Best Treadmill Machine For Home Use – Quora Users Say?

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Most people are searching for the best treadmill for their home. They search everywhere just to find the perfect design of the treadmill. Sometimes these treadmill machines are heavily priced, sometimes they don’t offer the right type of functionality, and sometimes they are just not what the user wants.

So, we decided to find some of the best treadmill machines available online. There is no place like Quora to get an idea about what the majority of the users like. So, we decided to use Quora to source this article. 


As a potential buyer, you would be looking for answers to these questions:

  • What things to consider when buying a treadmill?
  • Should I go ahead with a manual treadmill or a motor-driven one
  • Am I looking for a treadmill just for jogging or I want to take sprints on it as well?
  • What horsepower rating of the motor would suit my needs?
  • Which product would serve my fitness goals, as per my requirements?

You won’t find answers to all these questions because no reviewer in the market has tried all treadmills. However, you can get some information about everything. Hopefully that will help you make an aware decision about your next big purchase i.e. best treadmill machine for home.

A few points to note…

  • DC motor treadmills are good for home use. Get a treadmill according to maximum user weight. If weight is less than 100 Kg than 1.5 to 2.5 HP motor treadmill is good.
  • Rest automatic inclination, music input, Pre-set programs, hydraulic folding and most important post sales service are good for measuring your progress.
  • Focus on treadmill machines that offer a full body workout like Exerpeutic TF900

Factors To Consider While Buying a Treadmill Machine

One of the best alternatives to running outside is a treadmill machine. It offers complete work life balance and help the person stay healthy and strong.

Factors for Buying Treadmill Machine:

· Cost

· Health goals

· Motor and horsepower

· Features

· Brand

· Warranty

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Here is a list of the best treadmill machines you can find.

List of Best Treadmill Machines [Quora]

We scavenged Quora and came to these 5 top treadmill machines. They aren’t just the best because of their designs, but they offer many more qualities to the users.  Let’s take a look at each treadmill in detail.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is the space saving treadmill perfect for burning calories in less time. It comes with comfortable cushioning and 2-position incline providing intensive workout. It has 6-built-in trainer workout programs which will guide you towards your fitness goals. These programs are designed by certified personal trainers to ensure healthy workout. It is equipped with an easy pulse sensor which monitors your heart rate.Moreover, It has a blue tinted LCD display where you can track your progress easily.


The Sportstech F10 Treadmill

The sportstech F10 treadmill workout machine comes with a space saving foldable design having various professional grade and innovative features like smartphone app control, bluetooth connectivity, and pulse monitor etc. It has 1 Hp motor which is sturdy and creates less noise. The console is equipped with a tablet and drink holder and a bright LCD display where you can monitor your progress every time. Thanks to the app control through which you can control your treadmill from any smart device. Moreover, it as built-in 12 workout programs and 1 user based program which will guide you during the exercise. The 3-step manually adjustable incline provides you with a more intensive exercise.



Healthgenie Drive 4012M Treadmill

Healthgenie Drive 4012M is equipped with a 2.0 HP powerful motor which creates lesser noise and offers speed upto 1 to 14 Km/Hr. The machine is claimed to be perfect for home use. It is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. IPAD & Mobile / Tablet holder are also there in order to make you exercise along with the entertainment.LED display will you to keep a record of your workout backed by mp3 speakers, aux port and aux cable as well. It also offers 12 pre-set programs to guide you through out the workout.


Reebok one GT40 Motorized Treadmill

The Reebok GT40 treadmill comes with various advanced features providing a good value for the money you spent.It offers 16 pre-set programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is equipped with a powerful 2 Hp motor with 16kph speed offering 12-levels of incline. It is also equipped with mp3 input and built-in speakers entertaining you while exercising. The 7’’ inch LCD display shows your progress anytime you want.


REACH T-700 Motorized Treadmill

REACH T-700 treadmill is famous for its most comfortable deck properly cushioned which is also recommended by the doctors. It has a 3 HP powerful motor and automatic incline of 0-15%. It has one-touch hydraulic folding mechanism which distinguishes it from the peers.  It comes with an LCD display showing calories, speed, heart rate, distance and speed etc and also Music speakers to keep you entertained during the exercise. The machine can bear upto 120Kgs of user weight.


Techno Gym My Run Motorized Treadmill

This treadmill has a unique interactive musical system that plays song according to your running rhythm. It has proximity sensors that help consuming lesser power as it only turns on when you reach the machine. The unique surface adds more value to it as t adapts to the way you run.



The best treadmill machine is the one that offers the features you need to workout. Everyone will have a different preference when it comes to buying a quality treadmill workout machine for themselves. A few factors that will heavily influence the choice of your treadmill machine are your body weight, height, medical problem, choice of sport, and usage preferences. The treadmill machines we have provided above are not the best but some of the finest available on Quora. Check these machines out for yourself.


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