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Best Stomach Bloating Relief Exercise You Can Do

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Stiff stomach can be bad for your health. Not only will it impact you, it will also kill your efficiency.

Sometimes eating too little, not drinking enough water, or having too much milk can cause stomach bloating. Whatever the reason, bloating can be harsh! It is painful, disrespecting to your bowel, and can freeze you to a certain positions only. So, how do you eliminate bloating? The best steps to eliminate bloating is with bloat exercises. Not just exercises but stomach movements. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to reduce stomach bloating with exercises.

Let’s learn about Stomach Bloating Relief Exercise.


Bloating can be a hell of a problem if not treated at the right time. And the best way to eliminate bloating and many other digestive problems are keeping yourself as active as possible. Any convenient physical activity can help you in this scenario, choose from walking, jogging, cycling or dancing. Cardio is extremely effective in expelling gas from the stomach and easing gas pain. 

30 minutes of light to medium physical activity regularly will help you with the stomach ache in the long run.

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Here is how you can use Yoga to improve your overall fitness and overcome the bloating problem once and for all.


The stretches in yoga promote better gut motility and aids in digestion too. Certain yoga poses like the cat pose and cow pose occur to be perfect for Stomach Bloating and provides Relief with Exercises.

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Source: WebMD

Attain the cat position by getting down on your knees and palms (just like a cat). Make sure to keep your elbows and palms in a straight line and similarly hips and knees in a straight line. Manage to maintain your neck and spine in a relaxed and neutral position. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. 

After a pause, start to exhale the air out meanwhile your stomach should move down towards the floor. This time your back should be arched downwards, your shoulders should be relaxed and your neck should be neutral. Repeat this exercise 3 times for better results.

Torso Twist

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Torso twist is great when it comes to increasing the blood circulation and blood flow into the stomach and upper body. The stretch you feel in the body helps in the gut motility and bloating and provide Relief with bloating relief Exercises

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Grab a mat and sit in a way that your legs are extended in front of you. Keep your arms at the side in a resting position. Tighten your upper body and start to bend one of your knees towards the chest while keeping the balance on the tailbone. Cross the leg and put it on the opposite side crossing one leg over the other. Once you cross the legs, start rotating your upper body to the side where you have bent your leg. Rotate your upper body to the max so you feel a strain in your back and arms. Repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction. 

Repeat 10 reps of the same exercise in 2 to 3 sets.

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Extended Triangle Pose

Extended triangle pose helps in increasing the flexibility of muscles, giving it the perfect stretch, needed to get the body all jacked up again. And the best part is you don’t need any equipment to start your stomach bloating workouts.

Start your exercise by standing straight with your body tight and upright and now move your arms down to the side. Now take one of your feet and step it backwards turning the foot at 90° and turning the chest to the left. Now that you have rotated the upper body, extend your legs far apart. Now making your waist a hinge, start to swing down your body to touch the left foot with the left arm while the right arm is extended high in the air. Give a pause to the body in this position so feel a good stretch in your back and stomach. Repeat the same exercise to the opposite side and hold for about 15 seconds on either side. 

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Source: Yoga Journal

Sphinx Pose

If you’re familiar with the cobra pose, sphinx pose will not be a problem for you. It helps you in stretching the gut and digestive organs which interns eliminate stomach ache and bloating. 

Lie down on an exercise mat with your face towards the floor, elbows bent and palms placed closely next to the chest line. Keep your body tightened and start to move your upper body up shifting the weight on your palms. Make sure you only move the neck and chest up and your lower body should be on the ground. Move your upper body as up as you comfortably can. Now hold this position for about 10 to 30 seconds and then lower your body back to the starting position. Complete 5 to 10 repetitions of the same exercise.

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Source: Art of living

Extended Puppy Pose

Extended puppy pose relaxes the overly full stomach and helps in easing stomach ache. All you need is an exercise mat and you’re set to sail. 

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Source: Yoga Journal

Start with the regular cat pose with your posture straight and erect, keep your knees aligned with your hips and palms aligned with the shoulders. Now walk your palms ahead by taking small steps with your hands so that your head can touch the floor. Now start curling your toes and keep them on the floor, meanwhile exhale and hold the air in for as long as you can. Take a pause in this pose for about 30 seconds or 1 minute.

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