Best Speed Punching Bags – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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An essential part of boxing training is the use of speed bags. These bags are constructed in the shape of an oval ball and are used for hitting with hands to increase ones agility. Consider the cat like agility in human beings. That’s possible while punching through the use of speed punching bags for training, of you train hard enough.

Advantages of Speed Punching Bags

Speed punching bags will not only improve your agility and flexibility but will also tone the shape of your body. With regular training, you will feel more powerful, active and attentive. Apart from these physical benefits, with speed punching bags your mind will also get sharper. Your hand-to-eye coordination will be drastically improve and the punching delivery time will decrease tremendously.

You will be able to deliver the punch briskly and precisely, at places where you literally want.

But, to become this agile, nimble and swift, you need a speed punching bag that can deliver on the promise. That’s why we have hand-picked a few of the best speed boxing bags to help you get started fast.

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Speed Punching Bag Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider

Speed bags are made from a variety of materials including leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl and many more. The quality of a speed bag varies in all of them. So, let’s discuss their material types in greater detail.

Sowing Technique:

Check the sowing of the bag. The sowing technique of the punching bag should be strict, different and should keep the outer layer intact. The reason most speed punching bags fail is because they get ripped easily. This happens when the bags are not sewn properly.

Swivel or Standing speed bags

These speed punching bags either use swivels that are connected with the roof, or come with stands. Both are different. Swivels are usually sold separately.

Bladder should be strong

The speed punching bladder bag should be

5 Speed Punching Bags to Buy for Home Gym

Title Classic Speed Punching Bag

If you are looking for a tough, lightweight speed punching bag, then the classic speed bag is the best one. It comes with sturdy leather built and features a reliable rubber bladder that provides extended life to the user. It comes with 5*8 or 6*9 sizes. The bag has a nice shape and a sweet shop for hitting.

It has a butyl bladder. The speed boxing bag is for those who want to improve their skills.


  • Doesn’t leak by extended use
  • Is available for a cheap price
  • Comes with good quality
  • Bag stays straight and doesn’t twist during use

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TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

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These boxing bags are balanced through gyro technology and for reflexes improvement. It is made of top grade leather shell and triple reinforced leather seams. The bag is made of butyl rubber pro bladder that provides special internal balancing. The bag is available in black color. It is available in three sizes and bears the title of speed punching bag. It is 7.2 ounces. The size of title boxing gyro bag is 5*8 inches, 6*9 inches, and 7*10 inches. The bag can be used by beginners as well as professional boxers with ease. The best thing about gyro balanced speed boxing bags is that they are affordable and durable.


  • Makes a great gift for professional fighters
  • Comes with strong leather exterior
  • Bounces back speed is normal
  • Provides decent speed punching workout

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Everlast 4214 Leather Speed Bag

Composed of leather, the Everlast Leather speed bag comes in a great impressive design. It is balanced and provides superior speed and accuracy. The bags returning speed is fast so you will get a sound workout by using this bag. It can last for many sessions and provides comfort and proficiency. This everlast bag has a super speed rubber bladder that provides extreme recoil with every punch. Professional boxers using this bag have said that it has improved their hand-to-eye coordination, muscular endurance, and flexibility due to its impressive recoil speed.


  • Enhanced flat welting and double-stitching
  • Robust genuine leather for impressive quality
  • Superior speed and accuracy
  • Boosted recoil speed

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Pro Impact Durahide Speed Boxing bag

The pro impact boxing speed bag is designed for people who want to improve their body image and become more flexible. The material of the durahide speed boxing bag lets it stay in shape for longer times. This means users can easily use these bags to upgrade their reflexes without worrying about durability of the bag. It is available in three different sizes. The weight of the bag is 5.6 ounces. You can start using the pro impact durahide bag by pumping it up. Just hang it ans start dribbling punches.


  • Available in three sizes
  • Best for beginner boxers
  • Stays in shape for long periods
  • Comes with a durable rubber bladder

Pro Impact Durahide Speed Boxing bag

Pro Mex Professional Speed Bags

The promex professional boxing speed bag is made in Mexican style. It helps develop concentration skills of the boxer, improves his rhythm and reflexes. This bag provides decent workout for hands as well as the upper body. It can be used by anyone irrespective of gender, age and body fitness. With the pro mex professional speed bag, the risk of injury is also low because the bag provides complete security. It is available in three sizes and provides impressive performance. The good thing about this bag is that you can order a replacement bladder for the pro mex bag in case this one gets ruptured.


  • Comes in three sizes
  • A replacement bladder is available
  • Decreases risk of injury
  • Improves focus and reflexes

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Final word:

As you can see that multiple speed boxing bags are available therefore it is hard to rate any one of them the best. But rest assured, as the ones that we have highlighted above are reliable and can last for a long period. The good thing is that they can be used by beginners and professionals alike. So, choose a speed punching bag for your home gym today. And, in case of a problem, let us know in the comments below.

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