How to Keep Boxing Gloves from Smelling & Stinking

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The main reason boxing gloves stink is because you leave them in a closed space for a longer duration. So, if your boxing gloves were left in the gym bag overnight, they will become smelly and you won’t be able to wear them the next day without getting the odor off.

Stinky gloves are a mess. They are not only embarrassing in the class, but they also become a health hazard. The smell isn’t the only problem with stinking gloves. Sweat and slime in the gloves can mix together to create bacteria. This can lead to infections and other diseases in your body. So, how do you keep your boxing gloves from smelling? In this article, we will discuss how to make boxing gloves smell—free so that they can absorb sweat and work like a charm.

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How to Keep Boxing Gloves from Smelling?

Use Antibacterial Cleaner

Wipe the boxing gloves with antibacterial towel or paper towel sprayed with antibacterial cleanser after each use.

Use Washing Detergent

Wash the boxing gloves in warm water with cloth cleaning detergent. You can create your own natural antibacterial cleaner by mixing half a cup of vinegar, 1 cup of water and 1 table spoon of detergent.

Put Under Direct Sunlight

Put your boxing gloves in direct sunlight and let them become hot. This will kill the germs inside the boxing gloves and the smell will also vanish.

Use a Hair Dryer

If you want to just dry them, put them in front of a fan. You can use hanger for this purpose. Or, you can use a hair dryer to dry the inner of the punching gloves.

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Use Cedar Chips

I have not tried this method but others say that you can also make gloves smell-free by filling two old socks with cedar chips. To do this, tie the ends of the socks. Now place them inside your boxing gloves so that they can absorb the odor. Keep them in the boxing bag for a whole day

Use Crushed Newspaper

You can also add a crunched newspaper in the boxing gloves. The crunched newspaper will soak all the moisture inside the glove and make it dry. This is also useful even if your boxing glove is not smelly but wet.

Freeze the Boxing Gloves

Some boxers have tried a technique called freezing the punching gloves. You just have to put the boxing gloves in a big freezer packet. Now put the punching gloves in the freezer and that will kill the bacteria. Now put them in sunlight for three to four hours.

Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda for killing bacteria. It is universally considered as the odor killer. Sprinkle some baking soda in your DRY gloves. Let the powder sit for a couple of hours and then remove by holding the gloves with the open side down and clapping them together.

Note: To keep your boxing gloves clean at all times, always wash them on a regular basis. You can wash the gloves once every two to four weeks in a sink full of lukewarm water. It is recommended that you use an antibacterial liquid soap to remove all the residue bacteria from the boxing gloves.

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Things Needed to Keep Boxing Gloves Smell-free

  • Antibacterial spray, soap or lotion
  • Vinegar
  • Washing detergent or powder
  • Sunlight
  • Freezer packets and freezer
  • Clothing hanger with clips
  • Old socks
  • Cedar chips. You can get them from pet stores or shopping centers.

Note: Make sure to check the label on your punching bag gloves before submerging them in water. If you are unsure about their material type, contact the manufacturer.

To avoid bacteria and rashes on your hands, always wrap your hands in a boxing wrap or a linen/cotton cloth before wearing the punching/boxing gloves.

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FAQs about Keep Boxing Gloves from Smelling & Stinking

1. How Often Should You Clean Your Boxing Gloves?

You should wash your gloves after a few weeks or a month if you don’t workout regularly. If you workout regularly, you can wash them with soap water every week to clean the sweat and avoid bad smell. When boxing gloves absorb sweat, they become crusted and they can break. This crust – a mixture of salt and sweat – can destroy the inner fabric of the boxing glove and that can cost you more in the long run. So, it is better to keep your boxing wear clean at all times.

2. Can Boxing Gloves Get Germs that Can Hurt You?

Boxing gloves are gloves. You wear them on your hands so they can be a channel of transmitting bacteria to your ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat). They can cause flu, headaches, and other diseases that may compel you to visit a doctor. So the answer to this question is YES. Boxing gloves can hurt you because they become a medium for transmitting disease and bacteria through contact.


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