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Getting an affordable folding treadmill with an innovative design is a miracle these days. A fitness machine such as FUNMILY can provide an epic workout routine to fitness enthusiasts and music lovers. The design includes a large folding desk along with a Smart LCD and Bluetooth speaker that delivers a fun experience to its users.

Let’s take a look at Funmily’s pros and cons, features, and specifications to evaluate whether or not it is useful for home workouts. See the complete review guide below.

Pros of Funmily Workout Treadmill

Stunning Display

The Funmily workout treadmill possesses one of the biggest displays with a large desktop having a size of approximately 9” X 24”. It’s easier to have a fun experience by placing the device on the holder and watching a movie while working out. Also, the integrated Bluetooth system and FitShow app are ideal for people who love both music and workout. The multifunctional display also shows fitness stats such as time, date, calories, and more.

Innovative Design

Overall, the Funmily treadmill has an innovative folding design for convenience as it saves time and storage. The design also includes transportation wheels for people to move the equipment from one place to another without any hassle. Moreover, it offers easy assembling and takes not more than 10 minutes to assemble the whole treadmill.

Strong and Quiet

The machine also offers a super-quiet experience to its users as it has a 2.25 HP motor allowing them to adjust different modes and speed range. The users can enjoy 12 preset programs for more than 60 minutes without any interruptions or noise from the outside world. It offers smooth running or walking in a peaceful atmosphere.


For maximum safety, the Funmily exercise machine offers a wide non-slip running belt and cushion system that protects the knees and absorbs impacts. With a three-level manual incline, the equipment provides exceptional safety and comfort to its users while adjusting the levels during a run or walk. It also has an Auto-stop safety key to stop the treadmill during an emergency.

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Cons of Funmily Workout Treadmill

Slow Speed

The one and only drawback of the Funmily workout treadmill is its slow speed. It has a speed range of 0.5 to 7.5 mph which is slow for people who prefer heavy workouts or intensive running. Hence, the speed limits the efficiency of the overall fitness equipment.

Features of Funmily Workout Treadmill

12-Preset Programs – It comes with a free FitShow app for intensity training and also offers personalized coaching by adding 12 preset programs to provide various functions. 

Powerful Motor – It possesses an ultra-quiet machine with 2.25 HP and a top speed of 7.5 MPH to reduce distortion or noise around the area.

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Multi-control Buttons– This treadmill has multi-control buttons for adjusting the speed, incline, and angle. It also includes a safety stop button to stop the equipment at any time. 

Versatile LCD Display – The main feature of this fitness machine is the ability to display correct fitness stats such as time, calories, distance, etc. It also has a built-in USB and Bluetooth system to stream music while connecting the device. 

Innovative Folding System – It has a unique feature and an innovative hydraulic folding system that allows easy folding and unfolding of the machine while occupying less storage and time. 

Premium Running Belt – The design of this treadmill equipment also includes a wide running belt with seven-layer composition to provide durability and longevity.

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Specifications of Funmily Workout Treadmill

Product FUNMILY Treadmill
Price $499 approx.
Folding Dimension 200L*600W*1260H
Running Surface 1000*420MM
Max User Weight 265LBS
Assembled Dimension 1260L*600W*1045H
Speed and Motor Power 0.5-7.5mph and 2.25HP 
Comfort and Technology FitShow App, 12 preset programs, LCD Display, Bluetooth System, Wide Running Belt 


THE FINAL VERDICT: Should You Buy Funmily Workout Treadmill?

It’s quite exhausting to find a durable and lasting treadmill in the market suitable for adults, teenagers, and children. When it comes to purchasing a versatile treadmill for a whole family, the Funmily exercise machine is the best for home use. It has a strong motor and tech-savvy functions to fulfill the needs of every modern user.

Further, you can connect your smartphones, iPad, USB, and Bluetooth devices to enjoy your favorite music while working out. Whether you choose to run or walk, you can fold or unfold the equipment easily in just 10 minutes and move it anywhere you want through the wheels. 

Although it doesn’t offer much speed, it does have 12-preset programs for intensive workouts and a 3-level incline for adjusting the inclination. Overall, it’s a good and unique addition to your fitness equipment list. The best part about this treadmill is its cheap price and more benefits compared to other treadmill machines. 

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a cost-friendly and efficient treadmill to save your money, the Funmily folding treadmill is hands down the best one for you!

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