Compact Dumbbell Racks – How to Choose for Home Gym?

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Dumbbells are some of the best free weights to train your body. These compact dumbbells are perfect for training your body without much effort. But vertical dumbbell racks are hard to find and you can’t be sure where to place your dumbbells while working out.

Finding Compact Dumbbell Racks for Home Gyms

Dumbbell racks are of two types, two tier dumbbell racks and three tier dumbbell racks. The reason we need three tier dumbbell racks for home gym is because they can easily store 10 pairs of dumbbells from 2.5kgs to 25kgs. The total weight of the dumbbells is around 91 kgs. This is so that they can easily lift the weight of the dumbbells. The weighted dumbbell rack are usually of steel with powder coat finish for maximum adhesion and durability.

  • Dumbbell racks size is between four feet to eight feet.
  • Dumbbell racks are small but can easily bear heavy weight.
  • Average weight of dumbbell rack stand is around 50 kgs.

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So, while considering buying a dumbbell standing rack for yourself, make sure you go for the one that is compact, takes less space and can easily have five dumbbells in the stand. Following are some of the highly rated dumbbell organizers suitable for a small space.

Body Solid GDR44 2-Tier Compact Dumbbell Rack

The rack is made up of a heavy gauge steel and can hold dumbbell up to 35 pounds. It is a two-tier rack which is connected at the top forming a V-shaped design. The rack can hold 6 dumbbells at each side. This rack is suitable for the lightweight dumbbells and keeps your dumbbell safe and organized. It occupies relatively less space as it is smaller in size.


  • It has a Compact design
  • It can accommodate various brands of dumbbells.


  • Some users face assembly issues with this model.
  • Some of the dumbbells do not fit in the rack.
  • Suitable for lightweight dumbbells only.

The Marcy 3-Tier Compact Dumbbell Rack

This is a three-tiered vertical dumbbell storage racks for home gyms are made of a heavy steel frame. The rack is easy to assemble. It has a heavy-duty welded construction and powder coat finish and strong enough to carry the weights. The rack comes with a two-year warranty and has rubber feet to protect the floor from scratches. It can accommodate various types and sizes of dumbbells.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Easy to assemble with just a wrench
  • Rubber feet ensuring floor protection
  • Compact design that saves space


  • It comes in cheap packing

Cap Barbell RK-CB16H Compact Dumbbell Rack

It’s a very useful Dumbbell Racks for Home Gyms that organizes your dumbbells with style. It’s the stylish organizer having solid steel construction. It can hold up to 4 dumbbells at a time of approximate 3-35 lbs. The rack contains two extra trays that can be used for holding other workout accessories or exercise equipment like a towel, jumping rope or kettlebell etc. The ends are covered with rubber preventing the floor from scratches.


  • It has a stylish design
  • Strong construction
  • Scratch resistant
  • Two extra racks for other accessories

Sports And Fitness 3-Tier Compact Dumbbell Rack

It is a three-tier Dumbbell Racks for Home Gyms. It can be placed on the table or any other hard surface. It can accommodate three pairs of dumbbell and can bear approximately 32 pounds of weight. This organizer is made up of good quality heavy duty plastic and has a compact design.


  • This home gym vertical dumbbell rack has a compact design which is a suitable choice for a small space


  • It is not that sturdy or well built.
  • It can be placed on the hard place only

Body Solid GDR 363 3-Tier Compact Dumbbell Rack

The organizer has 3 tier dumbbell racks for the storage of dumbbell of various sizes. It has a sturdy steel construction which can accommodate up to 50 pounds of weight. It keeps your workout area organized by holding 10 pairs of dumbbells. It does not occupy much space. It has a well-welded construction which is safe and secure for your home gym. The rack has a lifetime warranty.

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  • It has a sturdy steel construction
  • It is space-efficient
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some built-in issues are reported.

Why Buy Compact Dumbbell Racks for Home Gym?

In order to help you overcome that worry, we have added vertical dumbbell racks. A few reasons you need dumbbell racks in your home gym are:

  • Compact dumbbell racks keep your home organized and you motivated
  • Compact dumbbell racks for home gyms are a low cost option for free weight training
  • Compact dumbbell racks are perfect for keeping dumbbells that can be used to train each major muscle of the body
  • You can easily get vertical dumbbell racks if you have small space in your home
  • Compact dumbbell racks are suitable for anyone who loves dumbbell workouts. Just make sure that you pay special attention to dumbbell rack sizes.

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FAQs for Home Gym Vertical Dumbbell Racks

  1. Why buy home gym vertical dumbbell racks? How can they benefit me?

Dumbbell racks are great for anyone who has small space in his house or apartment. These dumbbell racks not only save space but they also keep the home gym organized. You can easily buy dumbbell racks ranging from $50 to $500 depending on your needs.

  1. How many dumbbell rack tiers do i need?

Usually dumbbell racks with only two tiers are enough for home gyms. But you can go for three as well. It completely depends on how much space you have and how many dumbbells are in your possession.

  1. How much weight can a dumbbell rack bear?

It completely depends on the type of dumbbell rack that you want to buy. All dumbbell racks have the weight quantity written on them.

4. What is the average dumbbell rack size?

The size of dumbbell rack varies from stand to stand. In most gyms, dumbbell racks are of one foot with two levels to support light and heavy weights. In some gyms, the dumbbell rack size is from two to four feet. This is because they have three levels. Each level has different weight size limit with lightest on top and heaviest at the bottom.

That’s it. Let us know if you have anything to say about this dumbbell rack article. We will be adding more information about vertical dumbbell racks in this article soon.

What are Dumbbell Racks How to Choose One?

In simple terms, a dumbbell rack is where you will place the dumbbells after a workout. In gyms and especially in homes, we don’t have any place to put dumbbells. They are heavy, and they take a lot of space, so they can’t be placed anywhere. Also, sometimes these dumbbells roll because of a little push and they can be dangerous for people walking without slippers. So, dumbbells racks are the solution to this problem. These dumbbell racks cost around $30 to $200 depending on their weight capacity and the type of racks you want to buy.

Obviously if you are looking for stylish dumbbell racks the prices will be higher but small dumbbell racks also work fine.

Types of Dumbbell Racks for Home Gym

Vertical Dumbbell Racks

Vertical dumbbell racks have layers of dumbbells one over the other. Consider them like pyramid towers. You will stack one dumbbell over the next one. They will form a vertical tower.

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Benefits of Vertical Dumbbell Racks:

The benefit of a vertical dumbbell rack is that it will take less space. However, you will have to put heavier dumbbells at the bottom so that the rack doesn’t fall to a side.

Horizontal Dumbbell Racks

On the other hand we have horizontal dumbbell racks. Gyms have a lot of dumbbells. Sometimes these dumbbells can be around 20. You can’t put all of these on vertical dumbbell racks. That’s why horizontal racks come in handy. They are single or dual layer dumbbell racks and can carry around 300lbs of weight.

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You can put them attached to the wall and they will serve you well by taking the load of the dumbbells after a workout. These dumbbell racks are also called 1-tier or 2-tier dumbbell racks. Their price varies with the weight capacity.

Benefits of Horizontal Dumbbell Racks

Horizontal dumbbell racks can carry more weight. But the downside is that they take more space than the other dumbbell racks. You can use them in your home gym if you have a separate room. Otherwise they will take the space of the furniture making it difficult to move in the room with all the dumbbell stacked on top of each other.

Our Recommendation:
Vertical racks are great if you are a light weightlifter. These racks are also a good choice if you don’t have a separate room. But if you have a separate room and you lift more weights we will recommend horizontal dumbbell racks also called 2-tier dumbbell racks.


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