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Best Ab Roller Wheel for Beginners – Reviews, Benefits, Exercises

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One reason why people should go to gym is because it has better equipment than you will find in your home. Though, it is possible to get the same equipment for home but that wouldn’t be cost effective. But there are a couple of affordable gym gears that you can keep in your home for instant fitness frenzy.

So, without further ado, here is a list of best ab roller brands to review.

Best Ab roller wheels for beginners Reviews and what they are known for:

Product Quality Price
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Best for money Check price
CSX Dual Ab Roller Wheel for beginners Most affordable Check price
BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel for beginners Best for beginners Check price
Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Makes perfect abs quicker Check price
Valeo Ab Roller Wheel for beginners Smooth grip Check price

What is an Ab Wheel Roller?

An ab fitness Roller or an ab roller wheel for beginners is used for making pecks on your stomach. The device is not easy to use and there are a dozen of exercises just made for the ab roller. Many even say that if a person just uses the ab roller for a couple of minutes each day, he won’t have to use any other exercise to stay fit.

Ab Wheel Roller Basic Workout Exercise

We too agree with the saying, except that it builds the core muscles and the hands and feet are not hit at their extremes. But then that is a topic for another post.

Coming back to the Ab Roller Wheel reviews, the device is small and can easily fit in your cupboard. The below video will tell you how to use it.

The person in the video is a fitness instructor and he shows how to perform various exercises that target the lower and upper stomach muscles with the ab roller wheel. Don’t forget to watch the reviews of these ab rollers to check which one is the perfect ab building machine for you.

Best Ab Roller Wheel Exercises

Here is a list of Ab roller wheel exercises that you can perform at home. These take hardly a few minutes of your day. Do these each day and you will get unbreakable muscles in no time.

  • Ab Wheel Plank
  • Knee Roll-Out
  • Wide-Stance Front Roll-Out
  • Narrow-Stance Front Roll-Out

The video below contains a list of all ab wheel workouts that you can easily perform, even if you are a beginners. Though, the practitioners advise that the first exercise for ab roller wheel exercises routine.

Here are the exercises for Ab Roller Wheels for Beginners in greater detail.

Ab Wheel Roller Exercises for Beginners – Explained

  1. Ab Wheel plank

Plank with Ab Wheel Exercise

  • One of the best exercise which is suitable for the beginners who are looking forward to having attractive abs.
  • The best thing about this exercise is that it enhances the essential stability and strength of your body.
  • It offers so much ease to perform.
  1. First of all, hold or grasp the roller with both of your hands, one on each side. Your palms should be facing down.
  2. Get in the plank position like you used to get in. straight up body from head to toe.
  3. Hold this position for 30 to 60seconds.
  4. Repeat these 3 times and complete the set.


  1. Knee Roll Out

NOT basic 😉, late night in The Lab = challenge move; always up for finding ways to up my ab roll-out game to hit the core and so much more💪🏼 🔹as I posted the other day, so so important to engage your glutes, draw your navel toward your spine and keep your ribs wrapped during roll-outs. Love using the @airex pad for moves like this - great cushioning for your knees 🔹pull the barbell back using your lats, push from your shoulders 🔹flat back, chest lifted as your perform the bent over row...

  • A one step ahead to ab roller plank exercise.
  • What you have to do in this exercise, is to roll out as far as possible but without arching your back, otherwise you may get unbearable pain in your lower back.
  • How to do?
  1. Feel the pressure on your abs and move forward slowly, as far as possible.
  2. Your tummy should be above the ground and arms must be extended in front of you.
  3. Then roll back to starting position and repeat.


  1. V-Roll Outs


via Yuriel Kaim

  • A hardcore exercise for the abs.
  • Simple steps to perform are as follow.
  1. Get in the starting position with your ab roller.
  2. Then move forward slowly by extending your arms and move to your right and make approx. 45-degree angle.
  3. Get back in to starting position and do the same for left side.
  4. 5 to 10 reps are enough.

4.Knee Tucks

Core #4 - Sliding Knee Tucks

  • This exercise is done performed with your knees rather with your hands.
  • It is best for lower abdominal and for the stabilization of muscles.
  1. Foots must be secured before starting this.
  2. Your hands should be directly under your shoulder.
  3. Now pull your knees towards your chest.
  4. Upper body should remain stable at the same position.
  5. Repeat.

Best Ab Roller Wheel Reviews Kits & Prices

This is a list of some of the finest ab wheel roller kits available in the market. We reviewed the very best and provided their pros and cons so that you do not have any difficulty in buying one.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver – Best Ab Roller Wheel Kit with no money problem

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver is made of ultra-wide ab roller that builds resistance and provides maximum result with the ab roll-out exercise. It has a kinetic engine that uses springs to provide resistance and amplifies the workout.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver – Best Ab Roller Wheel Kit with no money problemIt is a perfect device for left and right abs workout because of its stability and has superior comfort knee-pads.

The spherical ab roller wheel allows to engage in all ab muscle workouts. It is one of the Best Ab Roller brands and has handles shaped firmly so they provide the best grip to your hands and due to the wider touch-point, you can do any ab exercise with best results.

Just make sure the internal spring mechanism is in place, before you initiate the workout.


Works like a charm

Controls the speed with resistant springs inside the wheel

Includes helpful hints for beginners


Get kneepads if your knees drag along the ground while working out

May be hard in the beginning

Buy Perfect Fitness Ab Roller from Amazon

CSX Dual Ab Roller Wheel Review – Affordable Fitness Ab roller

CSX Dual Ab roller wheel for Beginners is low-cost and best for the budget buyer because the company provides a complimentary ebook with the device that has instructions on how to use it. The CSX Dual Ab roller is smooth and comes with a kneepad mat, so beginners do not hurt their knees while performing exercises through this home-gym equipment.

CSX Dual Ab Roller Wheel – Affordable Fitness Ab rollerWhen starting out with CSX Dual Ab roller, start slow. Do workout only for a few minutes, so that your body gets the hang of it and your core muscles do not get swollen by the traction.

The CSX Best Ab Roller brand can handles are not ergonomic but as they are made of foam, you won’t feel the stiffness on the hands even when applying pressure during the exercise.

Those, who have neck pain, can get rid of it by exercising using the Ab muscle wheel. But please make sure that the fitness criteria is met before starting these. This include that you have adequate strength in your lower back to support the stretch. Do it properly for the best results.


Low-prices ab wheel

Comes with a knee-pad mat

Includes ab wheel exercises manual and instructions


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May not be helpful for people that do not exercise more often

Buy CSX Dual Ab Roller Wheel on Amazon

BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel – Budget Friendly Fitness Wheel

BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel is a budget friendly fitness device that is made of rubber and steel. The wheel delivers complete stability throughout the physical performance. It helps train on both smooth and rough surfaces due to its rubber exterior that absorbs shock from the wheel. Moreover, the device is available with a knee-pad mat that lets users train at any terrain.

BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel – Budget Friendly Fitness WheelThe wheel quality is admirable. It has a thick ergonomic handle covered with foam that provides a nice grip during the workout. The fitness wheel can easily support weights of up to 450lbs. It is made of high grade rubber and industrial polymer.

While working out, the wheel is completely noiseless, so you can train in silence if you are the introvert kind. It is best for home-gym due to its small surface area and smooth design.

And if you ever want to train outside, or take your own ab roller to gym, you can do that easily with the easy assembly. The handles can come off the wheel and then pack it in a gym duffle bag or a suitcase.


The ab wheel is noiseless and rolls smoothly


It is a little bulky to lift

You may face minor difficulties with assembly, try the instructions manual to get hang of it

Buy BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel at Amazon

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller –Double-Wheel Ab Fitness Roller

The most important thing in an ab conditioner wheel is its quality. A good ab roller wheel needs to be stable, should have a foam-based, non-slip handle bar and the knee-mat.

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller –Double Wheel Fitness WheelThe Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller comes with two stable wheel conjoined together to form a solid single wheel. They are easier to rotate and are not rugged like other roller wheels mentioned. Another reason to prefer the Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller is because of its flexibility. As it has dual-wheel roller, the users can also try various forms of ab exercises to tone sides of the stomach. The roller provides flexibility in the movement on both sides as well.

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller is affordable because it doesn’t have an erogonomic handle or a complete rubber material built. Instead, it is simply built using a regular wheel with rubber overlay and appropriate form on the handles. This ab roller targets sportsmen and fitness experts who are looking for a low-cost ab wheel roller to add to their fitness regime.

Just like we mentioned earlier, the Elite Sportz Fitness Roller makers say that the roller should be gradually used. In the start, the beginners should use it for a limited period, so to maximize the pressure on the abs and make them get the hang of it.


Simple and easy to use

Smoother than other ab rollers

Best for people on a low budget


It is of normal quality, no gimmicks included

Buy Elite Sportz Ab Roller Wheel on Amazon

Valeo Ab Roller Wheel with Easy Grip – Best for Core Training

Valeo Ab roller wheel tool comes with easy grip and is one of the most-rated ab rollers in the market. It is lightweight, stable, and is non-skid. The easy grip prevents slippage.

It has a fitness guide included in the package, it also include youtube based instructional videos showing how to perform various exercises to train the core muscles with the ab roller wheel. The abdominal rolling wheel can handle up to 230lbs easily.

When you start to use the roller, you will experience pain in your lower stomach. This is because the muscles are starting to react to the exercises. After a few days your body will get prone to the muscle breakage and then the pecks will start to appear.


Simple to use

comes with instructional videos

Dual-wheel for better stability

Anti-slip grip


Handles are too thin and made of hard plastic instead of form

Buy Valeo Ab Roller Wheel at Amazon

Benefits and Effectiveness of Ab Roller Wheels:

Ab roller is an effective device for making solid abs efficiently. It originates from Roman ways of exercises. The ab roller makes the physique nimble and swift. The ab roller wheel builds stable core and decreases risk of injury. It targets abs and the lower back.

Please note: Beginners need to have strong lower back in order to use ab roller wheels because if the back is not strong it will have an opposite effect on the body.

With the help of an effective ab roller wheel, your spine stays in its optimal position and it well-balanced. The ab wheel requires that your muscles work together to properly execute the movement. It allows them to contract as a group. That’s all for now. These were just a few benefits of ab rollers for abs.

Ab Roller Wheels – What are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

Like any other exercise equipment effective Ab Roller Wheels also have a few side effects and drawbacks. They aren’t as bad as you may think, but to be sure, we are discussing them below.

Benefits of Ab Roller Wheels

  • The best thing about ab roller wheel is that it improves the core stability of your body.
  • Despite of its name as “ab”, it helps to deliver awesome results to tone-up the body shape.
  • It improves flexibility and helps to stretch in an easy manner.
  • It boosts overall strength.
  • One great news about ab rollers is that they are great for getting relief from back pain, even experts recommend it.
  • Ab roller helps you to increase the mobility and coordination. You will feel great and healthy by performing such workout.
  • They are easy to store as compared to other equipment, which we use for fitness purposes.
  • These are affordable tools and have a long time-span.
  • Everyone wants to have fit and attractive body. By doing workout using the ab rollers, you achieve a great shape by the help of attractive muscles.

[amazon_link asins=’B0007IS74G,B07C1H459V,B00ZPAWV5C,B00JZKH7K2′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’sj0b3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5aaf0a77-6bdf-11e8-bfc3-1bf1229fc21b’]

Drawbacks of Ab Roller Wheels

  • If you are not used to performing ab-based workouts, avoid using ab wheels because by applying effort on your back you may get abdominal pain.
  • Some experts claim that abs don’t get the desired affect by performing workouts using ab rollers.
  • There are better alternatives that offer maximum contraction of abs, such as fitness balls, stretch cords, curved sit-up mats, and foam rollers.
  • To perform exercise using ab rollers, your body should have an intense internal strength. Otherwise it is difficult to perform the workout without the required energy.
  • Shoulder must be strong and flexible for performing ab roller workout exercises as the whole body weight is dependent on it.
  • The core strength should be the unit for releasing energy during workouts as that will empower your whole.

Here’s a video of how to start ab roller wheel exercises for the first time:

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