Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises to Avoid It Once & for All

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Since we’re all in quarantine, trying to avoid the corona virus, it’s safe to say that we’ve all become somewhat lazy. It’s easy to become sedentary while lounging around at home when we don’t have to leave for work or other errands. Plus, working from home can mean that you’ll stay in one place for hours at a time without getting up and walking around to stretch your body so that it stays active.

Being desk-bound can develop dead butt syndrome, which can be avoided by simple treadmill workouts. We’re sure you have many questions, such as “what is dead butt syndrome?” and “how can a treadmill cure dead butt syndrome?”. Worry not because we’re here to answer all your questions about the A to Z of Dead Butt Syndrome. 

All you need to know about Gluteal Amnesia aka Dead Butt Syndrome

Dead Butt Syndrome exercises

What Is Dead Butt Syndrome? 

Good question. Gluteal Amnesia, which is the scientific term for Dead Butt Syndrome (DBS), is developed from sitting for long periods of time. That can be from siting in your car too long if you drive a lot, sitting on your couch too long if you like to lounge around like us in this quarantine, or sitting at your desk too long if you’re working from home. 

Here is how the Dead Butt Syndrome works:

  • The gluteus medius is one of the three main muscles of the butt and it is heavily affected by lack of movement or exercise for too long. This results in DBS.
  •  When the gluteus medius stops working properly, pain can start to occur in your back or hips, even your knees and ankles. This is due to the fact that your gluteus medius is responsible for maintaining balance, so your body starts to depend on other parts of your body for balance when your gluteus medius is damaged. 
  • The Trendelenburg test is the best way to figure out if you have Dead-Butt Syndrome or not, which requires you to lift one of your legs in front of you while you stand.
  •  If the pelvis dips down where the leg is lifted, then you’re probably suffering through Dead Butt Syndrome.

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How Can A Treadmill Cure Dead Butt Syndrome?

Here is are a few Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises that you can do on a treadmill to cure it easily. These dead butt syndrome workouts not only help you get better shape but also increase strength and stamina.

Can You Put a Treadmill on Carpet - Girl on treadmill

Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises on Treadmill can effectively heal it. Source: Pexel

Daily Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises & Therapy

Physical therapists recommend engaging your glutes in activities on a daily basis and stretching your body every once in a while to reactivate your muscles. While walking on a treadmill, you can flex your body upwards to stretch your legs. 

Dead Butt Syndrome Treadmill Walking

If you’ve been sitting at your desk too long, take a small break to get up and walk around to reactivate your muscles. Treadmill workouts are the best way to make a dead butt active again. Try doing the band march on a treadmill.

Regular Sprints for Dead Butt Syndrome 

Treadmill workouts are not only great at keeping you fit and healthy, like walking and running, but they also work your muscles in just the right way to make sure you don’t become inactive and develop DBS problem. 

Weighted Dumbbell Walks

Gorilla walks or weighted dumbbell walks on a treadmill machine is another way of curing Dead Butt Synrome (DBS) fast. So, try to start weighted workouts on your treadmill machine. Weighted walks on the treadmill help you keep your glutes active the most and will wake your muscles right up. 

Gorilla workouts are a surefire way to cure dead butt syndrome. Source: Pexel

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Gorilla Walks

You may be unsure what gorilla walks actually are. Consider how a gorilla walks in real life. That’s what you will be doing on a treadmill machine.

Gorilla walks are quite like weighted dumbbell exercises that you perform on a treadmill machine. You just have to wear a stretch band between your legs and walk on the treadmill. The pressure from the resistance band will make it uneasy to walk. But that’s the purpose of these resistance bands. They will give you more strength so that you can cure the dead butt syndrome faster.

How To Move Like A Monkey - Vahva Fitness

Source: Vahva fitness

Turn Treadmill Off & Walk

For this one, all you have to do is turn your treadmill off. Yes, you read that right. Turning off your treadmill and then walking on it will make sure that all the pressure is put onto your glutes. That will help you avoid DBS in a foolproof way and also give your glutes great shape! You need to make sure that your treadmill doesn’t get damaged if you turn it off and walk on it. Most modern treadmill machines are designed in such a way that they can easily work even if turned off. Of course, they won’t provide the rolling movement to you but, walking on a treadmill while it is turned off will not damage the motor.

Young Woman Jogging on Treadmill

Hip Thrusts

First of all lie down and then put your butt upwards as some one is pulling you up with a rope wrapped around your tummy. Put your hands behind you on the ground, butt on floor and feet flat, tighten butt.

Hold this pose for five seconds, repeat.

For a tougher workout, place shoulders on a bench instead of the ground this will make it unbalanced and allow you to exert more force with the butt.

Source: triathlete

Hip Thrusts & Glute Bridges: How To Do Them & 20+ Variations

The above image shows the harder hip thrusts exercise with weighted bench.

Ready to Avoid Dead Butt Syndrome for Good?

Now that you know how to avoid dead butt syndrome with treadmill workouts, you can keep your body active on the treadmill without having to do any heavy workout rituals. Dead butt syndrome is no good for your body, so why not get out of that sedentary quarantine rut and keep yourself fit and healthy on a simple treadmill?

FAQs about Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises

1. Can you cure dead butt syndrome with exercise?

It depends. Yes you can cure dead butt syndrome with exercise but that is not always true. Sometimes your cells have stopped working, in such cases you will need medication and sometimes operation.
But in most cases mild syndromes can be easily cured through exercise and treadmill workouts like the one we have shared above.

2. Can exercise avoid dead butt syndrome?

Yes. Exercises are a great way of keeping our bodies active. We don’t play outdoor games when we grow old. We are always sitting on a desk 9 to 5 and sometimes even more time. This makes the body stiff, stagnant, and weak. Exercises bring in the much needed energy our bodies need to stay active. That’s why exercises can easily avoid dead butt syndrome.

3. What are the side effects of Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises?

Nothing. Exercises have no side effects and Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises are a great way for people to cure this problem with the help of nature. Instead of expensive medicines they can use the Dead Butt Syndrome workouts to get better gradually and improve the condition of their back and butt. The dead butt problem occurs when people sit too much and become motionless for more time. If the syndrome has just started to expand the Dead Butt Syndrome Exercises are a sure way to cure it for good.

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