What to Put Under Treadmill on a Hardwood Floor?

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Treadmills produce vibrations when you run on them. These vibrations make a lot of noise. Hardwood floors are a good conductor of sound, which means a treadmill can cause you a great deal of trouble when placed on such surfaces. It might give a hard time for your neighbors downstairs. Moreover, there are a lot of chances that you end up having scratches or cracks on your floor when the machine creeps or is being dragged.

Things You Can Put Under Treadmill To Save Your Hardwood Floor:

  1. Carpet
  2. Yoga mat
  3. Rubber rolls
  4. Artificial Turf
  5. Anti vibration Mat
  6. Gym Mat
  7. Rubber/Beach mats

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What to Put under Treadmill on Hardwood Floor?

A treadmill mat is a great way to protect your floor and reduce noise. Look for a mat that is designed for hardwood floors and is thick enough to cushion your treadmill and absorb noise.

How to Soundproof your Treadmill so it doesn‘t make noise?

1. Place your treadmill on a thick rubber mat. This will help to isolate the noise and vibrations.
2. If possible, place your treadmill in a room with carpeting. This will help to absorb some of the noise.
3. Use noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs when using your treadmill. This will help to block out some of the noise.
4. Turn on a fan or other white noise machine to help mask the sound of the treadmill.
5. Adjust the speed and incline of your treadmill so that it runs more quietly.

Will a Treadmill Damage my Floor?

It is unlikely that a treadmill will damage your floor. However, if the treadmill is not used correctly or if it is not properly maintained, there is a possibility that it could damage your floor. For example, if the treadmill is not level, it could create uneven wear and tear on your floor. Additionally, if the treadmill belt is not properly aligned, it could cause the machine to wobble and potentially damage your floor.

What to Put under Treadmill on Carpet?

In order to protect your carpet and keep your treadmill from moving, you will need to use something called a treadmill mat. This mat is designed to create a firm, level surface for your treadmill while also protecting your floor from impact. You can find these mats at most sporting goods stores or online.

How To Solve Treadmill Hardwood Floor Problem 

You must have noticed that the commercial gym floors are not hard. This is because they entirely cover the floor with additional flooring to prevent their floors from all kinds of damage, reduce vibrations and noise caused by the machinery. These sheets may vary in design and material.

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Use Rubber Rolls

Rubber rolls are perfect for seamless, shock-absorbent gym floors in large spaces. However, they are heavy, which makes installation a bit challenging.


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Use Artificial Turf

Artificial turf provides unique benefits not found in other gym floors. It gives your gym a smooth surface and an eye-catching look. But it has its cons too. It is more expensive and does not protect your subfloor from heavier weights.

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

The anti-vibration pads come in different sizes and shapes. They are attached to the bottom of the machine using bolts. They have proved to be very helpful in absorbing shocks and vibrations produced by the machine.


Things that you can put under Your Home Treadmill 

You don’t want to hide your beautiful hardwood floor under rubber sheets that cover your entire floor, right? There must be some solution to this. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some things you can put under your trainers to absorb the noise and also prevent your floor from getting ruined. 

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Use Treadmill Mat

Treadmill mats are often made of black rubber, or PVC or foam. They come in different sizes. Select a size that allows the feet of your machine to sit securely on the mat with a little extra around the edges. A thick mat reduces noise and protects your floor more efficiently as compared to a thinner mat.

Use A Small Piece of Carpet

Carpet can also serve the desired purpose. All you need to do is to cut a piece from any of your carpets according to the size of your machine and place it under it. Thin carpets are always preferable over the thick ones. However, the carpet fibers may find their way into the mechanical parts of the machine, producing friction and thus overheat the machine. The workaround to this is to use a cotton fabric or a plastic sheet over the piece of carpet that you are using. This will provide the necessary cushioning for you to exercise and the plastic will act as a safety net and protect from carpet fibers.

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Use A Yoga/Pilate Mat

Another option is to put a yoga/pilates mat under the treadmill. But, we do not recommend buying a new mat solely to serve this purpose. This is because it is too soft and compressible. It won’t absorb any shock such as that of a treadmill. You should rather spend your money on a purchase that at least does the required job completely. What you can do is to use an old yoga or a pilates mat that you no longer use for your exercises. Use them underneath the treadmill machine to provide it extra cushioning and to reduce vibrations and noises due to hardwood flooring.


Use A Beach Towel

Yes, a beach towel!

Your pocket just doesn’t allow you to spend on a new purchase. Here comes your beach towel to the rescue. One towel over handrails and one under the bike does the work quite nicely. No purchase necessary!

Use Rubber Gym Floor Tiles

Rubber gym floor tiles come in different sizes and are very affordable. Their durability, good shock-absorbing ability, and easy installation make them the most popular home gym flooring option. In fact, almost all dojos and gyms use these rubber floors for workouts. You can visit any gym where dumbbells and free weights are used. They have rubber flooring to reduce noise and damage to tiles.

TIP: 8mm is the recommended thickness for home gym flooring.

Soundproofing and protecting your floor is a must. Choose the appropriate flooring according to your needs and budget. If you just have one treadmill and no other gym equipment at your place, there is no need to cover your entire floor. And make sure to take care of the cleanliness of the flooring.  

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Benefits of Using Foams Under Treadmill Machine

The benefit of using foams with treadmill for tiled and hardwood floors is that it offers a support and cushioning to the users. This cushioning can help people stay balanced and enjoy a healthy workout without excessive noise. In summary, foam or any other sort of mat can help with:

  • Keeping treadmill machine in best condition
  • Using treadmill without excessive noise
  • No scratches on the surface of the treadmill machine or the wooden floor
  • No damage to treadmill plastic surfaces due to excessive running
  • Reduction in vibrations due to movement

FAQ for Treadmill on Hardwood Floor:

1. Should Your Put Treadmill on Hardwood Floor?

You can put a treadmill on a hardwood floor or even tiled floor but it can make noise if there is no foam or cushion at the bottom. So it is important that you have some sort of mat, foam, or a soft surface underneath the treadmill that can cancel noise and vibrations.
If you are placing the treadmill without any foam, it an also lead to scratches on the tiled or wooden floor.

2. What will happen if I put treadmill on a hardwood or tiled floor?

If you put the treadmill as is on the wooden or tiled floor it will cause scratches on the surface of the treadmill. This can also damage the rubber and the plastic surfaces of the treadmill, especially if your weight is more. Heavy people put more pressure on the treadmill when they are running on it, therefore it is important that you take care of your treadmill.

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