Best Punching Bag Gloves – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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If you are using best heavy bag gloves to stay in shape you will need gloves that can take the hit and protect your hands from rugged surface of the bag. The heavy punching bags are made of special material that has rugged edges unsuitable for naked knuckles. That’s why using protection is a must thing while dabbling with heavy bags.

The heavy punching bags condition the upper body and toughens the wrists. If you do not wear the right gloves, you can end up with severe abrasions and even wrist injuries that will sideline you for a good number of days. Knowing this, there are some pretty decent gloves for punching bags made to support the hands. These punching bag gloves are supportive, long lasting and durable.

Below is a list of top five heavy punching bag gloves to buy in the market today.

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List of Best Heavy Bag Gloves & Reviews:

This list will help you find the best heavy bag gloves for home gym boxing workout, and for outdoor fitness workout. Read the reviews of the finest gloves for heavy bag exercises online.

Contender Fight Sports Pro Punching Bag Gloves 

First in our list is the Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Glove set. The gloves only weigh a pound but are made of durable material. When you wear them, you feel the difference in motion. The design is simple but the construction is thick and feels long lasting. These contender fighting gloves are used by athletes and beginner sports fanatics alike. They are low-cost, effective and durable.


  • Best for muay thai and fitness training
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Padded cuffs provide low-impact while hitting the bag

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Everlast Pro Style Bag Training Gloves 

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are made for professional fighters. These gloves are made of ultra-light, sweat resistant fabric that doesn’t break easily. Further, the gloves are pretty easier to adjust on hands and they feature the thumblok feature that lets users position their thumb the right way to avoid any damage to the fingers.

The fighting gloves by Everlast are available in multiple sizes with full padding and shock absorbency forms. Moreover, if you feel like it, you can use these gloves in real training on the boxing floors with friends, instead of just the boxing bag. Because they have soft edges, with proper gear, they can be used in dummy fights as well.


  • Thumblok feature
  • Front padding for distributed impact

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Harbinger 320 Punching Bag Gloves 

Next in our list is the Harbinger 320 best heavy bag gloves with wrist wraps. The gloves have ultra-light foam padding and extra protection for hands. Moreover, these gloves allow the user to perform a range of wrist motions. Because these have sweat resistance, the person doesn’t get sweaty hands while punching. The gloves are recommended for heavy bag punching, martial-arts one-on-one combats and many other ways of close combat training.

The harbinger company has patented the WristWrap that provides stable wrist pressure on impact during the punch. The gloves are padded on the front side with slits on the joints, allowing the user easy hand movements.

The cushioned palm absorbs shock and allows effective protection to knuckles from abrasions and scratches.

These gloves are reasonably priced on Amazon.

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Everlast Train Advanced Punching Bag Gloves

Next best heavy punching bag gloves are the Everlast Train Advanced WristWrap Heavy Bag Gloves. The gloves are 18-inch hook and loop with wrist straps and tri-sect closure that allows extra support. Further, they have Durafoam curved padding which allows extra protection while punching.

These have natural fist position that has reinforced finger loops and anatomical thumb padding. The company has tried to make no compromise on mobility. The Everlast lining absorbs sweat and smell. These gloves weigh 1.3 lbs. From a fighter’s point of view, the gloves are smooth, stylish and have spread the impact all over the padding.

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MaxxMMA Neoprene Punching Bag Gloves

MaxxMMA Washable Neoprene heavy punching best punching bag gloves are next in our list. These enriched quality workout gloves provide evaporation and sweat-free fabric. Further, the gloves have a wide hand opening with elastic straps that easily snugs and fits the hands. The gloves are machine washable and come in small and large sizes.

Maxx MMA says the washable neoprene gloves took effort to design and provide complete effectiveness in functionality to the wearer. The gloves include several patents in their design and that’s the reason they are available at such a low price. The material is of the right quantity. It allows them durability and complete safety. While hitting the punching bags can cause damage to the fingers and wrists, and shock to the elbows, but the high quality of these gloves surmounts them all. They not only look effective but also make the wearer feel stronger and safe.

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Which Punching Bag Gloves are best?

A simple rule is to see which gloves have the most reviews on amazon (if you are a beginner). If you are already experienced, you don’t need our advice. But, while buying the gloves, make sure the following:

  • They need to break easily so they morph on your hands
  • The heavy bag gloves should not be loose and should wrap around the wrist tightly
  • These should have considerable amount of padding.

You can know about the padding through their ‘ounce.’ For starters, boxing gloves with 12oz or 14oz is adequate.

Finally, remember that punching bag gloves should be kept separate from the sparring gloves. You will be using the sparring gloves in fights, so don’t ruin them.

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Best Punching Bags for Kids

Kids love to punch. They need punching bags to do that. We have made a list of the best punching bags made for kids and their pros and cons.

Here is our growing list of punching bags that you can get for your kids without worrying about padding and sizes.

Sanabul Essential GEL boxing kickboxing Training Gloves

  • Looking for great quality punching bag gloves for your kids, here is the one.
  • It is made of High-quality leather which makes it durable and comfortable as well.
  • The Gel impact protection foam is fitted inside of it which reduces the tension or reaction force on the wrist.
  • It is perfectly designed that it gets easily fit in almost every hand.
  • Its mesh design keeps it cool and increases thee breathability.
  • Colors for these gloves comes with the combination of black.

Buy Sanabul Punching Gloves for Kids

Cheering 4OZ Kids Boxing Gloves

  • It is made of best quality PU leather and EVA foaming is used inside of it.
  • It is best for long term use.
  • The customizable fit is enabled because elastic strip comes in the package.
  • For kids of age ranging 5 to 10, these gloves are best to use for training.

Buy Cheering Boxing Gloves for Kids

GLIN kickboxing punch bag gloves

  • GLIN gloves are best to use for and protection in case of training.
  • Your kids will have a strong grip and can get training in a safe way by using such gloves.
  • Breathable and elastic enabled which improves its easy and firm grip.
  • The mesh fabric of these gloves enables the sweat absorption.
  • Custom fit option.

Buy GLIN Punching Gloves for Kids

High-Quality RDX Boxing Gloves for kids

  • The wonderful boxing gloves for kids which comes in multiple colors like black, green, pink, purple, red and silver.
  • The shock absorption of these gloves is absolutely amazing because it has foam at its knuckle area.
  • Maya hide leather construction has made it durable and quality product.
  • Perfect ventilation.
  • Amazingly fit for your kids.

Buy RDX Punching Bag for Kids

Xinluying Training gloves for kids and women

  • These gloves are best to use for punch bag training.
  • It is made of PU leather which is highly durable and enables comfort as well.
  • Breathable.
  • Strong grip.
  • It is your perfect training partner as it allows perfect grip in hands and allows seat absorption as well.

Xinluying Training Gloves for Kids

FAQs for Heavy Bag Gloves

1. Which Oz Gloves are Best for me?

The best sparring gloves are weighted and can have 14oz to 18oz. They are sparring gloves that are used for either practice matches or target practice on a punching bag. If you are looking for fights, then 8oz and 10oz gloves will work well for you. In the end, it depends on what is your purpose of buying the heavy bag gloves.

2. Can I use MMA Gloves for Heavy Bags?

Yes. You can use any Oz gloves on your heavy bag until and unless they keep your hands protected. Just make sure that you wear hand wraps under the MMA gloves so that you don’t get bruises while punching the heavy bag.

3. Can I use 14oz or 16oz Boxing Gloves?

Both the gloves have different amount of padding in them. If you are fighting in a tournament, you can use 14oz gloves because fights usually include less padded gloves. If you are target practicing or punching a heavy bag, then 16oz gloves will also work fine.
In the end, it is all about protecting your hands when practicing boxing.

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