Best Training Shorts for Men: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best training shorts for men and women
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Training shorts are made to not restrict your movement while you do calisthenics and absorb sweat while keeping the airflow going. This means, the best gym training shorts for men need to have extensive air-flow, good quality clothing. It should be kind of an active wear that’s neither too sporty nor to casual but a mix of both.

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Quick Snack: Best Training Shorts for Men Summarized

Anyone who doesn’t have time to read the whole review but wants to buy only the finest gym shorts for men in the market. This table is for you.

Best Gym Training Shorts for Men



Under Armour Men’s Shorts 


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Decimo Lightweight Gym Training Shorts for Men


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Better Wear Gym Training Shorts for Men – 


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Adidas Performance Men’s Short –


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Nike Men’s Gym Training Shorts 


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There are many gym training shorts for men, but how to you judge that which of these is the best? Even the best gym training shorts available online have some negative reviews. If you do not have time to find all of them than this list will help you find the pros and cons of the training and exercise shorts for men. We will also recommend what things to look in exercise shorts while buying them.

Five best workout shorts for Men

See our list of best gym training shorts for Men who love to do calisthenics, body-weight training or even weight lifting. The below listed shorts will help you start your routine with freshness and style. Stay cool during and after workouts and never again let the rugged shorts ruin your workout.

1. Under Armour Men’s Shorts – Best Cross Training Shorts

Made by Under Armour, these cross gym training shorts are moderately priced and have tons of positive reviews about them. What makes them so attractive? The reason is, most famous celebrities wear these activewear shorts while exercising. These shorts are not your regular shorts. They have a brand name attached to them, which makes them all the more famous and rich-in-quality.

Sun Protection

They have smooth and ultra-soft breathable fabric that makes that dries the sweat faster than you can suspect that you were having sweaty thighs. The fabric is thin and tested UPF 30+ that saves you from ultra-violent radiations of the sun. Though it is not a necessary factor as not all your workouts will be under sun, but it surely is an appreciable one.

The shorts have a four-way mobility system that allows the wearer liberty to move in all directions while wearing the shorts.


The shorts are thin. And by thin we mean they are very light. So, anything in your pocket will be visible. Make sure you have it secure and deep inside the pocket, so you don’t lose it while exercising.

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2. Decimo Lightweight Best Gym Shorts for Men

The only problem I faced while doing Parkour was that my belongings, especially my smartphone, used to pop out of my pocket and fall on the floor. Decimo Lightweight Gym Training Shorts provide solution to that problem. They have hidden pockets to keep your items safe and secret. Due to their different design style, these shorts are perfect for any weight training workout.

Hidden Pockets

Many people have reported that while running, they lose their especial items and there is no way to recover those. The items that are lost the most include keys, coins, wallets, smartphones, sunglasses and more. Small items like these are hard to locate, yet they are too costly to be lost like that. That’s why I have included the Decimo Lightweight gym Training Shorts. Of course, the shorts are light and touch a higher level of comfort as well. So, while on a jogging trail, or in the gym, you will never feel sticky and sweaty shorts ever again.


The shorts are great to wear according to the customer reviews. Whether you are running errands, or hitting the gym, if you need shorts that are highly comfortable, light-weight and breathable then these Decimo men’s shorts are for you

Buy the Decimo Lightweight Training Shorts at Amazon.

3. Better Wear Training Shorts for Men – Best Gym Training Shorts

Better Wear training shorts are for those who are looking for something comfortable yet low-cost. The manufacturers claim that the shorts will not interfere with your movements, are super comfy and highly breathable. This means while workout you won’t have to worry about sweaty shorts. True to some extent though.

The shorts are low-cost and that’s accurate, but they are regular shorts and not as breathable as they claim. But still, as the price is low, these are not a bad bargain to be your gym training shorts, for yoga and calisthenics combined.

Many customers have complained about size problems. Better wear gym training shorts have some size problem as when people order them, either they get too large shorts or too small. Apart from that these are fine.

Side Pockets:

They have side pockets to keep your belongings. These are not secret pockets so you have to be careful about keeping high-cost items there.

The shorts can be worn casually or for workout. Moreover, the Better wear training shorts are unisex just like under armour training shorts. So, girls can also wear them if they like.


They are a little loose on the sides.

4. Adidas Performance Best Training Shorts for Cross-fit

For all strenuous exercises, my first preference will always be adidas men’s training shorts. Whether you are training for MMA, getting your hands dirty with outdoor workouts or hitting solid weights, the men’s training shorts by adidas are for all types of workouts.

They have a couple of features including quick dry fabric, that snatches the sweat from your body, a super-light material that doesn’t let you feel that you are wearing something and lets you move freely. And finally, polyester made shorts with inner elastic and draw cord to keep them stuck to your waist.

Even if you are not planning to hit the gym but want some light-weight gym shorts, then the adidas performance shorts should be your first choice. Not the lightest mens shorts available but they get the job done seamlessly.


Many reviewers have said these training shorts have a weak elastic so be careful when you order them.

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5. Nike Men’s Training Shorts for Circuit Training

Who doesn’t know nike? One of the best sports apparel companies in the world, Nike has provided an impressive men’s training shorts known as best nike training shorts. The ones I have added here have quality design with quick dry fabric that keeps your body cool and dry and sweeps away sweat from it.

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These fine men’s shorts by Nike have smooth interior that reduces chafing and makes free movement possible. Further, they have regular pockets, a little bit deeper than others so you can keep accessories in them intact. Reviewers have said they haven’t lost anything while running in these shorts so we can say they are pretty safe to wear with important items such as mobile phones. But still, to be sure, check them out when they arrive, or just don’t take them on a run.

Another thing to note is that the shorts have a size problem with most buyers. Some of them ordered larges sizes but received small ones. Of course this is not a manufacturing problem, but you guys need to be aware while ordering them.


Beware of the size problem.

Nike Men’s Workout Shorts for Gym Training
6. Jed North Men’s Workout Shorts 

The shorts fit very well and look snug and comfy. They are flexible and stretchy so you won’t feel any problem during workouts. The are pretty similar to the spandex shorts but with sweat resistance embedded. The fabric is stretchy, comfortable and comes with air-flow. The best thing about these Jed North Men’s shorts is that they are a new company in the market and currently making their name. So, if you get a problem, you can easily get them replaced through the dealer. You can buy the Men’s Workout shorts by Jed through Amazon.

Here is how the shorts look in the picture. You can see the stretches and impeccable quality of the material. The Jed men’s workout shorts are available in multiple colors so you will have to check them before buying one.

I prefer red and gray colors because they are one of my favorites.

Read Reviews of Jed Workout Shorts for Men

Types of Best Workout Shorts for Men

There are many types of gym shorts in the market. All types of sports have their own training shorts. For example, while running you prefer lose shorts but those that are a little tight on the knees so the shorts don’t become a hurdle or flap air while you run.  Weight training shorts need to have more pores to increase ventilation and so on and so forth. Let’s see what is important in these shorts.

Weight Training Shorts Reviews:

Weight training shorts need to be durable, porous and light-weight. A weight lifter needs to have clear ventilation throughout his body so he can perform more laps without getting all sweaty and tired.

The Best Gym Shorts for Men for them should be:

  • Light
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Porous

Review of Running Shorts for Men 

Runners need shorts that do not flap air while they run. These training shorts need to be elastic, light, breathable and tighter on the knee lines. Further, they are running so they won’t have a problem of cross ventilation, but they will sweat a lot and the material needs to be a quick-dry one.

The Best Training Shorts for Men for them should be:

  • Light
  • Tight on knees
  • Breathable
  • Sweat sweeping

What to Check: MMA Workout Mens’ Shorts 

MMA training shorts are pretty similar to weight training shorts. You are inside a cage fighting with an opponent or are practicing your tactics inside a small area. The MMA activities are mostly taking place indoors so MMA shorts need to be:

  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Loose


These are the best training shorts for men. So, we have now provided all the training shorts for men to you, now it is up to you to decide which ones will work best for you and then order them online or offline.

Start practicing calisthenics if you are not still doing it and stay tuned for more reviews and buyer’s guide related to calisthenics equipment.

Also, let us know if you have something to say by commenting below.

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