Best Power Towers for Home Use – Review & Buying Guide

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A power tower is a combination of many exercise equipment. Instead of buying a ton of equipment for your home gym, buying a power tower would be a better choice because it would save more money and take less space. At the same time, you can use it for doing multiple exercises, all at once.

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These are made of metal frames that contain a pull-up bar, arm rests for dips, and handles for performing squats. These are great for anyone having limited space in home and who doesn’t want to purchase a full-sized power rack.

With a power tower in your home gym, you can perform variety of pull-ups exercises that will tone your upper body. At the same time, you can perform abdominal exercises through the bars available for dips.

What is a power tower?

A power tower is a metal frame that contains a pull-up bar with armrests for performing dips, and squats.

These are exceptional for people who have limited space in their house and cannot afford a full-sized power rack.

You can use the pull-up bar to perform multiple pull-ups exercises to improve your upper body.

Moreover, the forearm rests, available on the power tower, allow you to perform abdominal exercises that strengthens your core. Some of the most common power tower home gym exercises that can be done with a power tower include:

  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Atlas pushups
  • Squats
  • Knee raises

With a fitness power tower you benefit in many ways. You can do multiple exercises that improve your core muscles and you save money because no more gym membership.

Choosing a power tower isn’t hard but you need to understand the essential features required in it. If you want to the correct fitness power tower, then it is better to compare different options.

The exercises possible one fitness power tower may not be possible on another one. Therefore, the best way is to get started by looking at the comparison chart of the power racks.

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A workout tower will instantly become your core home gym equipment. As, you will base all other exercises around it. This helps you to make a strong foundation. The power tower helps you do upper body exercises with ease and also do exercises which weren’t possible at home without it. These include muscle up, dips and inverted crunches.

Some exercises that can easily be done through a power tower include:

  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Atlas push-ups
  • Squats
  • Knee raises

The chin-ups and pull-ups exercises can be done with the pull-up bar, while dips and knee raises are usually performed through the dips bar available on the power tower. These improve your core and help distribute weight evenly throughout your body.

Merax RLS8400 Full Body Power Tower Home Fitness Workout Station
Merax RLS8400 Full Body Power Tower Home Fitness Workout Station

This is the beauty of a power tower that you don’t need any other equipment to perform workouts. You can only buy a power tower with pull-up and dip stations and perform all exercises on it. Think of how many dollars you will save this way, when you don’t have to pay membership fees in a gym?

While choosing a power tower is easy, you search online for a decent power tower for home gym and you buy it online, but still you have to compare how it fares against others.

Read the reviews of some of the best power towers and then compare their pros and cons with each other.

These power towers should be accessed for their quality because they will be the center of your workouts. You will be doing most of the core exercises on these towers. This will allow you to focus on building a strong foundation.

Types of Power Towers for Home Gyms:

A power tower usually has a pull-up bar, handles for dips, and handles for pushups. All types of power towers have these three essential components. However, they differ in design with each other. Some power towers have all three protruding on one side like in bowflex power tower, while some have pull-up bar on one side, while the other two are protruding from the other side. This is similar to the design of fitness reality power tower or gold’s gym power tower.

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What to check while buying Power Towers for home Gyms?

While finding the best power tower for home use, you have to check their condition. But check how much weight they can lift, what type of bars they have in place and how much height do they have for doing pull-ups. Most power towers only have a weight capacity of 300lbs, which isn’t encouraging for people with higher weight. Just to be sure you are getting the best power towers for your home, we have prepared a list for you. Keep these things in mind while buying a power tower for your home.

  • How much weight can the power tower lifts?
  • What is the height-size of the power tower?
  • How many bar adjustments does the power tower have?
  • Is it made of steel, iron or some other material?
  • How many grip options does the pull-up bar have?
  • Does it come with resistance-band hooks?
  • Does the power tower have a knee-raise support?

List of Best Power Tower for Home Gym:

Below is a list of some of the finest power towers you can buy. These have multiple grips for pull-ups and also support knee raises. The power towers listed below have varying weight capacity ranging from 300lbs to 500lbs. Some of these also support resistance-band hooks for performing assisted pull-ups.

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

Fitness Reality X-Class is one of the best power tower for home gym. It comes with multiple adjustment angles. It is one of the finest in our rankings because it supports all workout types including pushups, pullups, sit ups, leg raises, dips, and even vertical crunches.

The power tower comes with a cushioned support system that keeps users firmly comfortable while they decide to burn all those extra calories.

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You will, however, require a certain level of assembly in the very beginning to bring the machine in one-piece.

The fitness reality X class machine targets all muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, trapezius muscles, shoulders, calves, abdominal core, buttocks, shins, thighs and even the backbone.


  • Can lift a man of at least 400 pounds easily
  • Is available in a heavy duty stainless steel powder coated tube frame
  • Comes with forearm cushioned support and with adjustable dip bars
  • The device has 3-inch thick angled backrest
  • The dip bars of the fitness reality power tower can be adjusted to seven different heights

Tomshoo Fitness Power Tower

Tomshoo Adjustable Power Tower allows workout through fitness power tower. It offers exercises to tone your upper and lower body. The abdominal exercises can also be performed through this fitness machine. Tomshoo fitness tower is great for muscles, biceps, triceps, chest, arms, back, and more.

You can even do chin-up and pull-up exercises through the fitness power station as it includes multiple grip positions. The dip station for triceps is also available. It comes with non-slip handles and extra-comfortable armrest. It allows users to perform quads and lower abs workouts.

Tomshoo also offers cushioned arm rests to rest while performing exercises and to take breaks when needed.

Features of Tomshoo Fitness Power Tower:

  • Heavy duty steel mainframe construction for stability and durability.
  • It can holds up to 200kg weight. (The weight capacity will decrease when the tube is adjusted higher.)
  • It also includes nonslip rubber caps at the end of the power tower to protect your floors

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Review of Tomshoo Power Tower:

Tomshoo users have said that assembling the power tower is a breeze and as it includes the documented instructions and tools necessary to assemble the power tower. Tomshoo is also considered one of the best power tower for home use. Moreover, the weight capacity is as mentioned. The good thing is that it allows the users to hold onto the bar without it getting bent. This was reported by many users in previous power towers due to a few problems.

Weider Power Tower for Home Gym

Weider has been producing diversified home gym equipment and its power towers with pull-up and dip stations are known for their quality. The machine provides impeccable support and is an outstanding product for doing wide-variety of fitness exercises.

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You will get four workstations with the Weider power tower including biceps, dips, pushups and knee-raises. The power tower will target your biceps and triceps, core body muscles and shoulders in the upper body and calves and shins in the lower body.

The good thing about Weider Power tower is that it has a padded hand grip that acts like a cushion while you perform exercises. Personally speaking, I am not in favor of padded grips because they leave your hand soft. But, for beginners, this will work wonders. Not only will they be able to gain energy, but they won’t get vexed due to naked dip bars.

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This is one of the best power tower for home use as it can easily be used for years to come.


  • Cushion pads for comfortable exercising
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weighs 94 pounds.
  • Over all measurement 57 x 41 x 84-inches.
  • Weighing capacity of 300-pounds

The power tower is packed with some stunning features. The durable steel tubing and the powerful padded hand-grips makes it one of the top power racks for home gym power equipment market.

Bowflex Power Tower

The Bowflex Body Tower is a multi-purpose power rack. It is equipped with machines for performing a dozen exercises including pullups, muscle ups, push-ups, negative pushups, crunches, knee raises, calf raises, triceps dips, hand pull ups and leg raises.

The bowflex power rack comes with horizontal bars, hand grips, sling straps and cushioned back pad. It can lift weight up to 300 pounds and allows you to perform more than 20 exercises with ease.

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Here are some stunning features of bowflex body tower


  • Comes with horizontal bars, hand grips, sling straps
  • Includes a workout placard
  • Has a height of 77 inches
  • Weighs 120 pounds
  • Can lift 300 pounds maximum weight

It is one of the best body power towers in the market and allows its users to perform multiple body-weight exercises.

XMark XM 4434 Power Tower

The XMark XM 4434 Power Rack features 14-gauge steel and four-inch thick pads to rest your elbows on for performing leg raises. It also comes with an extra station for doing sit-ups.

The Xmark XM4434 is durable, made with thick metal frame and can easily be used for decades. Despite the metal frame body, it only weighs 70pounds. This makes it easier to transport and move around the house when needed.

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  • Solid 14-gauge steel mainframe.
  • 4-inch padding for elbows rest
  • Includes stations for performing vertical knee raises, dips, pull-ups and push-ups.
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 300 pounds

The XMark XM 4434 power tower is durable despite its low price.

As the pull-up bars face inwards, you can position it directly against the wall. It is easy to assemble and provides great workouts.

The XMark Power Rack is known for p90x andp90X3 workout programs. It is great for dips, pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups as all the power stations are built right into it.

Dimensions: 82.5″ tall, 24.5″ wide and 52.5″ long.
Maximum lifting capacity: 300lbs
Pull-Up Tower in the rear.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

The body vision power tower is ideal home gym equipment. It includes pull-up, push-up, and sit-ups and dips stand. The height is adjustable for performing upper and lower body workouts and it comes with an adjustable back and arm rests with full-padding.

Another feature of body vision power tower is that it comes with a push-up bars with multiple grip positions.

The body vision PT600 tower features a dips and a leg raises station for performing triceps, quads, and lower abs exercises.

The adjustable height allows you to fit it to your preference, so that you can keep it in your room.

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Dimensions: 57.5 x 42.5 x 84.63 inches

Weighs:  66lbs

Pull up and dip station: Is in the Front

Exercises Possible with a Power Tower:

There are multiple exercises you can perform with a power tower. And, the reason most people consider a power tower instead of a pull-up bar is because these are easier to use and do not ruin the door frame. The problem with most pull-up bars is that they can ruin the door frame of your house, or, they may not fit on any of your door if the doors are not three-feet in size. The exercise power racks for home don’t have that limit. They are lighter in size and can be used for multiple exercises.

Some exercises you can do with a power tower include:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Inverted-vertical-crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Dips
  • Leg raises
  • Knee-raises
  • Negative pull-ups

Looking for a Power Tower with Lowest Cost?

Is a Power Tower For You?

So, here are some of the finest options for buying a power tower for your home. But, before you get on a hunt for the best power racks for home, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will a power rack be a good option or should you go for a pull-up bar instead
  • Does your home have enough space to buy a power tower?
  • What features do you need in a power tower?
  • What is your budget for buying a decent power rack for your home?

Okay, you have some great options here to buy a power tower that you can use to workout at home. Power towers are famous for dip, chin-up and pull-up workouts.

After you have estimated your budget, make a rough analysis of the space the power rack will acquire in your house and the features you want enacted in a power rack, then go ahead and grab one.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.

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