Seven Exercises Better Than Cardio Machines For Workouts

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Imagine this! You enter your gym but it is jam-packed. On one side, treadmills are taken by the oldies, the elliptical machines are engaged by the lovers, and the rowers are reserved by the teen groups, and bikes have a long line of gymers wanted to exercise. 

Wish for Exercises Better Than Cardio Machines?

Your only wish: Exercises better than Cardio that you can do right then.

Gyms in our state are getting crowded each day. More people are trying to exercise – which is a great decision – but this means less space for people to exercise. 

Gym Fees Is High!

Another reason, gym fees is reaching an all time high. That’s not the best way to exercise. So, what other alternative options are available to people who would like to exercise. In short, what exercises are better than cardio machines for people?!

That’s what this article is all about. Let’s learn all about exercises that you can do as an alternative to cardio workouts at home.

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Best Exercises That Are Better Than Cardio Machines

Tired of waiting for your turn on the cardio machine? Fret not! We have a better solution. Get a list of exercises that are better than the cardio machines.

1) Run the Stairs: 

Aimless walking or running on the belt of the treadmill is zero percent effective unless you challenge yourself to carry out an activity that increases your motor sensation and muscle sensibility. And the best way to do this is running up and down the stairs.

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Stair running has proven to be a beneficial exercise that toils on your core and intensify your workout and hence, is an excellent substitute to the treadmill. As soon as you start to move by raising your arms and knees up and down you are shedding those extra calories far behind. 

2) Bridges Workout:

Opt one of the types of bridges (single-leg bridges, off-box bridges, tabletop bridges, physioball bridge) as an alternative to the treadmill and see your lower body accented in the most shapely stance. 

Plain bridges are way too easy to do, lie on your back and place the heels on the floor by bending the knees, lift your lower body (hips) by applying a force on the heels and try to hold your hips at the elevated position for a while. Repeat as per your workout regime.

3) Burpees: 

Though the fact that burpees accelerate the heartbeat like a pumping engine would have left you disagreeing with my suggestion. But no exercise is potent enough -to strengthen your core, improve your coordination and work on your focus at a single time- than burpees. Believe me!

4) Skaters: 

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Picture an athlete skating all the way through a running track (knees bent, back straight, core engaged and feet hopping from side to side).

That’s exactly how you do the skaters (exercise). Position yourself on the floor at the corner of your mat, use one of your feet to hop along the length of the mat keeping the other feet dangled behind in a crossed position. Now land on your trailing feet by hopping on the opposite feet and repeat the action several times. 

It requires a lot of exertion and hence accelerates the heartbeat, sweat you up and helps you lose weight very promptly.

5) Jump Squats: 

The jump squat is not one easy-going exercise and requires a plenitude of your core concentration. 

Hitting your cardio goal with jump squat can be challenging but worthwhile. 

Think of the jump squat like an edited version of your regular squat. Start by standing on a mat with your feet coinciding with the shoulder line, bend down to do a usual squat and then embrace your entire core to leap up. One thing to mull over here is, try to finish your jump squat at the top with your lower body tightened but your hips (glutes) relaxed. This will smoothen your landing on the ground.

6) Bear Crawls

Bear crawls is a great way to workout your hand and feet. It is your regular cardio workout instead of jogging, jumping rope, and doing burpees. Bear crawls are usually performed in martial arts warmup exercises and parkour. I used to do them during parkour warmup because they help strengthen the knuckle bones, arms and your knees. During exercises these are the first thing you need to protect.

The best part about these is that bear knees don’t just protect your body they also burn muscle mass faster.

Perform 30-60 seconds of bear crawls into your regular cardio workout or in a cardio circuit. These Exercises are also Better Than Cardio Machines.

Bear crawl

7) Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers is also another great way to workout. It is perfect for working out the core. Your core will automatically build up when you start performing mountain climber exercises. It is also a great exercise which is better than cardio machines to tone your lower body.

You can turn the mountain climbers into frog jumps, kong jumps in which you would be moving bought feet together. You can also perform other exercises such as burpees, push-ups, or planks. Perform them for 30 to 60 seconds.

Image result for mountain climbers

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That’s it! These are the Exercises Better Than Cardio Machines. These workouts are a great way to train your body. They can literally exhaust you within minutes because of the strenuous activity involved. However, they are great for building endurance, stamina, and strength in your body. While working out, it is important that you complete the whole workout within the required time-period. Stay consistent and perform explosive workouts consistently and dedicatedly so that you can build muscle mass faster.

No More Waiting for Cardio Machines!

The benefit of these alternative cardio exercises is that you can do them at the gym or even at home. You won’t have to wait for the cardio machines in the gym any longer because the same exercises can now be performed with the help of your own body.



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