Kettlebell workout routines are great for fitness training. They are easy to carry and rough and tough. In fact, strength trainers love them because of their many benefits.

In a recent research, experts compared kettlebells with treadmill workout. They compared the duration, heartbeat, distance, strength, and couple of other parameters. We have found that kettlebell workouts have outperformed treadmill in terms of calories burnt and the heart rate was far higher during the kettlebell workout.

This meant that cardiovascular system responds more to weight lifting rather than running. In fact, it also strengthens the body so that is a double benefit.

We have also tried the kettlebell and dumbbell workout routines and believe that they are far better than just cardio vascular exercises because they help burn fat, improve body strength, and help build cardio vascular system.

10 Minute Indoor Cardio Workouts without Equipment to Burn Calories Fast

Think of it as an all in one solution that can take care of all the fitness routines that experts suggest. We collected some of the best cardio kettlebell routines and here is a collection of the best cardio kettlebell routines. Select the ones that best suit you and start doing them. These routines are great for both beginners as well as advanced learners.

But before we take out the time for these exercises, take time to warm up your muscles and stretch your shoulders to avoid any stretch problems after the workout. Make sure that you perform all the motions correctly and keep the intensity to benefit from your chosen routine.

Kettlebell Cardio & Strength Training

First start off with cardio exercises to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing. Duration should be 10 to 15 minutes at max. Now, start with warming up and continuing with a truly intensive session to work the entire body. These exercises are useful to work the core muscles.


Now this one is a little tough. It is again a cardio exercise that you can use for strength building. The workout targets all your core muscles and help improve cardio strength by burning around 250-350 calories.

We don’t recommend it for children because the Fitness Blender kettlebell cardio workout is not a beginner-friendly exercise and requires more endurance and stamina.

Kettlebell Cardio Metabolism Boosting Workout

Next we have one of the most powerful routines for muscle boosting. The workout is just seven minutes long but it is perfect for all those who want to get ripped faster.

The workout is perfect for all those who want something fast, efficient, and calorie burning.


The workout will target all your body muscles including biceps, triceps, chest, legs, and abs.

Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout Routine

Next, we have the fat burning kettlebell workout. The high intensity workout routine is perfect for all who want to burn fat faster and in less time. The workout is only 10 minutes long and burns calories with 40 seconds intervals in between.

The routine targets cardio muscles and help burn fat. Some of the workout routines added to the list include:

  • Alternating Single Hand Swings
  • Crush Curls
  • Clean and Press (one full interval on each side of the body)
  • Halo Triceps Extensions
  • Burpee Jerks
  • Weighted Toe Touch Crunches
  • Lunge Drops + Rows
  • Two Handed Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Strongman Cardio Workout Routine

Next we have added the strongman cardio workout routine. If you want to stay rough and tough but at the same time build your cardio routine, then this kettlebell muscle building workout is for you.

It will not only get you in shape but build more muscles and rip your body. It focuses on explosive power and functional strength because of muscle flexibility and equal weight distribution.

30 Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout for Girls

For all those who want to build more muscle, the kettlebell cardio workout is perfect for you. The kettlebell cardio workout is harder to perform but it offers a complete routine for all girls.

If girls want to lose weight while still improving endurance then this one is for them.

It is a complete fat burner and abs improver kettlebell cardio workout routine for beginners.

Image Based Kettlebell Cardio Routines for Beginners

For those who don’t want to watch videos, here is a combined list of kettlebell cardio swings, bodyweight exercises including burpees and sprints for killer workout routines. Try these for burning fat and improving your endurance.


This one is kettlebell circuit training workout. It is 32 second workout routine that can help them improve workout and enhance their fitness.


This is a complete kettlebell circuit with running, bodyweight and plyometric activities.


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