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Four Best Weight Assisted Pull Up Machines in 2023

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[Updated] When looking to do your pull and chin ups, look no further than the assisted pull up machine. This piece of equipment allows you to slowly build up your strength until you can do chin ups and pull ups without support.

Standing Weight Assisted Pull Up Machines for Sale

Powertec assisted pullup bar is no doubt a great machine but in comparison with the Bodyweight assisted pullup machine it still lacks a few things. For example, the bodyweight assisted pullup machine has exercise equipment for building biceps and triceps, a thing that is not available in Powertec, as you will have to manually push the person upwards.

Nonetheless, both are great machines if you can get your hands on them. But they come with a big price point as well.

Powertec Fitness Levergym Chin/Dip Assist

4.9 Stars

Body-Solid Weight Assisted Chin And Dip Machine Review

4.8 Stars

Bowflex BodyTower

4.7 Stars

Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench

4.8 Stars

Man pulling himself up on a pullup bar - Home Gym Equipment

You must be here because you want an assisted pull up machine that can handle your weight while you do pull-ups. I was at your place once and believe me, weight-assisted pull-up machines do wonders. They help you improve your body lifting capacity by providing a support mechanism. The weight-assisted pull-up machines work similar to a power tower, but they have an additional feature called the ‘pull up assisting machine.’ You have to set the weight on the pullup machine and it will provide that much support to your body while you lift your body-weight.

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Benefits/Drawbacks of Assisted Pull Up Equipment:

We have decided to add this portion because we were observing that most users who bought the weight assisted pullup machines were returning them due to multiple reasons. We did some research and have come up with a list of benefits and drawbacks that these machines offers. You as the customer need to know about these before you make a purchase.

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Drawbacks of Standing Weight Assisted Pull Up Machines

Assembly is hard for Power Towers and Weight Assisted Pullup Machines

  • Most weight assisted machines are hard to assemble because they don’t have a proper documentation available. In that case, the best option is to go to the youtube channel of the company and search for the model number. The video tutorial for assembly of these assisted pullup machines will provide a better way of assemble. You may even be able to get them fixed faster.

Don’t expect better packaging at delivery

  • Weight assisted pullup machines use the same regular packaging. There is a chance that some of the parts are protruding from the packaging when they are delivered at your house. This can happen due to multiple reasons including lack of care from the company you are ordering and other similar problems. It is your right to return it when that happens.

We have found that Marcy Pullup Tower and Weider Power Tower are better packed when they arrive. Most of the time, packaging problem has been observed with Bowflex power tower.

They may not fit your size

  • Power towers have a set height limit. If you are too short or too tall, then there is a chance that they may not suit you. In that case, simply verify if the weight assisted pullup machine will be compatible with your size. If not, buy the one that suits you.

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Benefits of Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine

  • You can use them for years

Most weight assisted pullup machines can stay with you for years. The best thing about these weight assisted power towers is that they won’t get rusted, or break easily. In fact, if they break you can get them welded for a small price. The power towers are coated with oil paint that removes the rust from them.

  • Do not take much space

Most assisted pullup machines added to this list only take 4*4 sqft area. This is a small space and it can easily be placed in your own room. But do note that most people prefer to keep these in their garages.

  • Simple to put together

The instructions are clear on some weight assisted pullup machines and you don’t need help from a professional assembler. In fact, all the things are provided to fix the metal pullup machine by yourself. In fact, the company also provides video tutorials that can be watched to assemble the power tower

  • Include Workout Training Guides

Some pullup machines also include a workout training manual. This can be used for training if you are a total noob in the area. The workout training guides can be watched through the CD or DVD available with the power workout machines.

Doing Pull-ups with support

The machine assisted pull-up workout will sound weird to many and many local gyms do not have this equipment, but if you join a reputed gym in your area, you are sure going to find the weight-assisted pullup machines there.

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Should you Use an Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine?

The pullups primarlity target the latissimus dorsi muscle of the body, which is also known as ‘wings’ or ‘lats’ in gym language. They also target multiple other small muscles in the shoulder section and the biceps, including the brachialis and brachioradialis. These muscles improve upper-body weight lifting capacity. And, if you want to look better, and get a V-shape body then starting pullup exercise will benefit your body.

The pullup grips help a lot in this regard. There are multiple types of pullup grips including:

  • Backward grip
  • Front grip
  • Hammer grip
  • Chin-ups grip
  • Rotating grips

To start, all you need is a good grip on the assisted pull-up bar machine and the assisted bench will take care of your weight.

Young man wants to learn body building - Body building fast - Build muscle fast - Pull-up
Thinking how to do pull-ups?

Benefits of Using Assisted Pullup Machines:

  • No more worrying about where to do pullups because you have assisted pullup machine available for support
  • Assisted Pullup machines are great for beginners. Those people who haven’t done a single pushup can use the Assisted Pullup Machines to workout their Lats.
  • Get more confidence: By using a support pull-up bar machine, you can easily improve your fitness. This will indirectly help you become more confident
  • No need to go to gym to workout. You can easily spend 20 minutes each day on your assisted workout machine to get fit. No more spending money on gyms. Just do exercises at home.

Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine Challenge:

Try this pullup challenge and make your lats rock-solid.

Image result for pullup exercises infographics

If you are interested in improving your workout routine then here is a 30 Day workout challenge.


The best thing about using a pullup assist machine is that you won’t require any spotter. The assist machine takes care of the weight and there is no risk involved. You can do the exercise by yourself. Another thing to note is that the pullup machines are quite stable and unlike the myths that they wobble a lot, this has never actually happened in real life. The only reason they will wobble is if they are assembled loosely. But that problem can easily be solved by tightening a few bolts provided in the pullup assisted machine.

Keep track of your weight and pull-up progress

The pullup machine allows you to keep a track of the number of weights you add to it. There is a section at the back where you can add weights to it. Usually, it comes attached with a number of weights around 20 disks of 3 kg each. They all total to around 60kgs of weight – please see the actual machine weights – as we are not sure about it.

Some machines, however, have a person push the other person from the backside. Of course, this kind of weight-assisted pullup machine will require two men, so it takes away the essence of a exercising alone.

Are you looking for a complete pullup assistance for home gym? This one supports weight-assisted chin-ups and dips.

Muscles targeted by Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine


The weight-assisted pullup machine targets the trapezius muscles. These cover the backside of our ribs and stretch from the lower backbone to the collar area. The muscles provide extra power while lifting objects. That’s why improving these helps improve our lifting ability.

The trapezius muscles are commonly known as the Latissimus Dorsi muscles in medical language. These wraps across the spine section and throughout the back to the neck area. The machine will also target the biceps and triceps muscles and even the lower shoulder muscles when you lift your body.

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Tips to Use Weight Pull Up Machine

The machine uses counter balance weights and the exercise gets even easier when you add weight to the lift. Just note that at least add 20 pounds less weight than your actual weight so to do some exercise with the pull-up bar.

  • While exercising, hold the handles with firm grip. Now put your knees on the platform that is lifted by the weights. Keep your abs engaged and the spine natural.
  • Now lift yourself up. You will note that your body is moving upwards with the weight.
  • As your body-weight lifting capacity increases, you will be able to hold yourself up without the use of the weight-assistance pullup machine.

Try to start with the maximum weight. Do at least three laps. Decrease one weight disk in every lap.

The Body-Solid Weight Assisted Chin And Dip Machine Review

The Body-Solid weight-assisted chin and dip machine comes with a counter resistance pad for knees. It helps the user to control the desired weight balance. The machine also includes a wide grip station for extending trapezius muscles and a close grip position grip specially for improving muscles over the triceps area. The same grip can be used for doing proper chin-ups.

Further, the dip station features a proper grip for hammer pullups, close-grip pullups, sailor pull-ups and other pullup exercises. You can use it exclusively for dip exercises as well.

Check out Weight Assisted Pull-up Machine’s price
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The weight-assisted pullup machine is 54-inches wide, 63-inches long and 82-inches tall. While choosing the machine for your home gym make sure that your home has enough space for it. Preferably, the Body-Solid weight-assisted chin and dip machine should be placed in the living gym or a big hall or even garage – because it has more free area.

>>> Can’t Decide? Read Reviews of the Weight-Assisted Pullup Machine


  • This assisted pullup machine is suitable for all ages. It is safe to use and no guidance is required
  • It is available with free shipping at Amazon, which is an ideal package for anyone looking for an assisted machine for doing pullups.
  • You can track the amount of weights you use to pull yourself up on the pullup machine.


  • The instructions for assembling the weight-assisted pullup machine are not clear. The assembling process can become cumbersome if you are not experienced in assembling. In that case, you will either need the help of an expert or internet.
  • The height is pretty short at around seven feet. If you have long arms, you will not be able to do a complete chin-up. In that case, only doing standard pullups or sailor pullups or a muscle up, would be a good idea.


Reviewers have graded the weight-assisted pullup machine higher because of the versatility and flexibility in choosing weights. The assisted chin-up machine allows users to track the weight they use. It also helps them keep a track of the weight they are using, so to always go a higher number in the next lap. It helps them stay motivated and to always aim for better weights in future workouts. After sometime, you will get good enough that you will virtually stop using the weight assistance of the pullup machine, and will do the workout by just your own hands.

Motion is limited:

Some users have reported that the range of motions available in the assisted pullup machine is limited. You cannot do a range of motions such as the chin-ups (not possible for people with long hands). This is basically due to its restricted height.

Also, note that this Body-Solid Weight Assisted Chin And Dip machine is not ideal for people above 200 pounds. Because the machine will not be able to provide proper movement to the muscles. It will suit lighter people only that are around 200 pounds or less in weight.

Powertec Fitness Levergym Chin/Dip Assist Review

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Second assisted pullup workout machine iss the Powertec fitness lever assist tower. The machine is easy to use but requires at least two people. The second person will push the lever to the bottom so to lift the person who wants to pull himself up. This isn’t for those people who train alone, as a partner is a must for powertec lever gym assisted machine.

Read Reviews of Powertec Lever GymPowertec Fitness Levergym Chin/Dip Assist Review

The pullup assisted machine also comes with a complete dip station to bring cuttings to the triceps and improve your weight lifting abilities.

It has multiple grips on the pullup bar so you can perform multiple exercises. Unlike the body-solid weight-assisted pullup machine, this one can hold weight of up to 400kgs easily. It is also 44.5 x 61.8 x 86.5 inches.


  • Two users can exercise together using the powertec lever gym. One can pull the other upwards. This will also exercise the bicep muscles of the person pushing it.
  • Powertec lever gym is low cost in comparison with the body-solid weight-assisted machine.
  • It comes with easy instructions to construct the lever gym assisted pullup bar at home easily. This won’t require expert help like the body-weight assisted pullup machine.


  • Powertec is too basic. The other user will have to apply too much force in order to lift a person upwards by assistance for doing pullups.
  • A person cannot keep a track of force applied, when he is pushed upwards to do pull-ups.

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The users who have used Powertec Lever gym have rated it satisfactorily. They said he device is powerful and can help users lift themselves up. But it will require manual help from other users.

Most users said the device can support their weight easily. For your information, the weight assisted pullup machine can only lift 400 pounds of weight or less.


The Body-Solid weight-assisted chin and dip machine is unique, helpful, and provides better value than the Powertec lever gym. But it is also costly in comparison.

We highly recommend it for anyone who cannot lift himself up for doing pull-ups. The assisted pullup machine will help them build the capacity for doing pull-ups without assistance. It targets shoulder and arm muscles of the body.

We know that many users will find it hard to add such a big device (weight-assisted pull-up machine) to their houses, but it will be of great value to them in the long-term.

This machine is not for any gym goer. It is specifically built for gym fanatics and folks that love to go to gym at all times, by crossing all odds.

Bowflex BodyTower Review

Tight on a budget? Bowflex body tower is for those who can’t afford a fullfledged weight-assisted pull up machine in there houses. This is one home gym equipment that can easily be placed in any part of the house. The best thing about bowflex is that you can perform more than 20 exercises through it. It also comes with weights so you can perform biceps and triceps with it as well.

Some exercises that can easily be performed on the bowflex power tower include pushups, pullups, swings, dips, situps, crunches, muscleups, leg raises, knee raises, planks, squats, and many more.

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It is especially made for those who can’t take out the time to visit a local gym. With a bowflex home gym equipment, doing exercises is now possible at home.


  • The Bowflex Body Tower perfect for anyone who is just looking to improve his workout routine.
  • It helps aged people who can’t actually visit a gym because that isn’t a viable option. Instead they prefer to workout at home. The bowflex tower gives them all the necessary equipment they need for that purpose.
  • It can help people who don’t want to go to a gym. It increases the motivation and they can easily workout at home
  • For the price, you are getting a pullup tower, a bicep, tricep, crunches workout machine, a pushup machine. So, in short it is your whole gym.

Read More Reviews of BowFlex Workout Tower


  • The only problem with bowflex tower just like all other weight assisted pullup machines is that it doesn’t have a proper assembling document. The person who is assembling it will have need a lot of help from youtube videos to assemble it.

With that said, here is a bowflex workout tower assembling video:

  • It isn’t shipped properly. Users of the machine have said that the packaging of the bowflex tower was opened. And it looked like that someone had previously tried to assemble it before.
  • You can’t move it between rooms if the bowflex tower is already assembled. So, you will have to de-assemble the weight assisted power tower every time you have to move from one room to another.

Reviewers have said:

  • Reviewers have graded it average. It has a rating of 4+ on Amazon as of writing of this overview. Most of the users who have used Bowflex tower have praised the machine but they have two concerns.
  • The assembly of the bowflex tower is too hard. It doesn’t come with a complete assembly documentation guide
  • You cant move it between rooms. So, if you have assembled it once then forget about moving it to another room. This means…
  • The product is perfect for houses that are big. It won’t fit in small apartments. If you live in a small apartment, a simple doorway pull up bar will be a better idea for you.

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Standing Assisted Pull Ups Machine vs. Resistance Bands

If you are doing pull-ups at home then you may not have a spotter to help you assist. In such a situation, you may opt for either resistance bands or an assisted pull up machine. Below are the few points that can help you decide which one out of the two is better for you.

Assisted Pull Up Machine

  • A favorite of many newbies, the assisted pull up machine is a very big piece of equipment and takes up a lot of room.
  • The machine pushes you up with a set amount of weight. It practically takes out the strength training from the pull-up workout, making the whole process quite effortless and automated.
  • If you are new to it and using it for the first time, it could be tricky. Make sure to as a professional to show you how?
  • Hand placements are important in pull ups but they are a lot more important when using this machine. It’s hard to get them right on this and one wrong move means you could slip and hurt yourself real bad.

Resistance Band Pull Up

  • More liked by people who enjoy proper strength training, resistance bands provide added challenge as opposed to the assisted pull up machine.
  • Although it adds to the body weight when pulling yourself down, it simultaneously makes it easier to pull yourself up. This takes a lot out of the pull-up workout.
  • Again it could be dangerous, if you are new at pull-ups, the resistance band can shoot your leg upwards at the end of the set, if you are not careful and just let yourself go.
  • It is really hard to get the length of the resistance band right no matter how many times you have used it, there is always room for trial and error.

Check Out Apartment Gym Equipment

Assisted Pull Up Machine Exercises

Here are some Assisted Pull Up Machine Exercises that you can do at home without any support. The assisted pull up machine strengthens chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps as well as legs.

We have 3 exercises that you can do with assisted Pull up machine. These not only help you build strength but also give you a full body workout.

Close Grip Pull Ups

An obvious exercise. You can do it with an assisted pull up machine. The exercise is simple. Start by gripping the handlebars at the wider end and let your body hang. Now place knees on the resting pads. Pull yourself up and remember to put all the pressure on shoulder muscles.

Hold yourself in this position for a few seconds, now bring yourself down and put pressure on chest muscles.

Try to keep your knees raised from the pads to put as much pressure on your muscles as possible. This exercise targets the bicep muscle as well.

Assisted Dips

If you are in good shape you can easily perform dips on the assisted pull up machine equipment with exercises. Keep the knees in the same position, grip the lower handlebars that protrude outwards from the machine.

Face the machine. Now push yourself up until your arms are straight. Bring yourself down slowly until the upper part of your arm is parallel to the handlebars. This exercise targets the triceps and chest.

Leg Press Down

If you want to work on your glutes and thighs without spending extra on a separate piece of exercise equipment, the lower body assisting pad can be used to do single leg press downs.

Just place one of your legs on the connected stepper on either side while placing the foot of the other leg on the pad. Now slowly push downwards with the foot resting on the pad. This exercise targets your glutes and thighs.


The assisted pull up machines is perfect for those who cannot lift themselves up and require help. The body-weight assisted pull-up machine will be a good choice for those who exercise alone. But, the Powertec lever gym will be good for those who train with buddies. Usually, it will be much more suitable for a professional gym and not a home gym.

If you are ready to upgrade to the next level, then you should start with a pullup bar.

Alternatives to Weight Assisted Pull-up Machines?

If you cannot afford the pullup machine, then getting a pull up assisted band is a good idea. The band will not be as comfortable as the machine, but if you use it with a power tower, that will be ideal way to make a temporary assisted pull-up machine.

FAQs About Best Weight Assisted Pull Up Machines

  1. Is the assisted pull-up machine any good?

Yes, the assisted pullup machine is a great tool for those looking to build strength and endurance in their upper body. It helps you perform pullups with less strain, as you can adjust the weight resistance to your own needs. It also helps you ensure proper form while performing pullups, making it an effective and safe way to work out.

2. How do you do assisted pullups at home?

Assisted pullups can be done at home using a chair or a sturdy object. Start by standing on the chair or object and grip the pullup bar with both hands. Use your legs to assist as you pull yourself up to the bar. As you come down, slowly lower yourself with control until your arms are straight. Repeat this as many times as desired.

3. What can replace assisted pull-ups?

Assisted pullups can be replaced by other exercises that target the same muscle groups, such as lat pulldowns, inverted rows, seated cable rows, chestsupported rows, and bentover rows. All of these exercises require the use of weights or bands to provide resistance. Bodyweight exercises such as pushups, planks, and mountain climbers can also be used as alternatives to assisted pullups.

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