Disassemble Proform 785 Cardio Treadmill At Home

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Like many of the treadmills, the Proform 785 Treadmill also carries a walking platform that has a walking belt attached to it. Both the platform and the belt are housed between foot rails. Also attached to foot rails and the frame of the walking platform are the perpendicularly risen handrails, connected through the use of base mounts. Also connected to the handrails is the console. Since the Proform 785 Treadmill by default comes with the walking belt already attached to the walking platform, the best way to start disassembling it is to begin by taking off the console.

Next thing is to detach the handrails. Once the handrails are off, we need to undo the base mounts from the frame. If the whole disassembling thing is done right, you shall end up with four separate pieces of the Proform 785 Treadmill.

Review of Proform 785 Treadmill

A great workout machine for runners who like to run indoors. The Proform 785 machine is perfect for the size and grit. it offers flexible options with around four feet room for easy movement. The machine can further be angled vertically or work horizontally, both at the same levels. It isn’t made for rookies. Those who are really serious about running and worry about their fitness should try the Proform 785 Treadmill.

It also offers complete joint protection with its cushioned chain assembly and belt. it comes with an EKG grip pulse monitor to easily monitor heartbeat. The display panel shows the distance you have walked, your heartbeat, and the speed at which you walk.

It is completely silent and anyone who is looking for a silent treadmill for small home should go for it.

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How to Disassemble or Take apart Proform 785 iSeries Treadmill

Let’s go a bit more into detail to the make the disassembling process more easier and clearer.

Step 1

To start, set up the treadmill in an inclined position and bring it down to the lowest possible level. Once you lower it, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet on the wall.

Step 2

Now locate the frame guide. Look at the left side of the walking platform, it should be there. Once located, start unscrewing it from the frame guide and separate it from the walking platform.

Step 3

Reach for the console next. Find the screws keeping the console connected to the handrails. Undo those screws to take it off from the handrails and put the console away.

Step 4

Trace the handrails and locate where they connect with the base mounts. The handrails are connected to the base mounts with the help of a few large screws. To take the handrails off you need to unscrew them from the base mounts. After unscrewing them lift them up to take them out of the base mounts. The handrails have now been separated.

Step 5

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While disconnecting the handrails you may have seen that the base mounts are bolted on to the frame of the walking platform. Detaching them is next. Simply unscrew the bolts on the base mounts to take them apart. Taking the base mounts off should bring you a lot closer to your disassembling task.

Step 6

Look carefully at the end of the walking platform and you should see the bolts that are holding the walking belt of the Proform 785 Treadmill in place on its rollers. Remove the bolts to take off the walking belt. When the belt is off, you can undo the rollers and take them apart as well.

Step 7

We are almost done. Only the walking platform remains that needs to be deconstructed to complete the disassembly process. Just find the screws of the frame that are holding the walking platform in place. Unscrew these screws to set the walking platform free from its frame. You may need to lift it up a bit to separate the two.

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List of Replacement Parts for Proform 785 Treadmill

Elliptical Rollers: You can easily get Proform 785 treadmill elliptical rollers replaced if they go bad.

Belt: Proform belt can be replaced by following the manual available on the internet.

Bike Adapter: Bike adapter often goes bad because of electricity fluctuations. You can easily get it replaced on Amazon.

Display Unit: Display unit is used to measure Proform 785 Treadmill heartbeat, speed, and distance. It rarely gets corrupted. But you can easily get it replaced with spare display units of Proform 785 treadmill iSeries.

Incline Lift Motor: The Proform 785 iSeries lift motor is also available as a spare on many online websites.

Control board: Control board manages the overall working of the electrical processes of Proform 785 iSeries.

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There you have it. Your Proform 785 Treadmill is completely disassembled and ready to be taken away or moved to another place. Here is a small tip to help you get the job done though. Get a friend to help you with the project as some parts are quite heavy and can cause injury if dropped on self. You can also damage the equipment if you try to do the whole process yourself. Besides two people can get it done quicker than a single person.


That’s it. If your Proform 785 iSeries Treadmill is faulty, or not working properly, then it is better to disassemble it at home and take a look.

Some parts of the Proform iSeries machine can be replaced easily by hand. If you want to know more about replacing parts for the treadmill, check them out at Amazon.

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