Best Pullup Bars for upper body- Workout, Installation, Reviews

Upper body workout Pull-Up Bars - Workout, Installation & Price
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The upper body workout pull up bar is used for many exercises. They are best used for improving your posture, shoulders and wings. These have option of versatile exercises because the upper body workout bar can easily be parked in between the door frames for easy access. They come with foam and solid grip, so users can easily focus on workout that impacts the whole area of their body i.e. arms, back, chest, shoulders and more.

Upper body workout: Best Pull-Up Bar Reviews:

Below is a list of upper body workout options for beginners. I have made the list from beginners to advance so people can proceed as per their will and limit.

Best doorway Pull-up bars for home to buy:

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar 5 star Buy Now
Iron Gym Total Upper Body 4 star Buy Now
Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar 4 star Buy Now
Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus 3 star Buy Now
Sportneer Chin Up Bar Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar 3 star Buy Now

Types of exercises you can do with a pull-up bar at home:

Beginner Pull-Up Bar workout options

  • Simple pull up
  • Wide pull up
  • Neutral pull up

Medium Pull-Up Bar workout options

  • Narrow pull up
  • Chin up
  • Muscle up

Advance Pull-Up Bar workout options

  • Extra wide pull up
  • Hammer grip pull up
  • Leg raises
  • Tricep Dips

pull up bar workouts and exercises routines

Home Gym pull-up bar reviews & installation

Door requirements:

If the pull up bar is placed in between the door then keep in mind the following requirements.

  • The Width should be 24” to 34” wide
  • Trim width: Up to 3.5” wide

An iron gym upper body pull-up bar installation doesn’t take much time and it will be done in hardly 15 minutes if you have the right tools.

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You will need to drill the screws in the wall on top of the door frame.

Or else, you can let go of the door for good and install the pull up bar in a wall. This type of pull up bar is also known as wall-mounted pull up bar.

Iron gym upper body Pull-up bar workout installation guide

The iron gym extreme is a type of pull-up bar that allows multiple body workouts. That is one reason it is called the iron gym extreme workout. It is available at many places but Amazon offers the lowest price for this product. It is a great home gym equipment and if you are not in mood to do a proper body workout then this is one of the best choices. Just do a few reps whenever you get the time.

The pull-up bar workout routine, especially with iron gym workout extreme edition is durable and versatile. Just make sure you buy from a reliable retailer and get exactly what you paid for.

Benefits of using a Pullup bar at Home

Daily workouts are a great way to stay fit and healthy all the time, and personal trainers and coaches put a lot of emphasis on it. Many of us, may skip our workouts by making lame excuses and other reasons, but that is purely wrong. As, there are a dozen benefits in proper workout training, if only we had known…

Just take pullups. These are the best workouts you will find. Why?

Because pullups don’t require any additional equipment or workout machine to do. You can just grab a long wall and start to do pullups. These engage your whole upper body including chest, lats, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and even stomach.

Most people have installed Doorway pullup bars in their homes to do pullups because these are one of the healthiest exercises available to us.

It is obvious that people who used to go gym can perform such workout at the gym by using pullup bars but what about those who don’t want to go the gym but want to do this exercise? They can install pull-up bars in their doorways.

When you will do this exercise, you will get amazing benefits with respect to your body and health. Have a look at some of them.

  • Pull-up bars strengthen the back bone: The pull-up exercise with the help of pull-up bar is best for backbone strengthening. Force is applied to whole body weight and it strengthens your muscles.
  • Pullup bars improve your grip: People who used to perform this exercise, know very well that how it helps to increase grip. When you will use pull-up bar for pull-ups, your grip strength will increase, and you can handle your whole body with your hands.
  • Pullups can melt extra fat quickly: Extra fat on your body gets melt in enhanced speed or rapid manner when you perform such workout. It is also known as the toning workout, just use the right pull-up bar and perform this workout on daily basis.
  • Pullups help tone your body: The pull-up bar is the best workout for toning your body and strengthening & building of your muscles. Men like to have six packs but most of the time it is impossible to get those because extra fat resists their path to get so. When you will perform pullup bar workout, your muscles will get strength and extra fat will get reduce too.
  • Pullups are great for stamina: Doing pullups on a regular basis can improve your stamina by leaps and bounds. This isn’t possible with any exercise because you aren’t lifting the weight of the whole body.

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How to Hang Heavy Punching Bag with Pull-up Bar?

One of the best ways to hang punching bag in your home is by using a pull up bar. It is a cost-effective and multipurpose. You can use a pull up bar for hanging yourself, doing pullups and even hanging the punching bag.

Another benefit of a pull up bar is that you can use it to hang the punching bag. This means you are solving two problems with one.

Let’s learn how to hang punching bag with the pull up bar.

  • Buy a punching bag less than 50 kgs. If the weight of the punching bag is more, it will be too heavy for hanging on the pull up bar.
  • Use a hook or ropes to hang the punching bag with the pull up bar.
  • The benefit is that you can leave it hanging on the bar and use it for punching whenever you want.
  • Just make sure that the pull up bar is placed in a corner. If it is in the middle of the room, the punching bag can become an obstacle for other users.
  • Make sure that you don’t hang the punching bag with a doorway pull up bar. Doorway pull up bars are weak and not properly fixed to the door frame. They can also damage the frame due to the vibrations caused by punching bag movement.

So, choose the best pull-up bar that actually suits your needs.

Pull up Bar reviews: What to consider?

It is true that iron gym extreme workout is effective for upper body strength. But a full workout routine involves a mix of both, upper and lower body workouts. Therefore, add sit ups, lunges, deadlifts and squats part of your exercise routine. This will help hit all the muscle groups of the body while you exercise.

Iron Gym Upper body Exercises

Upper body workout helps develop latissimus dorsi aka wings as we call them in gym lingo. These upper shoulder flaps are part of the biceps, rhomboids and trapezius muscles.

Just as pushups and dips impact the chest, shoulders and triceps muscle and abdominal crunches hit rectus abdominis – the stomach muscle area of the body, the upper body workout impacts the side flaps under the arms. These help bring the V-shape to the human body. And if your body is lean, they will look impeccable on it.

What to Look For in a Doorway Pull Up Bar:

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Several things to look for in a pull-up bar are:

Multiple grips:

A pull-up bar will be shallow if it doesn’t support multiple grips. Multiple grips give you more liberty to exercise. You can use them differently and even form your own exercise routines.

Sturdy construction:

Sometimes, you will want to hang like a monkey or stretch yourself like a pendulum. If the construction isn’t sturdy enough it will break the bar. That’s why I like the design of iron-bar pull-up. Because it features impeccable design and has a sturdy construction.

Padded contact points to prevent damage to walls and door frame:

Finally, while choosing a pull-up bar make sure that the contact points are not rough or they will damage the construction of the wall.

Below is a list of some of the finest upper body workout bars to try for your fitness.

Best Pull up bars for Upper body workout exercises – Reviews:

  1. ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up bar is available with bolts that are easy to assemble on the wall. It perfectly fits inside the doorway, if the door is more than two feet in width. The device comes with an instructional manual so you won’t have any problem in building it.

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Assembling the device isn’t much of a deal if you know your way around different tools. The ProSource Pull-Up bar can be used for many exercises like simple pull ups, muscle ups, thigh lifts, tricep lifts and more. It is an efficient way of building muscles through 10 different exercises that can be done on this pull up bar with multiple grips.

2. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar reviews

Iron Gym is one of the most used pull up bar for upper body workouts. It is easy to assemble and will fit in all door spaces. Just be sure to read the instruction manual, which states the requirements for installing the iron gym workout bar in your house.

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The iron gym upper body bar can be used in multiple ways, if you are not sticking it in the door way, it can be used as a pushup and dips bar. It has multiple grips, so performing narrow grip pull ups and wide-grip pull ups won’t be a problem anymore. The iron gym folks have also provided a dietary plan for the workout bar. If you are not a beginner, we think that is a waste of money.

Just be consistent with your workouts, set your routine with the iron gym workout exercise and you will be good to go.

3. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip reviews

Joist Mounted Pull up Bar is shipped with the joist and you need to use it to keep the bar sturdy and fixed. It is a DIY model and comes with instructions for mounting it. Just make sure you have a drill that can do the job for you. The welds are clean and it is made of high quality.

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The Joist Mounted Pull up bar was packaged in a nice box and is highly recommended if you want to make tough upper body. The best thing about Joist Mounted Bar is its affordable price. Unlike other high priced items, the bar is low-cost, making it within the reach of most home-gym users. It is one of the best home-gym equipment to buy.

4. Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus reviews

Stamina Doorway Trainer Pull up bar is another well-shaped and durable upper body workout bar that will look great in a home-gym. It is especially made for those who are just starting pull ups. The bar comes with bolts to fix it on a doorframe.

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Users have pointed out that this bar will not fit on most old doorframes and the door should be minimum size of 36 inches for the pull bar to fix to it.

It can also be used as a push up bar. It has multiple grips, so the users can try different exercises related to pushups, triceps and pull ups.

5. Sportneer Chin Up Bar Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar reviews

Sportneer Pull Up/Chin up Bar can support 300 lbs weight. It is one of the most durable pull ups bars in our list. It allows users to try multiple narrow body and wide body workouts due to its varying grip sizes. The pull up bar can fix in door frames ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches. It has a non-slip padded foam that provides comfortable grip.

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The chin up bar by sportneer is designed for home workouts, especially for those users who do not have time to go to the gym. If you do not have any gym equipment, only buying this pull-up/chin-up bar is sufficient for you.

Mix your workouts with some lower body workouts and you will not need any other home gym equipment ever, as these pull up bars take care of most of the upper body workout except the shoulders with the chin-up bars.

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