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How to Use Standing Assisted Pull-up Machines Safely?

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Doing pullups for the first time? Read below to know how they are actually done without scaring the hell out of you.

It is really hectic to pull yourself up, especially if you are doing pullups for the first time. But no worries, it is all about trial and errors. Do you see those buffed up dudes in your gym? They were like you once. But now see them. All changed. This is because they practiced, and they practiced a lot!

Here are some of the best ways to safely use a standing assisted pullup machine at home.

Use proper arm-placement technique

Put up the pin at weight according to your body weight average 20 pounds lesser, depending on how much you can actually lift. Once you are ready, lift yourself up. Keep a proper technique so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

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Note down the gap between each hand

Now stand on left or right better if you center it and grip the bar made to hold them in a fist and then pull it down according to the gap your hands can bear.

Fitness On Toast Faya Workout Girl Pull Up Pullups Chin Up Bar Bodyweight Cheap Exercise Blog Routine Idea-7

Keep your legs bent, so you can lift more

Arrange the length when needed and keep your legs bent so you can lift more of your weight.

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Slowly and Steadily pull yourself

Pull yourself up to the bar slowly and steadily such that you set your elbows in a pumping motion. If you can’t pull yourself up in the first go on a Standing Assisted Pull-up Machines then don’t lose hope and keep trying.

Chain and kettlebell weighted pullup? That girl's a beast.

Don’t swing your body while you are doing pull-ups

In doing so your all focus should be on your arms and stop swinging up any other part of your body i.e. hips or back

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As we all are aware of the complexities human body and brain have gone through to develop such a system that makes one look fine and fittest to its maximum capacity not only from outside but inner souls and systems are working throughout the life without any outer supply or source.  It is not less than a miracle that most complex structures are arranged so perfectly by the Almighty that we don’t need to tell our body to how to work and when. It just prompts to the consequences our body and internal systems are going through and when it comes to making a bodywork efficiently and be in good shape many of us think on hitting the gym-well only some can do.

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Why use Standing Assisted Pull-up Machines

The urge and struggle to look better in yourself and in front of others there’s none better a person can do than to have a perfect and healthy body which not only satisfies the people who look and admire you but our own selves a boosted confidence that probably one of the best feelings a person could have to believe in the abilities God has gifted you with and how a person put it into the right cause and that is the development of a good shaped human body that not only grooms once personality but also the mind that then gets on track of thinking more and more better for themselves.

Assisted Pull-up Machine vs Pull-up Bar

You will need to Train Hard! Very hard!

People who are fond of exercising and go to the gym daily to tone their bodies up are well aware of the benefits they get through that in their daily life routines as they keep them fresh and active all the day and that’s so far the best thing that can happen to you in a day.

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There have been many exercises and machines introduced by different companies and some handmade machines are also being used by many gym hitters to keep their body look mesmerizing to themselves and others. For this purpose, there’s being introduced many new machines and techniques through which you can see a gradually faster and safer change in your body and one of them is assisted pull up machines. As different people use machines different ways but there are some specific ways to which you can use these pull up machines as they have a weight specified according to human body weight.

Assisted Pull Ups Machine vs Resistance Bands

What to do if you don’t like Standing Assisted Pull-up Machines? or you simply don’t want to pullup? In such a case, what do you do? You have one option that is to use resistance bands.

Below are the few points that can help you decide if you should go with pullup bar or a resistance machine

Standing Assisted Pull-up Machines

  • The standing assisted pull up machine makes it easier for users to train easily without support.
  • It comes with a set amount of weight. It practically takes out the strength training from the pull-up workout. The whole process is completely automated.
  • If you are new to it and using it for the first time, it could be tricky. Make sure to as a professional to show you how?
  • A proper technique for pull ups is essential. Because if the proper technique is not followed it can lead to an injury.

Resistance Bands


  • A proper strength training equipment, resistance bands provide additional challenges as opposed to the assisted pull up machine.
  • It uses the body weight when pulling yourself down. This takes a lot out of the pull-up workout.
  • The resistance bands are delicate and can hurt you if you don’t grip them properly.
  • It is really hard to get the length of the resistance band right no matter how many times you have used it.


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