Trx Home Suspension Training Kit Reviews, Guide, Workouts

TRX Home Suspension Training Kits
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Not interested in body building through weight lifting or punching bag workouts? Then home suspension training is what you need. There are many suspension-based fitness workouts available, but the latest one is TRX home suspension training workout.

It is basically a suspension kit for home users that they can use anywhere in their house. There is even an exclusive blog written on the use of stability balls, TRX home suspension kits, exercise disks, and resistance bands.

The good thing about trx home suspension training kit reviews focus on workouts through a designated app.

When you buy these suspension kits for the first time, you will get a workout app subscription of one year for free. This subscription can be renewed each year.

Summary of trx home suspension training kit reviews:

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TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit   4.3 Check Price
Home Gym Suspension Trainer   4.8 Check Price
TRX GO suspension training Kit   4 Check Price
TRX Pro Grade Suspension Training Kit   4.9 Check Price

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and you can download it from the respective app stores. These will provide tutorials and free lessons on how to use the TRX training kits for building muscle fast.

You will also get an instructional guide with training routines for performing suspension workouts.

Why use trx home suspension training kit for Home Gym?

Many people are still doubtful that suspension kits aren’t as supportive as dumbbells, or punching bags. But suspension kits work in the same way. The only reason they are not widespread is because the phenomenon is novel and it will take time before suspension kits become widespread.

Here are a few reasons to buy suspension kits for home gyms:

  • They are easy and safe to use at home
  • Gravity becomes your opponent when using TRX suspension kits
  • They provide better workout then what you get from lifting weights
  • TRX home fitness straps also increase heart strength and flexibility
  • TRX home workouts are available with a personal trainer app that can also be connected to wearables and smartwatches. This means you get results of your app in real-time

Trx home suspension training kit Straps reviews

Yes. If you are looking to get out of the regular weights based muscle building routine, then you should definitely buy TRX suspension bands. They aren’t too costly and will probably help you in getting out of the routine life. You will enjoy exercising more and when you enjoy more you exercise BETTER.

The TRX Training kits are getting so much popular nowadays. As everyone wants to remain fit and healthy, that’s why the training kits are necessary for workout. Whether you take these kits outdoor or perform workout using those kits indoor, these are perfect. Have a look on the latest collection of TRX training kits.

1. TRX Home GO Suspension Trainer Kit Review

TRX GO Suspension Trainer Kit is Lightest, Leanest Suspension kit for Home. It is Perfect for Travel and Outdoor Workouts.

Such Training kit is available in black color.

  • This is one of the lightest and leanest suspension trainer which is suitable for training indoors and outdoors.
  • It just weighs about one lb.
  • You can set this Go suspension training kit anywhere in less than a minute.

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2. TRX Home Suspension X-Mount Training Kit Review

TRX X-Mount Training Kit is a Durable and Discrete training kit that can be used almost anywhere with an Anchor Point.

One of the most useful X-Mount which is suitable for almost all types of TRX training kits.

  • It is made of high quality steel plate and which is easily attachable to walls, studs or overhead beams.
  • Such anchor point is the best solution to turn your room in to gym.

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3. TRX Home Suspension Pro 3 Training Kit Review

TRX Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit is a commercial Graded kit that comes with three types of anchoring solutions.

  • Pro 3 suspension training kit is considered to be the most durable and reliable TRX training kit.
  • It includes locking carabiner, 3 anchoring solutions, 8 video tutorials of workouts and commercial grade components as well.
  • The ergonomic or rubber handles allows you great handling and as a result your workout remains perfect.
  • Such training kit comes in two different colors, gold and black.

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TRX Suspension Kit Workouts to do at Home

If you are using the TRX suspension straps for home workouts then there isn’t anything better available then the actual TRX training workout app. You can download and install it on your smartphone. It is only for a trial period and you will have to subscribe to it for one year after you have bought the suspension training straps.

TRX Suspension Training Workouts List:

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Otherwise, you can do these workouts through the TRX suspension training straps.

Please repeat each exercise three times. Do at least 10 times each move or until one minute

TRX Workout Pushups

Tie the TRX suspension rope from a pole or to a wall from one end and hold handles at chest level. Extend your arms and bend elbows. Push downwards and back up while keeping weight balanced between hands and feet. Keep the body aligned during the workout.

TRX Pushup Workout - Source

TRX Tricep Workout

Again, stand in the same position. Lean forward while grasping the handles in front of your face. Bend 90 degrees and extend your arms. Bend elbows to return to standing position.

TRX Tricep Workout - Source

TRX Bicep Curls

Stand in the same position as previous one. Now grasp the handles while facing the straps. Fall back making a 70 degree angle with the straps. Now pull yourself back to your actual position

TRX Bicep Curl - TRX

TRX Hamstring Workouts

Lie face up with heels in the TRX foot rest. Extend your legs and arms straight out to form a T with your palms. Lift the hips and make an L with your legs.

TRX Hamstring Curls Workout -

Do this 10 times or you can stay in this position for one minute.

TRX Crunches

Lie face up in the same position as Hamstring workout. Put your legs in TRX foot rest. Now extend your legs and form an L. Bring your upper body towards your knees and now go back. Do it at least 10 times.

For more TRX Training Home Workouts watch the video available below.

Do you need trx home suspension trainer kit?

Research shows that Suspension training kits are an effective way of building muscle fast. These kits improve the muscular and cardiovascular movement and dynamically improve the overall health of an individual.

TRX Suspension Kits Burn Fat:

According to website, TRX training kits burn fat because of the seven types of workouts available with them.

TRX Suspension Kits Build Strength:

The consistent push and pull movement of the body increase strength and build muscle. There are a number of exercises available including bench press, curl press, pushups, and leg press to build these muscles faster.

TRX Suspension Kits Improve Heart Health:

Apart from building muscle strength and helping you lose weight, the exercises can help one improve heart health through increased blood flow within the body. The result is: A positive effect on blood pressure and muscular performance of the user.

As I was discussing the research. It further goes on to says: “These changes in muscular fitness, if they are maintained long-term, have been linked to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mortality.”


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Source: Investigating the Acute and Chronic Health Benefits of TRX Suspension Kits


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