Why Use Treadmill for Home? Advantages, Pros, & Cons

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A treadmill is a crucial equipment to get physical fitness and get in shape at home. Nobody has time to get jogs in the park. And, importantly, parks don’t even exist anymore. That’s where treadmill machines helps users achieve a level of fitness through home gym equipment.

But that’s just one advantage of using a treadmill. Let’s learn in complete detail about why treadmills are important for home gym and why you need one at your home.

Treadmill Pros & Cons Explained

We decided to be impartial while explaining the pros and cons of treadmill workout machines. So, we have provided both the benefits and the drawbacks. This will help you learn about treadmill machines and make an aware decision for your next purchase.

Let’s learn what are the cons and pros of owning a treadmill at home.

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Pros of a Treadmill Machine

Let’s discuss the pros and advantages of a treadmill machine first.

Value for Money

Let’s say you want to lose weight but don’t know how to do that. Instead of visiting a skin doctor to get them to cut your fat or a nutritionist, you can simply get a treadmill and start work out on it. A treadmill machine not only makes you look lean but it also cuts off the excessive fat from your body.

Now guess how much you are saving? On an average you will be saving quite a lot of amount. Because the treadmill machine will cost you only $200 on an average. While, the doctor’s or the nutritionist’s fees alone will be $50 per visit. You will not be losing any weight in less than 10 visits. So the total amount will be more than $500.

Why not simply get a treadmill machine and workout then?

Almost No Maintenance Cost

The best advantage of a treadmill machine is that you don’t have to spend anything on its maintenance. Many treadmill machines are self-maintained if you clean them and lubricate them on a regular basis. And, even then, some treadmill machines won’t even need lubrication on a regular basis.

The second point to note here is that treadmill machines don’t cost a lot to run. You may need to pay the electricity charge for using the treadmill machine but that’s it. There is no more cost involved in the treadmill maintenance.

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And, it is rarely that you will have to change the belt of the treadmill. Some treadmill machines are available with spare replacement parts. So, you won’t even need to buy anything. You can replace the treadmill belt by yourself because they include a manual explaining everything from start to end.

Perfect Workout Partner

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Treadmill machines are undoubtedly the best workout partner you will need. Whether you don’t want to go to gym or just need a small workout to get your brain running, you can get that done through the treadmill workout machines. Almost all manual and electric treadmill machines can be used for fitness workouts. You can take sprints, do jogs, or simply walk with the machine – it all depends on your needs.

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Cons Of treadmill machines

Now it is time to discuss the cons if various treadmill machines.

Models Phase Out fast

One problem with various treadmill machines is that the models phase out pretty fast. You have bought a Nordic treadmill machine, or a bowflex treadmill machine. The model will phase out in just three years. Some better models can be used for 8-12 years depending on how often and intensively you use it.

A low cost treadmill machine of price of $200 to $500 will phase out in 3 years. However, if you purchase one for $1200, and it will work for 10 years or even more.

But on a second thought, even if the model phase out, it isn’t much of a problem. Because you can always get replacement parts for them and these treadmill machines will work fine in your home gym.

Take Some Space

Unlike dumbbells and kettlebells, treadmill machines take space. You can’t just put them anywhere. They have running machinery in them and they require at least 8 feet of length and 3 feet of width so that you can run efficiently. If the space is small, you won’t be comfortable in running on them. They will also become a safety hazard.

But the benefit is that you can always buy a compact treadmill that has a small running area.

Hence, before buying one always check out the specifications of the product to know if you will have enough space.

People don’t think treadmills are effective

Many people think treadmills are not effective in helping them lose weight. Well this is just an opinion of these people and it has nothing to do with reality. Experts say that running is the best way to get a lean body and lose weight and treadmills can be a lot of help for that.

Running is proved to be the most beneficial exercise. It keeps helps you get a strong cardiovascular system, lose weight and keep your body and mind healthy.

If you have to choose between a rowing machine, a home gym, or a treadmill, we would go for a treadmill + dumbbells + punching bag. These combined will offer you a perfect workout.

List of treadmill workouts that you can start today!

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