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How to Add Weights To Your Treadmill Workouts

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Learn how to add weights to your treadmill workouts. We will be discussing what type of weights to get for treadmill; where are these treadmill workouts available; how can you get them for cheap online.

The treadmill workout is a popular trend to get fit and healthy. It increases your stamina and helps you get in shape. But, the treadmill workout is usually done for lower and mid-body strength. It has absolutely no impact on the upper body. Therefore, you should add weights to your treadmill workout. It will not only maximize your time but it will also increase your upper, lower, and middle body strength.

Combat Punch Walk 1 Dumbbell Treadmill - YouTube

Combat training on treadmill with dumbbells: Source: YouTube

Need a Treadmill Machine?

Best Ways to Add Weights To Treadmill Workouts

Here are some of the in which you can add weights to your treadmill workout aka Treadmill Walking With Dumbbells.

  • Attach weights to your ankles. In this way, your ankles are glued to weights while you walk on the treadmill. 
  • Carrying dumbbells in your hands. In this way, you hold dumbbells while you are in motion on the treadmill.
  • Wearing a Weighted vest on your belly. In this way, there is a weighted vest attach to your body while you walk on the machine 
  • Wear a weighted bag on your back while your run on the treadmill machine
  • Wear a weighted chain with dumbbell or barbell plates
  • Holding weight plates in your hand while you run on the treadmill machine (make sure that you only lift the weight that you can handle)

PS: Some of these ways of holding weight while working out on the treadmill machine can be dangerous. So, make sure that you have some one looking after you. Or, you have a place where you can keep the dumbbells so that you can easily switch off the treadmill machine without falling.

In the end, it is more important that you are safely exercising on the treadmill machine rather than lifting weights more than your actual capacity. .

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Treadmill Walking With Dumbbells. Source: Active Times

Need a Treadmill Machine Weights?

How Many Weights for Treadmill Machine?

Most people will start lifting heavy weight when they are running on the treadmill. But this is the wrong approach. You should lift only 5 kgs of weight (in each hand) when running on the treadmill machine.

Short answer: 5 kgs to 10 kgs weights are enough for treadmill machine running.

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You can lift more if you are comfortable but make sure that your treadmill machine allows that.

Check the treadmill manual and see what weight limits it supports. If you are already 90kgs and you lift 20 kgs weight (10kgs in each hand), and the weight limit on the treadmill is 100kgs then it will do more harm than good.

So, make sure that you only stay within the weight limit prescribed by the treadmill manufacturers.

Treadmill Weighted Walking With Dumbbells

Here are some of the best ways to add weights to your treadmill workouts and reap the most benefit from them.

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Benefits of Using Weights with Treadmill Machine

Maximizes Efficiency, Builds Strength

Holding dumbbells or attaching weights to your ankles while you run on a treadmill is quite popular. It means that you are maximizing your time and efficiency by doing an intense workout because carrying or attaching weights , while you run, is quite a difficult task and as a result, you gain more in a short time. 

Builds Upper-Body Strength

Treadmill work out is generally done for cardio but adding dumbbells to your treadmill exercise helps in gaining upper body strength. The dumbbells put stress on your chest, arms, and hands. In this way, the upper body gets pressurized and slowly it gets used to it. Thus, your body gains strength. But, if you are heavyweight it is recommended that you should not use weights while being on the treadmill; otherwise, you might get injured.

Helps with Weight Loss 

During a treadmill walking with dumbbells session, you will certainly lose more calories due to one important reason and that is, it is not easy to walk with weights attached to your body. It makes you put more effort into walking, and putting more effort means burning more calories.  

Improves Your Posture

If you want to improve your posture, add weights to your treadmill exercise. It reduces the back pain and straightens your curved back. Lifting weights during your workout strengthens your back and shoulder which is paramount for straight posture. Moreover, It also broadens your chest. 

Builds Lower Body Endurance

When you are exercising every day on a treadmill without using weight, you might increase lower body endurance levels but your upper body will remain powerless. So, it is better for both parts of your body to have strength. Therefore, you need to add weights to your treadmill training session. 

Gain More Muscle

When you lift weights while you are in motion, you get resistance from your arms. This resistance, in return, builds muscles because when you lift dumbbells it breaks your muscle fibers and creates tears in them. After a few hours, your muscles start to build against these tears, and in this way, you start to make your muscles bigger and better.

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Starting Treadmill Walking With Dumbbells/Weights?

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while working out on the treadmill with weights.

  1. First is that you should never over lift dumbbells.
  2. Secondly, start with the lowest possible weight.
  3. Third, always make sure that you are not in a rush; otherwise, you might get yourself injured.
  4. Fourth, do not lift heavy weights if you can not lift them,
  5. Sixth, always be calm while you are exercising. Do not overdo things. You will surely reap the benefits after some time.

Follow these workout ethics while working on a treadmill to get the most benefit.

We hope you liked this article on weights for treadmill workouts. If you have something to add to this article, please contact us. Or, if you want to publish a guest post on our website and you have an interesting topic in mind, we are always available to hear about that.

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