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Can You Put a Treadmill on Carpet In Indoor Gym?

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Can you put a treadmill on the carpet? Or you should purchase a treadmill mat? Can you install a treadmill on the rough floor without applying any carpet or mat?

If you are also searching these queries on search engines, it means either you have purchased a treadmill or perhaps you are looking to get one.

If this be so, let us provide you with some preconditioned knowledge about putting a treadmill on the carpet, its pros and cons, and other alternatives to keep your treadmill reliable and safe from any serious harm.

Normally, people opt for home carpets to install a treadmill because a carpet is cost effective or even most of the time free of cost as usually people have carpets available at homes.

Moreover, a carpet can also prevent your expensive floors e.g. tiled or marble floor from scratches and can help reduce the vibration of the inside motor

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Sounds perfect right?

But gym experts have other aspects to say as well.

They claim installing a treadmill on a regular carpet has more disadvantages and only fewer benefits in the long run.

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Carpet – A Risk factor for Treadmills

A carpet is considered less helpful and more damaging to your treadmill because of the following reasons:

  • A carpet catches dust and dirt more often because of its fiber
  • The dust particles can shorten the life of motor inside the treadmill
  • It can damage the inner mechanism of your treadmill
  • You more often need to lubricate its mechanical parts to prevent serious damage
  • It requires weekly if not daily maintenance
  • The heavy weight of the treadmill can spoil the beauty of the carpet

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Therefore, it is not a recommended piece of helping equipment by gym professionals and fitness enthusiasts for installing a heavy treadmill as the priority.

Saving your money is acceptable to some extent but obviously, you do not want to damage your fitness equipment too.

When a person can spend a heavy amount to purchase a treadmill why not add a little more amount to purchase a treadmill mat?

Isn’t it right?

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Treadmill Mat – An Alternative to Carpet

Purchasing a durable and standard treadmill mat does the following benefits to your treadmill machine:

  • It comes in different shapes from 50-inch x 7 feet and 52” x 7.5 feet
  • It can easily absorb noisy vibrations
  • It creates high resistance and more bearable to weight without getting ripped  
  • A mat keeps dust particles from getting into the motor and other parts
  • Because of its rubber flexibility, it will prevent even your tiled floor from scratches
  • It can prolong the life of a treadmill

It is not a headache to decide which rubber mat to purchase as the modern branded treadmills come with befitting mats adjustable to every type of space and floor.

Furthermore, custom rubber mats are also available in the markets which are budget oriented and can adjust to any kind of gym equipment and are suitable for any space whether at home or at the gym.

However, apart from the aforementioned reasons, exceptions are always there.

You might be a pocket money dependent buddy and thus have spent the entire amount to purchase a treadmill.

Yes Carpets Can Help Reduce Noise

If it is not a problem for you that your carpet gets minor damages, then putting your treadmill on a carpet can be the finest solution to avoid the noisy vibration of the motor.

Though this aspect requires ensuring some follow up safety measures:

  • You have to promise yourself to take care of it
  • Making a weekly maintenance chart for your treadmill
  • Do lubrication to mechanical parts whenever required including under the belt so that the treadmill runs smoothly and without producing excessive noise
  • Buying a treadmill mat in the long-run that can help you reduce noise, improve workouts and also save your carpet from rust, lubricant oil, and excessive damage from the treadmill machine.

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We hope we have answered your query about ‘can you put a treadmill on a carpet’. If you have a different opinion about our answer, or if you would like to add anything to it, please let us know in the comments below or simply contact us!

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