Can calisthenics build a good physique (muscles), when it’s just body weight training?

Is calisthenics better or weight lifting? Which one should you choose for bad ass muscles. Find out.

For building muscles, we do not rely on calisthenics as much as we should. The reason is, we do not believe that simple body weight exercises can have an impact on our body. And that is where we are wrong.

Calisthenics or as we call it the body weight exercises, is pretty similar to weight training. But instead of using actual weights we are using our body as the weight itself.

The body weight training requires three things to build muscles:

  1. More laps
  2. Time limit
  3. Good diet

While lifting weights, you lift and that contracts and expands the muscles. They become sore and when you eat, the proteins fill up the sore area and increases its size. This is quiet digestive because you think the more weights can lead to more muscles. That’s true and in body weight training we use the body as a weight for exercises.

In body weight training, the same method applies. We have to strain the muscles but instead of using the weights we use our own body and the surroundings to do that. This is done by concentric, eccentric and isometric movements of our body. Let me explain:

The concentric movements is done to shorten the muscle. For example, when you pull weight towards you. Or when you get near the floor while doing a push up.

Similarly, eccentric movement is done to relax the muscle. This is the opposite movement to a concentric movement. It sores the muscle and this is the place where most muscle mass growth happens.

Finally, the third action is isometric. Isometric action takes place during stay in a position like in yoga or plank pose. The body stays in that pose for some time and this strains the muscles. This contraction and expansion helps the muscle to build up.

Just like we pump air in a ball and then take that out, the ball still remains elastic for a long time. Now, if during that period we fill it up with solid material like food, it will retain its shape. That is how the muscle builds up.

So, now the answer to your question is, will body weight training increase muscles (good physique)? Yes. When you do it continuously and for a long time, you will see a drastic change in your body.

I personally recommend max capacity workout routine for people just starting out on body weight training.

Let me know if you need more information on the topic.



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