Bowflex Home Gym Equipment: Pros, Cons, & Advantages

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Bowflex home gym equipment is one of the most powerful home gym machine in the world. It is perfect for strength training and helps people build strength and muscles at home without worry. Users can choose from a wide range of home gym exercises to improve their body. With the bowflex workout machine, they can get the most price/value ratio.

But, bowflex machines aren’t all-perfect. They also have their drawbacks and in this article we are going to discuss all these drawbacks.

So, let’s start discussing the pros, cons and advantages of Bowflex home gym equipment and see if it is worth the purchase.

Pros of Bowflex Home Gym

1. Multiple Exercises Possible

One of the first reasons to choose Bowflex workout machine is that it allows multiple workouts through a single machine. This wasn’t possible with other machines. You can even do chest, triceps, biceps, lats/wings, and even legs workout with the bowflex home gym workout machine. You can target multiple muscle groups to increase your muscle mass and get a solid body frame.

The workouts are not only beneficial for growing and but also toning your muscles. It wouldn’t be wrong to call the Bowflex workout, a single machine for all workouts.

Bowflex home gym machines are a single machine home gym. We will be discussing the features of Bowflex PR1000 as it is available online. You can purchase one from Amazon for a healthy workout. As of writing of this article, Bowflex workout machine supports 30 exercises.

2. Double Your Weight with Power Rods

Power rods help you lift more weight and you don’t waste time in adding weights to the plate. The power rods contain all the necessary weights you will need at a single place.

This type of workout gym is also called as weight stack gym and it is a much more convenient option for the users. These power rods have minimum friction and allow users to add additional weights to stack in a single go.

With the power rod technology, you can benefit from Bowflex home gyms much more effectively and increase the weight you usually lift. They also allow you to increase the resistance level with the swipe of a single steel pin and your training continues seamlessly.

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Bowflex PR1000 offers 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity. This is enough for an average person as they don’t lift weights heavier than this. However, you can upgrade the models if you intent to lift more weight. This can be done with the help of additional rods to make your training harder.

Also, the bowflex power rod resistance is a great way to develop muscle mass as you cannot drop the weights and have to put the plats back properly – increase your endurance and patience.

3. Offers Complete Legs Workout

Most home gym workout machines only offer upper body workout. But that isn’t the case with bowflex workout machines. Almost all Bowflex PR series machines offer leg workouts. The Bowflex PR1000 leg workouts are of basic level but if you want to go a little advance, you can always get more resistance bands and supplement it with kettlebells. A complete list of Bowflex leg workouts are available on this blog. You can use these with Bowflex workout machine to help target your hamstrings, quadriceps, inner thighs, hips and calf muscles.

Most bowflex workout machines come with leg curl/extensions, however, you can even do squats with Blaze, Extreme, and Xceed variants.

4. Tune-Up with Rowing Exercises

The best part about buying a bowflex machine is that you can easily do rowing exercises for chest, lats, and triceps. Rowing is also considered one of the finest cardio exercises to work all your muscles. They help burn fat, develop lean body, and double muscle mass. With Bowflex, you won’t even need a separate rowing machine for your full body workout. A few rowing exercises possible with the bowflex exercise equipment are on this blog.

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5. Compact & Comfortable – Foldable Design

The bowflex workout equipment comes with numerous functions that allow you to use the machine in even a small space. It has almost negligible footprint and takes less than 4 square foot space. It is better if you place it either in the garage or in the basement because that way you can use it without disturbing anyone else.

Bowflex PR1000 and Bowflex Blaze variants are foldable and require even less space when folded.

6. Perfect for the Price

The basic Bowflex model PR1000 is around 500 dollars. This is an average price for home gym equipment everywhere. But the good part is that you won’t have to buy an yearly gym membership fees. Normal gym fees for a year is around $1000. So, you are saving at least $500 by investing in a bowflex workout machine.

I personally like the Bowflex PR1000 basic variant because it is light on the pocket and offers many more additional features to pump my whole body.

Considering the gym prices, the ROI you get from them, and the accessibility and comfort a home gym equipment provides, I think these home gym machines are a clear winner.

 Cons of Bowflex Home Gym

Before you go and purchase Bowflex home gym equipment, hold your horses. As they also have some cons that need mentioning here. This will allow you to make a much more aware purchase decision.

1. Rod Upgrades Require Money

You don’t get the maximum number of rods with bowflex workout machines. The power rods upgrade package require at least an additional 100 dollars. Though not everyone needs these resistance rods but for those who need them, they will have to give extra money for them. I personally don’t consider this a cons but for some it can become a problem. So, I have added it here.

2. Resistance is too weak for tough guys

For those who have been lifting weights all their lift, they think that the resistance is not enough. The machine has a total weight lifting capacity of 210 lbs. This is too low for an experienced body builder. Even with power rods, the weight capacity will increase to 300lbs. Experience weight lifters lift even more weight than this.

So, Bowflex machines are not for suitable for weight lifters that are trying to lift more than 300lbs weight. Perhaps buying kettle-bells or dumbbells to complement the Bowflex workouts will be a good idea for seasoned bodybuilders.

3. Limited Workouts Possible

While the Bowflex workout machines are great, they offer only a few limited workouts for the users. They do build massive strength in the body. But due to limited workouts, body builders trying to compete in national championships will need more equipment for improving their physique.

They can get free weights, power racks, Olympic weight sets and adjustable dumbbells to supplement their workout routines.

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Our Verdict

Bowflex home gyms are perfect fit for all those who don’t have time to visit a regular gym. Not only do these fitness machines save them time but offer full-body workout in minimal price possible.

With these home gym machines, you can get a stunning body in no time. They will help you become strong, get in shape, and acquire a lean body that can compete any serious body building enthusiast.



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