kids above the age of 10 years.

Teaching Small Children How to Exercise

My motto has always remained that small children should be taught to exercise from a young age. Not only it controls their anger but it also helps them cope from many other illnesses that often encompass the young ones. So, starting with basic calisthenics, I slowly started teaching my sister how to lift weights. My first focus was on kids fitness equipment that focused on weight lifting because it is easy to do. Basic weight lifting with free weights not only achieves the purpose but they give the picker more control.

While searching for weight lifting equipment for kids I came across Kid-safe exercise equipment on Amazon. There are many sellers on Amazon that make kid-size exercise equipment including kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, fitness balls, and bumper plates.

Kid-safe dumbbells ‘Neoprene’ Coated 

My first thought was to buy kids fitness equipment that is neoprene coated as I have already explained the reason above. This is because they are rubber-made, oil resistant, and offers complete cover.

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CPSC Safety Standard

Before buying any toys you need to make sure they follow the safety standard provided by CPSC. This means the toys need to be light, provide safe resistance for kids, and do not include any spindles.

While keeping these points in mind, I have made a list of the best kid-safe exercise equipment available online.

List of Best WOD Toys for Kids

Why WOD Kids Fitness Equipment? Because WOD offers a variety of kids-safe exercise equipment. It is simple to use and offers complete protection. Moreover, you can easily buy WOD toys on Amazon.

So, let’s check out what WOD toys has on offer.

1. Mini Medicine Ball Kids Fitness Equipment

The med ball is used for strength and cardio training. It is a fun way to exercise for young and adults alike. Kids can learn to do crunches, lift them, do crunches, or learn to balance themselves. In short, activities that can be performed with a medicine ball are endless.

Wod toys has made medicine balls for kids. These are light-weight, eight-inch in diameter and made of durable leather and foam. Kids can easily use them to exercise, or to play, or do whatever they want. It is available in various colors, so parents can choose one that’s liked by their children.

Check out the reviews of Kid-Safe Medicine Balls

2. Toy Barbell for Kids Fitness Equipment

Next we have kid-safe barbells. These are loved by kids of all ages. But we have used them specifically for kids over the age of five. The barbells by WOD toys are only 2.2 pounds heavy, so anyone kid can easily lift them. They are great for bench presses, squats, and biceps curls.

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The length of the barbell is three feet or almost 90 cm. It isn’t that long but enough for smaller kids. It comes with a weight set of 4 bumper plates and 2 collars. Combine them all and you have a set of 2.2 pounds. The company also offers 0.5 lbs weight plates separately. If your kids are interested in body building, weight lifting, weight exercises, then this is an ideal gift for them.

Check prices of Kid-Safe Barbells and Read More Details

3. Plyometric box Kids Fitness Equipment

Next we have plyometric (plyo) WOD toys for kids. These are beneficial for kids and adults alike. In fact, we would say that the plyometric exercises can be done by both kids and aged folks. The boards are straightforward and simple to use. Jumping  develops stronger bones and muscles, coordination, lymphatic system, core muscles and cardiovascular system. So, if your kids love to do that then getting a plyometric kids board would be a great idea.

The plyometric board by WOD toys is 5.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide. The top is covered with rubber so no sound is produced when someone jumps on it. It can easily handle weight of 50kgs. However, it is advisable that adults avoid jumping on the board.

Rubber also covers the bottom of the board. It protects you from slipping.

Get More Details of Plyometric Board

4. Mini Barbell for Kids 

Barbells are great to help kids become fit. They promote safety and fitness in a playful way. I couldn’t resist adding this WOD barbell set to the list because it is light-weight and completely harmless way to start exercising.

With this barbell set, kids can enjoy bench presses, dead lifts, overhead squats, and pullovers.

The barbell by WOD includes 1 mini barbell, 4 mini barbell bumper plates, 2 mini collars to hold them up. The barbells are for age 5 and above. The bar is three feet long and plates are seven inch in diameter. Total weight of the barbell is around 2.2 pound. However, you can buy 0.5 pound plate separately.

Get More Details of WOD Barbells for Kids

5. Trampoline With Handlebars for Kids

Another great fitness equipment for kids is the trampoline. It is perfect for parents who want their kids to remain active and healthy. Today, most kids are only engaged on YouTube or PS4. They don’t play outdoors. Because of this, most of them don’t develop strong muscles and therefore become less immune to physical and medical problems.

With the kids trampoline fitness equipment, they can easily workout while enjoying the game. The trampoline is perfect for kids over the age of 3. This means they can easily burn off energy and enjoy a fun-filled day. The trampoline comes with handle bars so that kids can grab it while jumping. It keeps them stable and safe on the trampoline kids fitness equipment.

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Should You Teach Children to Exercise?

It is important that kids and teens exercise on a regular basis. If they moderately exercie on a regular basis, they can get active and improve their overall fitness. Even doctors recommend that children exercise regularly so that they can:
– improve their immune system
– Become healthier and stronger
– Increase bone and hormonal growth
– Stay active and sharp

As you can see there are many reasons for small children to exercise on a daily basis and that’s what they should do.

On an average, 60 minutes of regular exercise is more than enough for children because they can play actively in that time.
If the children are toddlers, they can start with 120 minutes of regular exercise on a daily basis. You can even get kids fitness equipment so that children can start to exercise without worry.

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Get Started with Kids Fitness Equipment

These are some of the best WOD toys available in the market. They are perfect for kids and offer complete freedom of choice. Kids can use them even without adult supervision because they are made of plastic and neoprene fabric.

So, if you kids are mimicking you during exercise then these toys might be the answer to that. Get them their own exercise equipment so that they not only mimic you but also exercise and become healthy.

The most important thing is that these exercise accessories are way better for kids who sit in front of TV all day. As they can now engage in healthy activities just like their parents.


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