Five Best Back Exercise Extension Machines for Home Gym

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Here is a list of the best exercise machines for home gym that you can use with ease without any problem. If you are starting your home gym for the first time and are not sure where to get started, then this best back exercise machines blog is for you.

We have scoured the web to find the finest exercise machines on the planet. And, guess what! You can now buy all of them, all at once. The best way to start exercising is with support from a machine. Because in the start the users themselves have no idea how to start working out. With an exercise machine, they can get the basic workout manual and a fitness machine for workout. 

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The cost of back exercise machines is also low in comparison with other home gym machines that costs in thousands. So, let’s learn about the most essential and the best back and lats extension exercise machines for home gym.

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Pull-up Bars

Pull-up bars are considered as the most economical and the Back Exercise Machines for home gym. These back fitness machines are versatile gym equipment that work wonders on your upper body and especially the muscles in your back.

They develop and broaden your upper body and also give a healthy workout to your shoulders and arms. You can combine pull-up with pushing exercises to get more benefit out of the pull-up bars in order to train your back. You can use this equipment in your home to do various other exercises that may benefit your back like chin-ups, alternative grip pullup, commando-style pullup and so on. You can use simple pullup bars, power tower, wall-mounted pull-up machine or free standing pullup bar to perform exercise for your back.

Lat Pulldown Machine

The lat pulldown Back extension exercise machines are commonly found in Gyms and is quite famous for the back exercises. They offer various exercises which help to develop powerful lats.

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It offers an upper pulley system and a lower pulley system through which you can perform various exercises. The upper pulley system helps you to perform;

  • Triceps
  • Cable crunches

While the lower pulley system helps to do

  • Rowing
  • Leg cable pulls.

They offer lighter resistance as compared to the pull-up bars so if you are a beginner and want to do a back exercise then this equipment will definitely be the best choice.

Back Extension Machines

A back extension Back Exercise Machines, which is also known as the Roman chair, is usually used to target the lower back muscles. The back extension exercises are also called hyper-extension exercises. They are also good for your shoulders and glutes. This machine helps improve back stamina and stability. It’s a very good addition to the home gym and does not even require much space. You can do some abdominal exercises with it as well because it comes with handles.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the most versatile back extension exercise machines that are widely used for various exercises. They also offer many exercises for strengthening your back. They can be placed anywhere including your home gym because they take very little space.

The famous dumbbell exercises that strengthen back muscles and upper & lower lats are Wide rows, bent over row, deadlifts, back fly & bend to opposite foot, etc. However, it is important to choose the correct weight according to the exercise and your skill level. You can do the back muscle strengthening exercises with light to medium dumbbells.

Barbell Set for Back Workout

The barbell set is worth talking about if we have to do back strength training. They will help work out lower back muscles and upper and lower lats just live dumbbells. You can add following barbell exercises in your routine to strengthen your back.

    •       Barbell Row – Bent-Over; Wide-Grip
    •       Barbell Row – Bent-Over; Wide-Grip; Head-Supported
    •       Barbell Row – Prone; Wide-Grip
    •       Barbell Good Morning
    •       Barbell Good Morning – Wide-Grip
    •       Barbell Deadlift
    •       Barbell Deadlift – Stiff-Legged
    •       High Pull
    •       High Pull – Wide-Grip 

The beauty of these barbell exercises is that you can perform them for the whole body. If you are trying to workout your arms including biceps and triceps, the barbell exercises will be a great idea. Similarly, you can also use them to workout legs, back, lats, and even shoulders. In fact, barbell exercises are always a good idea for shoulder workouts but we will discuss that in a later blog.

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