Best Bicep Arm Blaster & Bomber Curls to Stay Smart

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Bicep bomber curls are a support mechanism for biceps that help the user to hold the dumbbell weight in an accurate posture. These bicep curls are also called as arm bombers reviews in various places.

Summary: Best Bicep Arm Blaster & Isolation Belts & their features

Product Feature Price
Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber Curl Lifts 200KGs Check Price
Cannon Curl Bicep Arm Blaster Good for beginners Check Price
RAD Arm Blaster Bomber Bicep Curl Adjustable strap Check Price
ARD CHAMPS Heavy Duty Arm Blaster Bomber Bicep Curl Builds muscle faster Check Price

How to use a Bicep Arm Blaster?

Let’s see what arnold bicep bomber curls are used for:

  • To support the arm while exercising
  • It keeps the posture of the person straight
  • It helps put load on the shoulders and neck equally
  • It lifts the load with hands, not the chest to avoid unequal weight disposal

To use a bicep bomber curl do the following:

  • Wear the biceps blaster belt on your neck and straighten your posture
  • Now fix your elbows on the sides of the arm bomber so they are separated from the chest.
  • Now lift weight through it
  • Your chest should be pressed by the bomber curl and the whole weight should be lifted through the biceps – you need to feel it

Here is a video display of how to use an arm blaster for doing exercise. As you can see, it is good for bicep building at home and in gym. Watch this video and then read the arm blaster reviews for a conscious purchase.

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Best Bicep Bomber curls for starters

Bicep bomber curls, also called as biceps blaster belt or arm blasters, help their users make attractive body by providing a posture while weight lifting. These are not necessary for building muscles but play a crucial role in their attractiveness and safety. Many experts recommend the use of bicep bomber curls (arm bicep blasters reviews) while doing unsupervised bicep exercises with free weights.

Below is a list of bicep isolation belts or arm blasters to help you make an aware decision while buying them. Most bicep bomber curls are available from $20 to $40. They need to be of high-quality so the material doesn’t ruin so easily. They need to be adjustable so the wearer can easily exercise. And, they need to have sturdy screws that can withstand the pressure of weight lifting.

List of Best Bicep Arm Blaster Reviews

Body Solid BB23 Bicep Arm Blaster

Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber belt is made of nylon that provides comfort and stability while performing exercises. The belt reminds of the arm blaster aka arnold belt that you must have watched in the movies. This affordable bicep body-building belt can withstand 1,000-pound capacity of weight. The bicep bomber belt is available in gold, metal and steel. It is dense, stable and designed for all types of bicep workouts. To prove its robustness, the company provides body solid bicep bombers with a lifetime warranty.

The arnold bicep bomber works by isolating the arms and shoulders while you perform the curls. This provides stability and the weight is handled by the whole body instead of just the arms, minimizing chances of an injury.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Can withstand 1000-pounds weight


  • People have reported the screws come off this product after a few tries

Nonetheless, the Body Solid BB23 bicep blaster comes off a small price only, which means it is easily affordable. And will help you get a proper arm support while you exercise next time.

Cannon Curl Bicep Bicep Arm Blaster 

The cannon curl bicep blaster curl helps you keep a stable posture while doing bicep curls. It provides support, isolates the biceps, and comes with a padded abdomen region to add additional comfort and stability to your body.

The arm bicep curl support is made with thick gauge aluminum. It has a padded abdomen region and neck pads for comfort, support and stability.

The max weight supported is 22kgs for dumbbells and 45kgs curl bar. So, this adjustable bicep curl bar is only for beginners and home gyms. It won’t be able to handle more weight


  • Comes with extra thick pad for support
  • Has a padded abdomen region
  • Isolates biceps and provide stable support


  • Can’t handle more weight than 45kgs – suitable for beginners

It is a comfortable bicep curl bar for those who are just starting out body building. This arm blaster will help support the arms, so they can build muscle faster.

RAD Arm Blaster & Bomber Curl

If you want to build lean and huge muscles that not only are good for show-off but can move a truck then there is nothing better than the RAD Arm blaster bicep curl. This sturdy 7MM device with foam neck padding provides a neat tone to your body. And, as most of the arm blasters are too stiff on the back bone, this one isn’t like that.

It is specially built with the form, so your body stays lean. It comes with a neck brace that can fit any body size with adjustable straps.

It is great for home-gyms but if you have joined a regular gym and would not want to wait for the automatic bicep curl machine than this RAD arm blaster will help you do just that.


  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Best for beginners
  • No need to wait in line for curl machines any longer


  • Padding isn’t so thick

ARD CHAMPS Bicep Arm Blaster 

ARD Champs arm blaster is nothing like other low quality bicep curls. One reason for that is its 8MM bicep isolater. Secondly, it comes with a supreme v2 foam neck padding that relaxes your nape while you lift weights. The contoured design even allows to lock arm positions for the finest results.

It helps to build enhanced protruding muscle on the front side of the arm by supporting the elbow and putting every bit of pressure on the front skeletal lobes.


  • Perfectly isotates the muscles for a clean workout
  • Balances the straps on the back to apply even pressure
  • Helps build muscle faster with clean workout routine


  • Some have reported it has a strap adjustment problem

An arm blaster is a crucial device for building clean muscles. Whether you workout at home or go to a gym, having a bicep curl on your side will not only help build the body faster, but will provide it quality shape that you always wanted. Choose your bicep blaster curl wisely, because it shapes the way you look to everyone.

Image result for workouts

The Quickest Way to Build Biceps:

If you want to build biceps quick then the best way is to start with small but effective exercises such as:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pullups
  • Pushups

And for weight lifting, go for direct bicep exercises including:

  • Bicep curls
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Barbell curls

Barbell curls are probably the most effective way to build muscle fast. You can even throw in hammer curl and it will do wonders.

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Just remember to experiment with the routines that work for you. Not everyroutine works for everyone but these are the exercises that will help you build muscle fast.

The bicep bomber blaster will help you keep your muscles in position and will avoid any injury to your shoulders and collarbone.

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Benefits of Bicep Arm Blasters

People say that they are not getting any kind of transformation by their workouts. In most cases, it’s because they are not doing it in the right way that’s why they could not get any significant results.

Just like that, all of us want smart and good-looking biceps and for that, we have to perform various workouts but can’t get desired results because we are not putting the right force in the right direction. An arm blaster or bomber curl is the best fit in such case. One reason to use it because these arm support devices are great for workouts. Not only will they help the biceps but also the tricep making it worth it.

Here are the number of benefits of using arm blasters (bicep bomber curl) for your bicep workouts.

arnold schwarzenegger arm blaster dumbbell curls

  • Locks your arms in position:

It is a great fit for your workouts. The best benefit it provides is that it locks your arms in proper position, which is necessary for a bicep-based workout.

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  • Restricts Swinging Movement:

Mostly, when we perform bicep workout then our arm gets a swing every time and because of that, force is not applied to muscle properly. With the help of arm blaster, one can get full support as it will not let your arms swing here or there.

  • Tension Applies to whole Muscle:

Normally, when boys/girls perform bicep workout especially dumbbell exercises, their arms and wrist move along here and there and because of that, muscle is not affected in the way it should be. With the help of bomber curl or arm blaster, tension is applied to muscle in a perfect manner.

  • Ultimate Pumping Machine for Bicep Muscles:

When you will use arm blaster, it will help apply the perfect force of tension on your muscles therefore pumping whole of the bicep. And this is the ultimate goal of any bicep workout – to

Make sure to use arm blaster during bicep workouts and put aside your ego that people will notice that he/she doesn’t know about angles. Make yourself perfect, forget about others.

  • They are Arnold’s Favourite Exercise Support

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hollywood actor and the governor of Austria, used arm blasters as his favourite bicep exercise support device. These work wonders. Not because we are saying, but because Arnold and other top body builders have made their biceps through it. Even if you are new to exercise, the Arnold bicep curl is a great exercise support machine to get started.

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  • Your Bicep will be in Perfect Form

Most body builders have a mentality that lift as heavy as you can without paying heed to the form. They only pump themselves just to show off. This mentality is wrong and will lead to muscle damage in the long run.

It is better to work slow, progress, and do it for long-term only then you will get powerful body.

Make calculated risks and workout until you are fine. Not workout until failure, because then you won’t be ready for the next workout.

The arm blast will be a great help in this regard. It can be adjusted on the shoulders and will keep the form straight, locking your arms so you only lift as much weight as you can handle.

In the start, you won’t be able to lift more weight, but that’s fine. With time you will be able to handle more and that is the REAL WEIGHT.

Exercises for Bicep Arm Blaster

  • One at a time Bicep Curl

Pick two dumbbells in both hands and start lifting one only. Try this 10 times and then take a break of one minute. Do it again 10 times and again take a break. Do this three times in total

  • Alternate Bicep Curl

Pick dumbbells again. Do bicep curl with one hand. Now repeat this with the second hand. Do this 10 times and then rest.

Do it for total three laps.

  • Inner Bicep Curl

Again stand in the same position and lift weights in the outward direction.

inner biceps curl dumbbell exercises for biceps

Here is a good reference from Dumbbell Exercises

  • Hammer Curl

Stand in an upright position and lift both dumbbells in both hands. Your palms should face inward and the dumbbell should be vertical to the ground. Lift One. Lift second. Repeat 10 times.

Do it for three laps straight

  • Seated Bicep Curl

Just like you did the bicep curls while standing. Sit down on a bench and lift both the dumbbells. Now lift simultaneously.

Do it 10 times and then repeat. Make 3 rounds in total.

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